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How to deal with fluid retention in the body


Fluid retention in the body, the causes of which may be many, is the body's ability to regulate its functions. Most often, excess fluid passes into edema, which can be seen on the limbs or under the eyes. In addition, you can feel it by standing on the scales and seeing on them a few extra pounds.

Fluid Retention: Causes

The accumulation of water may be accompanied by several reasons, having dealt with which, you can solve this problem.

Very often, fluid retention occurs due to hormonal imbalance. This can be affected by environmental conditions.

The causes of edema and fluid retention in the body can be a consequence of previous diseases. Such diseases are most often chronic or caused by bacteria. It is highly recommended that you minimize the amount of water used and wait for them to resolve by themselves. Be sure to consult a doctor.

Very often, especially women, are afraid to gain extra weight due to water and minimize its consumption. However, the body interprets such an alarming signal in its own way and begins to accumulate fluid.

Fluid retention in the body, the reasons for which lies in the use of diuretics, is another problem for women. A strong desire to get rid of excess water, on the contrary, leads to its accumulation and swelling.

Non-compliance with the water-salt balance is another reason. A healthy person can consume about fifteen grams of salt per day. In the summer heat and during sports, this figure can be increased, since a large amount of minerals is excreted from the body during the sweating process. To remove all the accumulated salt, you need to drink as much water as possible.

The reasons for fluid retention in the human body very often affect its performance. A lot of people drink water before going to bed, not thinking about the consequences. In the morning, edema will await you, and your kidneys and liver will be weaker and weaker each time. Drink water until seven in the evening. After this time, try to limit its consumption.

Another reason for the appearance of edema is a sedentary lifestyle. Without muscle activity, the body is very difficult to get rid of excess fluid, so it is sometimes very difficult to shoe narrow shoes in the evening.

About food

Fluid retention in the body, the causes of which are associated with improper nutrition, is very simple. The main thing is to establish your diet.

Try not to buy ready-made meals in the store and do not eat fast foods. They all contain preservatives that exacerbate your problem.

Limit the use of chips, crackers, salted nuts, fried and canned foods, as well as all kinds of sweets. The exception is dried fruit. Try to consume them as often as possible.

Try to reduce the amount of products containing margarine and yeast. Do not use factory-made sauces. Smoked fish, meat and sausages have a bad effect on the human body. Completely eliminate soda and alcohol, and the result will not be long in coming.

Causes of water retention in the body

The lymphatic system is involved in the outflow of excess fluid from the tissues, but sometimes it does not cope with its work, especially if for some reason a lot of fluid accumulates in the body. So there are swelling.

Fluid retention in the body usually occurs before menstruation and during pregnancy, and this is due to hormonal imbalance in the body. Edema is also provoked by nutrition, as many foods trap water in the body, such as spicy, salty, pickled and smoked dishes, fast food, sausages, sausages, all kinds of sauces, sugar and sweets. The combination of sugar and fat is especially unfavorable, therefore donuts, cakes with cream and ice cream often become the causes of fluid retention in the body.

Very often, the accumulation of fluid in the tissues is observed in the body after alcohol, because tired kidneys can not cope with their duties, like the liver, which is responsible for the disposal of alcohol. Coffee and other caffeinated drinks also retain water in the body, which is why coffee lovers develop edema, although not as significant as from beer and smoked fish. Fluid retention is often the result of smoking, physical inactivity, excess weight, tight clothing and uncomfortable shoes, including high heels.

What could be the consequences

First of all, the aesthetics of your body will be disturbed: the limbs and face will be swollen, bags under the eyes will appear. Overweight, fatigue, and poor health will be detected. In addition to external signs, there may be internal ones, such as problems with organs.

Swelling can occur with too much fluid used. For example, a healthy adult needs to drink about two liters of water per day. During sports, this figure may increase slightly. If you drink more liquid, then in the morning you will see puffiness and weight gain.

How to remove excess fluid from the body: what traditional medicine advises

We figured out the main causes of edema, and now try to figure out how to deal with them. Before taking diuretic pills, try grandma's advice.

Buy diuretics with corn stigmas or lingonberry leaves at the pharmacy. Brew herbs as recommended on the packaging and drink throughout the day. Some folk healers recommend pouring chopped onions with sugar at night, and drinking 2 tbsp on an empty stomach in the morning. l squeezed juice. An infusion of 4 tsp. Also helps. chopped root and parsley seeds, drenched in a glass of boiling water. After 10 hours, you can drink this therapeutic drink half an hour before meals, 1 tbsp. l Flaxseed is brewed in a similar way - mix 0.5 liters of water with 2 tbsp. l seeds, boil for 15 minutes, leave for an hour and drink half a glass after a meal.

