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Arnold Palmer - King of Golf


Arnold Palmer is a refreshing non-alcoholic mixed drink that mixes two large summer drinks. This simple recipe for ice tea and lemonade was created by golf legend Arnold Palmer. His model of the same name was one of his favorite drinks, and he will certainly become one of yours.

Perhaps the best part of Arnold Palmer is that almost everyone knows how to do it. This is such a popular drink that you can order it in almost any bar and restaurant and never be disappointed. It is ideal for casual dining, for a non-drinker and a designated driver.

The mix of tea and lemonade is the perfect combination, and it's so easy to make, especially if you regularly stock two in your fridge. Although it is simple, there are many ways to improve it. Arnold Palmer is an ideal base from which you can adapt to your personal taste, from fresh ingredients to drink it with liquor and even add a little flavor.

Do it like Arnold Palmer

This drink is not just named after Arnold Palmer, he really created it with his wife Vinnie. They gathered him one day in the courtyard, and he instantly fell to his refreshing taste. Quite famous, Palmer was known to carry a thermos on a golf course with him whenever he interrupted.

In the 1960s, the drink became known as Arnold Palmer, and since then it has become a favorite Macedic. Although many of us consider this an equal combination of tea and lemonade, it is even often called “half and half” - this is not how Palmer did it.

Mix 1: 1 is good, but if you try it as a three-part drink, as described in the recipe, you may be pleasantly surprised. With a 2: 1 mixture, you get a bold aroma of tea with a sweet cake lemonade background. The difference is significant and even if you want to go back to your old one and a half and half ways, at least you know how Palmer himself preferred it.

Use the best tea and lemonade.

No matter what ratio you decide to mix Arnold Palmer in, he deserves only the best ingredients. There are only two things left, and you have nothing to lose, and you could go for the best.

On the lemonade front, it's always better to make your own. Homemade lemonade is incredibly easy to make, and the fresh taste is superior to everything you can buy. All you need is water, sugar and a few lemons. In addition, as you will see, you can play with it and add a touch of taste.

You have many options when it comes to tea, just make sure it has the freshest taste. Black teas often prefer iced tea, and it is the best choice for Arnold Palmer. However, consider brewing a jug of salty oolong tea. It has a natural sweetness that throws a subtle twist on the drink.

For the most fragrant (and least aromatic) iced tea, use the hot-brew method.

Each type of tea prefers beer time and temperature, and tea companies include optimal brewing times on the package. If you follow these suggestions with hot water, remove the tea bags and then give it a pleasant, long cold, you will see a significant improvement in the taste of your iced tea.

Add taste tip

One of the best ways to add extra flavor to Arnold Palmer is with flavored simple syrup. These lightweight home-made drink mixers can take on any flavor, from flowers and herbs to sweet fruits, and can add a real spark to the drink. You can approach this in one of two ways.

One option is to add flavor to the lemonade itself, replacing a simple simple syrup with the one that flows in. For example, this lilac simple syrup makes fantastic lemonade and equally tasty Arnold Palmer. Strawberry syrup is another favorite and mint, lavender, rose, and any berries are also good options.

If you already have your lemonade, another option is to sweeten Arnold Palmer directly with flavored syrup. Just a small amount should do, and you can always customize it to taste.

Go ahead, spike it

Traditionally, Arnold Palmer is completely free of alcohol. However, this does not mean that you cannot open it.

If you want to play with your favorite golfer, add a snapshot of Ketel One. This premium vodka was known as its preferred choice for a variety of cocktails. You can also try strong bourbon or sweet old rum.

When you are having fun, consider placing Arnold Palmer's pitcher on the table.

Add a couple of bottles of liquor and let your guests decide if they want it or not. It is perfect for casual gathering, and everyone gets the drink they prefer.

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First lessons

Arnold Palmer was born in Latrobe, PA. His father Milfred gave golf lessons at a local club. It was he who gave his son the first set of clubs. Then the boy was only three years old. Arnold began to enter the field with nine holes at every opportunity. He got a job as a caddy, an assistant player who carries their inventory.

