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Unfortunately, one often hears the phrase: "Give me the opportunity to improve." Is the result guaranteed after the resumption of relations or is double disappointment waiting for you? Is it worth forgiving the one who once broke dreams and betrayed? It is believed that everyone deserves a second chance. Each couple breaks up for its own special reason. Young people do not always know how to give each other enough warmth, care, support and attention. Many despair to find mutual understanding and part. After a while, he visits the thought: "Or maybe start all over again?" This means that the person is still attached to the other half. And what do psychologists say about whether to give a person a second chance?

Which couples are likely to resume relations?

There are many cases where a broken relationship resumes again and life gets better. In what cases can an attempt be successful:

  • When people realize mistakes - theirs and their soul mates or friend. Such a person seeks to change himself and his life for the better.
  • A thorough analysis of errors will help prevent the emergence of conflicts or correctly assess controversial issues. Life can’t do without friction and disagreement; it is important to get out of difficult situations with the least losses.
  • After parting, tears in the pillow, the comforts of friends, to return the person again means even more lovingly, reverently treat your partner. If you first turn on the head, and then emotions, then the union will only grow stronger.
  • Provided that the partner made a mistake once. Third, fourth attempts should not be. One can come to understanding and forgiveness.
  • If both parties to the conflict begin to control themselves, rebuild in a new way, show love for their soul mate.
  • If the breakup was just a manipulation, an attempt to attract attention.
  • If partners have many common interests related to family, children.

People need to be given a second chance, but it will become successful only if several conditions are met. First, you must clearly decide what you want: joint leisure, special attention, moral support. As soon as you decide, report it to your partner. Secondly, look for new ways to fulfill these desires. Find a compromise relationship model to feel each other's presence in life. Do not worry about whether to give a second chance in a relationship. Resume communication, just try to modify it.

In what cases will there be no second chance?

Second attempt: will it be successful? Do not even doubt whether it is worth giving a person a second chance. You always need to enable your partner to change and become better yourself. The desire to return and connect with a loved one is caused by nostalgia or a feeling of loneliness. Anger and irritation disappear, only good memories remain: dates, declarations of love, affectionate words. It is only possible to establish communication again in 50% of cases. And those who try to regain their soul mate several times in a row are only wasting their time and nerves. Here are the cases in which there will be no second chance and mutual understanding will not work out:

  • if the partners did not find the stumbling block that prevented them from being together,
  • if someone and the spouses do not want to give in and insists on their own,
  • if a person is irresponsible about the opportunity to start all over again, does not value union or friendship.

Before deciding whether to give a person a second chance, understand that nothing will work out on its own. If your gap was due to the fact that you did not see the future with this person, then do not hope for a quick improvement of the situation. You need to endure the pain of the gap, but it will be better to move forward.

Parting Factor Analysis

There are good reasons behind any breakup. Separation factors are very insignificant: inattention, misunderstanding. It does not even say whether it is worth giving a person a second chance. But when it comes to lies, betrayal, betrayal, not everyone can forget everything and start over. It is impossible to quickly forget a big grudge, it will still destroy the renewed connection. Not every man or woman can forgive any serious flaws. Before reconciling, think about whether you have the strength to forget everything.

Separation is unbearable

Relationships are formal and informal. The formal include joint life, cares, everyday life. The emotional and sensual sphere is behind informal relationships. If you even left or parted, then at the level of feelings you can constantly remember your soul mate and count on it. After all, it is impossible to completely delete a person from memory.

Many psychologists advise not to completely end the relationship, but to become friends. When people live together, they get used to each other very much and even with separation they continue to be together at a psychological level. If you part as friends, you can quickly recover from this addiction.

Both must draw conclusions

Often the cause of the breakup is lack of understanding. Learn to express your thoughts to your loved ones, do not expect them to guess your desires. It is important to consider that the psychology of a man is slightly different than that of a woman. If you decide to give the guy a second chance, does it make sense to keep in yourself what you lacked. It is important that both need to re-establish a connection. If you have confidence in the feelings on either side, then you can try to glue the broken bowl.

Disappointments also have advantages. With this feeling, you learn to accept people as they are. Do not create illusions about the ideal person, because you also have flaws. Both partners must understand whether there is a place for each other in their lives.

He tries, she doubts

What can be forgiven and what cannot? Do not return to narcissistic idiots, lovers to give up, playboys, sissies. If your boyfriend does not belong to the above list, then give him a second chance. Even if he offended you, you may be angry for a while, but then look at everything with sober eyes. If a guy is trying to demonstrate his feelings and wants forgiveness, then give him this opportunity. Do not hesitate for a long time, perhaps he is as hard as you.

This is true love

If you are willing to sacrifice something and compromise, then the second attempt may end in success. Make an appointment, discuss what didn't suit you, and find a common solution.

If after separation you had other connections, but still thought about your boyfriend, then you can’t let go of your past. Honestly, do you still love him? A positive answer suggests that you should try again. In order to forgive, a person needs to be loved.

Getting started is not easy

Do you still doubt whether to give a second chance in a relationship? Use the tips who should still meet. Try to get the relationship back if you like the guy as a whole, but you see some flaws in him. It is worth forgiving a person with a difference in worldview, a soft and indecisive personality. Also, be loyal to a guy who does not have the opportunity to show a secular gloss.

Do not save relationships alone. If your loved one does nothing for this, then humble yourself, because you yourself will not achieve anything. You also should not hope for an instant happy life after reunion. Act gradually, take your time. If you and your half take several steps towards each other, then understanding and happiness await you.

John Lennon

Give Peace a Chance.

Give the world a chance.

None of us are safe from mistakes. Everyone can stumble: to say it in haste, to do it without thinking, to offend without understanding ... And even though not everything can be forgiven, but sometimes a person just needs to give a chance, because sometimes it’s a small chance that can change a lifetime.

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depends on the person you forgive ... treason and betrayal - never ... everything else can be given a chance, if you are ready to step on the same rake again ...
had experience)))) so now I don’t give even second chances))))

No! No second chance!

No, it’s not necessary, especially in terms of relations, something didn’t happen through your fault, forget it all, a friend betrayed, it doesn’t matter when, all nefig have nothing to do with it. The chance can be given only in small errors because they all have, but not global.

it all depends in fact on the situation, if a person has set you up rigidly somehow, then you can forgive, but you shouldn’t talk with him, who knows how the next time he will set you up, it might be much worse, betrayed once and don’t have to be allowed yet
if a person just didn’t succeed in getting together, they ran away, and then he wanted to again, then you can try it if there is such a need, for example, I cursed with a friend, stopped talking, and then became best friends, but I don’t know why a lot of people converged and it didn’t bring anything good

second, yes, then it’s already a systematics of a certain behavior and giving chances is useless, but if only you really love and are ready to sacrifice yourself to circumstances

It all depends on the circumstances. Hunchback, of course, correct the grave, but there are very different circumstances.

at least just to make sure that the last time everything was done correctly ((

NO! (c) own experience ... Those who do not give a shit will find two, and even three ...

Sure worth it! Imagine if no one gave anyone a second chance, after a mistake! At work, they learn from mistakes and become professionals, if you were not given a second chance at an educational institution to correct the exam, but were immediately expelled from the university. And if when making a mistake while driving (accident) you were forever taken away the rights, if the surgeon (young specialist) by inexperience could not save the person and immediately put him in and remove from work, then where will the experienced surgeons come from? And if parents do not forgive their children and give them to an orphanage, what will happen?
Then why do you consider fatal mistakes in a relationship, without the right to a second chance?