“Traditional medicine recommends many herbs that help quickly remove excess fluid from the body. This is St. John's wort, nettle, lovage, juniper, bearberry, rose hips, plantain, horsetail, cornflower flowers, wheatgrass root and licorice. I consider the decoction of birch buds or leaves the most affordable and effective way to combat edema. It is enough to drink it three times a day, half a glass before meals, and soon you will see improvements. However, before being treated with herbs, be sure to undergo a medical examination and consult a doctor, because you may have contraindications for taking certain herbs. ”

How to remove fluid from the body

The reasons for the delay must be clarified, because this is the key to a successful solution to the problem. In some cases, just changing your diet is enough. Reduce the amount of fried, sweet, smoked and salty - and you will be surprised at the results. Drink only purified water. For sweet soda, it’s better to forget it. They cause irreparable harm to the body.

Go in for sports and walk as much as possible. So you will get rid not only of excess fluid, but also of fat accumulations. A half-hour walk will help strengthen your legs and relieve swelling.

How to remove excess fluid with food

How to deal with fluid retention in the body? Very simple! You just need to find the right products. Cope with edema will help foods containing fiber and potassium. Eat as much vegetables and fruits as possible. Pay particular attention to watermelon, apricot, strawberries, pumpkin, zucchini and eggplant. Freshly squeezed vegetable juices are ideal diuretics prepared at home. You can arrange a fasting day a couple of times a month and only eat watermelon or cucumbers. But do not do this if you have kidney problems.

Replace black tea with Hibiscus. Eat granola and cereal.

The constant use of these products will cleanse your body and get rid of excess fluid.

Edema in women

The causes of fluid retention in a woman’s body are individual, they may depend on different circumstances.

If the reason lies in hormones, then it is worth trying to adjust the general hormonal background. Doctors recommend taking appropriate tests, to deeply understand the problem. Before menstruation, the hormone estrogen accumulates in the blood, which has the ability to accumulate salts. That is why the fluid does not go outside, swelling is formed.

Doctors recommend replenishing magnesium and vitamin B6 in the body. With their help, maintaining a water-salt balance is much easier. If swelling subsides with the onset of menstruation, then do not worry. This is a normal natural process. This problem is easily solved with birth control pills.

If swelling does not go away, this indicates the presence of serious problems: varicose veins, vascular diseases, lymph nodes and the heart. Whatever the reason, be sure to contact her specialist.

In no case do not sit on strict diets that guarantee the loss of excess fluid. Any dietary restrictions are very stressful for the whole organism. After all, you may get rid of edema, but in return you will get many other problems. Try to just eat right, arrange a fasting day several times a month. Drink plenty of clean water, do not forget about green tea and Hibiscus drink.

The use of folk remedies

Fluid retention in the body (causes, treatment described in this article) may disappear if you use alternative methods of treatment. Replace harmful coffee with medicinal decoctions of mint, lingonberries, caraway seeds, rose hips or lemon balm.

You can use diuretic herbs such as horsetail, barberry, elderberry, or arnica flowers. Just remember, these funds have a very strong effect. The main thing is not to overdo it with the dose. Do not buy herbs in the market. A large amount of dust accumulates on them. Shop at the pharmacy only. They should be accompanied by instructions for use. You can also buy ready-made herbal compounds with a diuretic effect.

Check out some recipes you can use at home. Their effect will not differ from expensive drugs.

  1. Take one tablespoon of dill seeds and pour a glass of boiling water. Wait thirty minutes. Drink one tablespoon two to three times a day.
  2. The broth of lingonberry or dogrose helps perfectly. Brew them and drink just like tea.
  3. Pour two tablespoons of dry birch leaves with a glass of boiling water. Strain the cooled broth, add a pinch of salt. Drink a sip several times a day.

Visit the sauna or bath regularly. So you get rid of excess water, salt and body fat. A fun company will make this process very enjoyable.

Visit the massage room. A good massage activates the metabolism and improves blood circulation. Swelling of the body will quickly subside.


Excess fluid in the body, the reasons for the accumulation of which depend on the lifestyle and hormonal levels, can resolve with the use of drugs. But you can’t prescribe medication yourself in any case. Undergo complex treatment and find out the reason with the help of specialists.

