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30 useful ways to use toothpicks


During the preparation of meat, it is commonplace to use a meat thermometer to measure its readiness. When preparing bakery products, there is a simple way to check their readiness with a toothpick in a similar, but much simpler way.

  1. 1 Wear gloves to protect your hands. Carefully open the oven.
  2. 2 Remove the cake or bread from the oven. If you do not want to completely remove it from the oven, you can simply pull the shelf outward enough to gain access to the baked dough.
  3. 3 Insert one clean (unused) toothpick into the cake or bread almost to the very end.
  4. 4 Pull the toothpick back out of the pie or bread by pulling it right at the same angle from which you stuck it.
  5. 5 Inspect the toothpick.
    • If it has wet dough or crumbs, the pie or bread is not ready yet. If nothing sticks to it, the cake is ready and you can remove it from the oven.
  6. 6 If the elongated toothpick is wet, put the pie or bread in the oven and perform a similar check again in the next five minutes.

Method 2 Using Toothpicks to Break the Cake into Layers

Cutting the cake even into two layers can be difficult, the cut can be uneven, and you may end up with a thin layer on one side and a thick layer on the other. Using toothpicks, you can easily make layers.

  1. 1 Take a ruler and measure the height of your cake. Suppose your cake is 5 cm high.
  2. 2 Take a toothpick and insert it horizontally at the mid-height of the cake. In this case, you should insert a toothpick at a level of 2.5 cm from the bottom of the pie. You have to stick it in the middle of the height of the cake deep into the middle.
  3. 3 Repeat the process of marking the level of the middle of the pie until you pierce the whole pie in a circle with toothpicks. To do this, it is useful to use the ruler as a guide. It is recommended to insert toothpicks at a distance of 5 cm from each other.
  4. 4 Take a long piece of dental floss and wrap it around the cake. A piece of thread should be long enough so that after wrapping the pie in a circle, the ends of the thread are in your hands.
  5. 5 Align the floss so that it rests on the toothpicks if you look at the cake from above.
  6. 6 Cross the ends of the floss and pull them in different directions away from each other as if strangling a cake. This movement gently cuts the cake in half.
  7. 7 After cutting, pull the thread and carefully set aside.
  8. 8 Pull out all the toothpicks and continue preparing your cake.

Method 3 Using Toothpicks to Bond Cake Layers

To make the cake more stable and so that the layers do not separate, bakers often use toothpicks to hold the layers together.

  1. 1 Prepare the bottom layer of the cake. Flatten, brush with cream, etc.
  2. 2 Insert three toothpicks in different places so that they stick out vertically.
  3. 3 Lay the next layer on top. Toothpicks will help fix the top layer, and it will not slip off.
    • Be sure no one gets hurt by a toothpick. Warn everyone that a toothpick might get caught in a piece of cake.

Method 4 Using Toothpicks to Fix Food Wrap over Greased Cream Cake

If you greased the cake with a cream that you do not plan to eat the next day, or two, if you are going to take it to a friend’s house or the event is held outdoors, you will want to protect the cake from external debris and from drying out. Decorated cake is difficult to wrap, as any packaging can damage and grease cream decoration. Toothpicks can be a great solution to this problem.

  1. 1 Insert 6 to 12 toothpicks on top of the decorated cake. The number of toothpicks used will depend on the size of your cake. Spread the toothpicks evenly across the top of your cake.
  2. 2 Insert 10 to 15 toothpicks into the sides of your cake, piercing the edge closer to the surface of the cake.
  3. 3 Tear off a sufficiently long piece of plastic film to cover the entire cake. You may need two pieces to cover the cake if it is too large.
  4. 4 Gently wrap the cake with plastic wrap, stringing it on toothpicks. Toothpicks on the sides of the cake are designed to create something like a tent made of plastic film, so as not to come in contact with the side decoration of the cream.
  5. 5 Gently wrap the plastic wrap under your dish. At the same time, do not overtighten the wrapper.
  6. 6 Once you are ready to unwrap the cake, be sure to remove all the toothpicks before serving.

30. Do not lose the edge of the tape

You probably noticed that a new adhesive tape is always sold with a piece of paper at the end, so that it is easy to find where it started. But, constantly sticking a piece of paper on the end of the tape is not very convenient, because it will need to be cut off. A toothpick can help here, which you need to put under the edge of the tape, and you don’t have to cut anything, and the end of the tape can be easily found.

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Toothpicks are easy to find throughout the home.

Who says toothpicks should only be used for their intended purpose? In life, you need to be prepared for everything, to be able to find a way out of any situation and apply improvised means when necessary. Especially for you in this article the most unusual ways to use toothpicksthat can be used in everyday life.

