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How to kiss a girl in a movie theater?


Modern cinema can effortlessly convey the feelings of the main characters that arise between them in a particular scene. However, all of us, ordinary viewers, never think about a very, seemingly simple question: how do actors kiss in films? What do they feel at the same time?

We invite you to reflect on the main issue a bit, as well as reveal some secrets of this intimate process and recall the recognition of the actors themselves.

Kisses are different

Most filmgoers believe that all the roles that are associated with love scenes and kisses are a real props, which are very high quality produced by movie masters - cameramen, lighting, directors. All the actors in the details know the process of filming, which allows them to beat a particular scene.

Every time we see a kiss on the screen that can express different kinds of feelings, we understand that all this is happening in reality. For some viewers, the question of whether the actors in the film really kiss or not seems absurd, because they consciously want to believe it.

In this process, it is necessary to highlight the main components that can conditionally divide kisses into several categories. What are they like? Play a friendly kiss is not difficult. But to depict on the screen a love, sensual kiss, which expresses the entire depth of a person’s relationship with a person, is already more difficult.

Unusual habits as part of the character

It is appropriate to cite as an example the recollections of the famous actor Sergei Shakurov, who performed the difficult role of Brezhnev in the film of the same name. According to him, it was not easy to kiss their partners, as they were mostly men. There was no way out, it was necessary to achieve maximum similarity with the historical character, who was distinguished by a strange habit of kissing everyone on the lips and cheeks. “I did everything honestly,” Shakurov admitted briefly. Probably for him, the question of whether the actors really kiss in films would be surprising.

Kiss with the “ashtray”

A friendly kiss can mean different kinds of emotions, but a completely different perception causes a love kiss that expresses more specific feelings.

After filming in the American movie “9 and a half weeks”, actress Kim Basinger recalled that she was disgusted with kissing her partner Mickey Rourke, although the screen seems to be in real ecstasy, and in general, in the story, the characters are flying between the characters sparks. Mickey smoked a lot and often. She had the feeling that she was kissing an ashtray. At some point, the negative emotions of the actress reached its climax, but thanks to the ability of the director Adrian Line to find an approach to the actors, Kim finished shooting without any problems. And the award was world recognition. Therefore, the question of whether actors kiss in films can be answered in the affirmative. And often this does not give them pleasure.

The inconvenience of a kiss is not a hindrance

Do not forget that cinema is a real art, which should make the viewer believe. All actors are well aware of what they have to face. Many feel discomfort from kissing, but there are those who are sympathetic to each other. Only true professionals do not make it difficult to fulfill the director’s plan.

How do actors in films kiss? It would be dishonest to deceive the audience, let the actors pretend. Cinema knows many examples when kisses leave pleasant memories, and when not.

During the filming of Spider-Man, Toby Maguire recalled how hard it was for him to kiss the screen partner Kirsten Dunst, while the audience was looking forward to this moment. We all remember the scene in which his hero hangs his head down in the pouring rain. Very romantic. Only the actor began to feel dizzy from the incoming blood, and given a few takes, he dreamed of one thing - to quickly return to normal.

How do actors in films kiss?

Here are some more striking examples from the recollections of stars. Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise played a passionate couple in the movie Eyes Wide. Their kisses were real. At the time of filming, the actors were married.

Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake had fun filming spicy scenes in the comedy “Friendship Sex”. With the release of the film for hire, rumors appeared in the press about their romance in real life.

According to the recollections of colleagues from The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence does not know how to kiss. By the way, the actress herself for four common films had to merge more than once in a passionate kiss with Bradley Cooper. They did not succeed in a romance; in life, the actors are very good friends. Well, to stand the test of kissing with your friend is a trait of a true professional.

Many stars claim that kissing on its own is not difficult, it’s more difficult to overcome certain feelings inside that do not allow you to go beyond what is permitted. All this lies in the actor’s deep psychological preparedness for the stage and understanding of what he is doing.

Now you know how the actors kiss in the films. They are doing this for real and in earnest.


1. Select the appropriate movie. Some films have women more kissed than others. If a friend sees how the main characters of the film fight with a slime-covered alien freak, the romantic center of her brain will be paralyzed. But if she sees how handsome vampires passionately kiss mortal maidens, then her lips themselves will begin to smack with desire.

  • No matter how terrible your thirst for her sweet lips is, try not to attack forever with kisses. A few times is enough.
  • What if the girl doesn’t want to kiss in the cinema? Apparently, she doesn’t want to kiss you at all. Go over the money spent on her ticket and look for another girlfriend, more grateful and passionate.

Do you know that in some cinemas there are special “places for lovers”? The armrests can be a serious obstacle for couples who want to sit closer to each other - that's why tickets for two seats go on sale without any “obstacles”. To the delight of young people in modern cinemas, the armrests are increasingly being retracted.