Having entered college, Palmer studied thanks to a sports scholarship. Having dropped out of school due to the death of a friend, Arnold went to the US Coast Guard. At the Training Center, he built a field where he honed his golf skills. After returning home, he won the amateur competition and decided to become a professional.

Competition Victories

In 1955, Arnold Palmer won the Canadian Open, earning $ 2,400. He then won three tournaments in 1956 and four in 1957. The series of victories continued when the golfer became the champion of three tournaments during each of the next two seasons. One of his 1958 victories was the prestigious Masters Tournament, held every year in Augusta, Georgia.

In 1960, when golf began to be televised regularly, Palmer’s impressive victories at Masters and U.S. Open made him a national hero. Then he took part in advertising campaigns. This happened thanks to the IMG agency, which was created by lawyer Mark McCormack. It was he who came up with the promotion of products on blue screens with the help of athletes. Soon, the same person created the cult model agency IMG Models.

Already a true golf star, Arnold Palmer won the British Open in 1961 and 1962, and Masters won in 1962 and 1964. At that time, the golfer even tried his hand at the movies and wrote a book. Palmer has become the richest athlete in the world with an annual income of more than a million dollars. He had a whole army of fans, which was called the “Army of Arnie”. At that time, Arnold Palmer Enterprises was founded, the symbol of which was a colored umbrella.

In 1970, the Associated Press named Arnold the Athlete of the Decade. He fully justified this title by winning the PGA tournaments again. In 1980, Palmer took part in the Senior PGA Tour and won the PGA Seniors Championship. His last victory was in 1988. After 6 years, the golfer last entered the field. At the US Open in Oakmont, Pennsylvania, he was escorted by a storm of applause, the athlete even let a tear go. The same thing happened during his last performance at the British Open in 1995.

Arizona arnold palmer

Legend has it that back in the 1960s, Arnold asked the waitress to make a mixture of lemonade and iced tea to freshen up after the game. He drank this combination for many years. Then, people not only wanted to play golf, like Palmer, but also tried to repeat everything he does. This included drinking the same drinks. The refreshing Arnold Palmer cocktail was very popular.

In the 1990s, Arizona Beverages USA, known for producing iced tea with a variety of flavors, launched a joint drink with a golfer. Arizona Arnold Palmer, a signature blend of tea and lemonade, has become one of the brand’s most famous products. There are ten types of drink, including black, green tea, red apple flavor and fruit juice.

Arnold Palmer Legacy

Palmer underwent surgery to remove the tumor in 1997. After that, he continued to practice golf. The champion was one of several investors who purchased a Pebble Beach golf course in California for $ 820 million. Palmer also designed over 300 fields in 37 states, 25 countries on five continents. In April 2002, Arnold played in his forty-eighth and final Masters tournament. The athlete died in 2016 at 87 years old.

Palmer's social impact on golf was very significant. He, along with Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player, were the Big Three in the 1960s. They are credited with the popularization and commercialization of this sport around the world.

Cooking Southern Sipper Arnold Palmer:

The non-alcoholic summer cocktail Arnold Palmer is prepared using the stir method.

Pour an equal amount of lemonade and tea into a glass of collins. Cool the dishes, and tea will need to be brewed in advance. Then let it cool. Throw ice.

Stir both ingredients with a bar spoon. Put some ice cubes.

Ware for cocktail: collins glass

Interesting Facts:

Arnold Palmer is a fast and affordable sipper. If you try, the cooking process will take no more than 2 minutes. The drink tones well in the summer heat, it can also be consumed in the morning. Proponents of good nutrition will appreciate the beneficial properties of Arnold Palmer's components.

According to the traditions of the American south, and it is from there that Bert began the summer mix, tea must certainly be sweet in taste. To achieve a refreshing effect, brew green tea or a mixture of black and green.

In principle, the level of sweetness can be adjusted with lemonade and ice. Experiment to find your own original taste.