Steam release from pan

Probably, each of us at least once in his life put a pot of water on the stove, poured the necessary ingredients into it, covered it with a lid, turned on the fire almost to the maximum and left the kitchen. Well, if the care was short-lived, and upon returning the lid was removed from the pan. Otherwise, it is necessary to observe a not very pleasant picture when a part of the contents of the pan spilled out of its limits and was on the stove. As a result, dinner did not succeed, and the stove needs to be washed. To prevent this, no matter how funny it may sound, an ordinary toothpick can prevent it. Just put it between the lid and the pan itself - this will create a small space for steam to escape and prevent liquid from spilling out of it.

Limiting the consumption of seasonings and sauces

Again, half a bottle of dressing was poured into the salad or more seasonings and spices were poured into the roast than needed? Next time try to prevent this problem with a toothpick. Just make a few holes in the foil on the neck of a new bottle of sauce or container with seasoning or spice. This will not only prevent excessive consumption of sauces and spices, but also help to slightly reduce the amount of calories consumed.

Cleaning your phone or laptop keyboard

When dirt, dust, pieces of food fall between the buttons on your landline or mobile phone, laptop keyboard or computer, use a toothpick dipped in alcohol to clean this area. In addition, you can crank out a similar trick with other hidden and inaccessible places - a toothpick in this case is really an indispensable tool.

Burning candles and stove

Do you burn your fingers when you try to light a candle or stove with a lighter or matches? Trust a toothpick - it is longer and burns much longer. Just set fire to a wooden toothpick first, and then with its help get to the wicks of candles or burners. This small item can also be used to light candles on a birthday cake. In this case, a toothpick will be like a torch: it not only burns longer, but also looks more aesthetic than ordinary matches or a lighter.

Designation of the beginning of the tape tape

A common situation: you cut a piece of tape tape, and the next time for a long time you can not find its beginning. Agree, this is a waste of time, for which there is neither time nor desire. An ordinary toothpick is able to alleviate this problem - just the next time, after using the tape, wrap its end around the toothpick. Although in fairness it should be noted that not only a toothpick, but also other small objects can act as a mark of the end of the tape.

Labeling of various dishes

Use multi-colored toothpicks to mark different snacks at a party or official celebration. For example, if you cook meat on the grill, with multi-colored toothpicks you can mark pieces of a weak, medium and strong degree of roasting. These small items are also great for party canapes.

Curved stem alignment

If the stem of a small plant is broken or begins to bend - this is not a sentence. With a toothpick wrapped in tape around a broken or bent stem, you can make it straight again. After the stem grows together or straightens, be sure to remove the bandage so as not to squeeze the stem.

Filling chips and holes in wood

They drove a nail into the wood a little to the wrong place? Do not panic, with a toothpick you can correct your mistake. Dip the toothpick into the glue, stick it into the hole, then break off the end and treat it with sandpaper. Everything will look as if there was no “repair”.

Sprouting onions or avocado seeds

Do you want to enjoy a bunch of green onions in the middle of winter? Maybe you want to germinate an avocado seed? In this case, toothpicks will come to help again. Insert 4 toothpicks into the onion or avocado seed (they will act as supports), then place it over the glass so that the lower part of the fruit touches the water.

Button Sewing

The button comes off, and you need to sew it not too tight? Put a toothpick under the button and you will achieve your goal.

As you can see, such an ordinary subject turned out to have a large number of unusual uses. Toothpick can be called a universal soldier who will always find a way out of any situation. Although from time to time to use them for their main purpose - to brush your teeth from food debris - you still need to, but God forbid you forget why they were originally invented.

1. Confectionery home syringe from a regular package

Not every home has a pastry syringe. But if you need it, take a tight plastic bag and place the cream in it. For beauty, you can cut off the corner of the package with ribbed cloves, then the sausage will be ribbed. You can also make a regular incision for a simple sausage.

3. The hanger perfectly holds recipes before your eyes

If you are using the recipe from a book or magazine in the old way and would not like to spoil it, take an ordinary hanger and attach clothespin to it with a magazine. The magazine is safe and sound, and the recipe is before your eyes.

9. A hot glass will perfectly soften butter

If you forgot to get the oil from the refrigerator in advance, do not worry, it can be quickly softened. Cut the butter into small pieces, put on a plate and cover with a hot jar or glass. After 5 minutes, add soft butter to the dough.

12. Artful transfer of the dough

If you need to transfer the layer to a baking sheet, and you are afraid that it will break, roll the dough on a rolling pin, and then move it onto a baking sheet and turn it from the rolling pin.

Speaking of baking sheets. Mistresses often find that once shiny baking sheets quickly fade and become stained. These tips will help restore the pan and restore the pristine beauty to the baking dish.

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