There are drugs that can instantly remove excess fluid. These include: “Diursan”, “Diuver” and others. These drugs are used for a short period of time, because not only the body’s water reserves, but also mineral ones are exhausted.

Do not self-medicate, as the combination of some drugs is unacceptable.

Another reason for getting edema is cold clothes during severe frosts. The protective functions of the body are activated, as a result of which it intensively accumulates fluid. Please note that all medications are selected individually, based on the causes and tolerance of the components. What suits your neighbor may be disastrous for you.

What to do if fluid lingers while traveling

Many tourists traveling by car or plane are concerned about the swelling of the lower extremities. To prevent this from happening, get up as often as possible. If possible, get out of the car: take a walk or dance. So you will not allow excess fluid to accumulate at your feet and give yourself a charge of a good tourist mood.

Fluid retention in the body is a serious problem that can significantly affect the quality of life. To prevent this, eat right, exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle. If you still have a problem, do not self-medicate. It is better to turn to nature - take advantage of its gifts.

Stagnant fluid in the body: causes and symptoms

It is not always possible to unequivocally answer why the fluid is retained in the body in a particular case. The fact is that there are at least five main causes of edema:

  1. Too active or passive work. The reasons for water retention in the body, as a rule, lie in your lifestyle. Are you moving too little, or, on the contrary, have almost no time to sit down? Both that, and another can cause hypostases. And most often their legs suffer from them.
  2. Lack of water. You drink black tea, coffee, milk, juice, soda and other drinks all day, considering that this amount of liquid is enough? We hasten to upset you: the body needs clean water, not surrogates. Otherwise, liquid stagnation cannot be avoided.
  3. Diuretic drinks. The abuse of coffee, lemonade, beer and other alcohol is a direct way to the appearance of edema. Such drinks remove all beneficial moisture from the body. He, in turn, is experiencing tremendous stress and storing fluid for the future. In the form of several additional kilograms.
  4. Excess salt in the diet. It's no secret that excessively salty foods trap fluid in the body. But why this happens, not everyone knows. The fact is that the body is using water to try to remove salt that is harmful to it. Having eaten salty foods, you start to drink a lot, excess fluid is retained in the body, resulting in swelling.
  5. Foods that retain water in the body. In addition to salty foods, the appearance of edema can provoke:
  • marinades and pickles - both home and store,
  • sweets: cakes, cakes, honey, syrups, cookies, a variety of chocolates,
  • high fat dairy products or preservatives: butter, spread, margarine, cream,
  • any factory sauces
  • hard cheese
  • eggs
  • flour: buns, loaves, pasta,
  • smoked meats of all kinds, sausages,
  • fried in any oil
  • flavored chips and crackers,
  • fast food,
  • any other product where there are preservatives, dyes and other synthetics.

To determine the presence of edema, click on the test area with your finger. If there are spots that do not go away for a long time, or a depression in the skin persists for several seconds, then there is a problem.

Method One: Eat Some Food

What foods hold water in the body, you already know. Now we will deal with those who display it. Helper products include:

  • Fruits and berries with diuretic properties. For example, watermelon, aronia, viburnum, strawberries and strawberries, cranberries, blueberries.
  • Natural diuretics: beets, bell peppers, celery, zucchini, squash, pumpkin, greens (dill and parsley), and also buckwheat and apple cider vinegar.
  • Products that accelerate metabolism and remove toxins: tomatoes, asparagus, carrots, a variety of leafy salads, cabbage in all variations.
  • Herbal infusions and teas: chicory, centaury, blueberry and lingonberry leaves, chamomile, calendula.

It is important to know: if the causes of fluid retention in the body are caused by kidney diseases (stones, kidney failure, etc.), you should not lean on diuretic products. Otherwise, you risk harming yourself.

Method two: drink plenty of clean water

Drink at least two liters of water per day, and very soon you will feel better. The secret to success is simple: the body begins to realize that it has enough water, and stops storing it for the future.

But you need to drink water competently. For example, do not do this while eating. In addition, it is better to refrain from liquids in the first two hours after a meal. The fact is that if you “dilute” the gastric juice with liquid, the food is digested worse, which means it risks being deposited in fat.

Method three: salt less

If, in your case, the answer to the question of why the fluid leaves the body poorly is an excess of salt in the diet, we recommend changing your eating habits. Moreover, salt not only retains water, but also masks the real taste of products.

Switching to slightly salted food is not as difficult as it seems. Add salt to ready-made dishes, gradually reducing the amount of this spice, and after a while you will definitely see a positive effect.

Fourth Way: Doing Sports

If the causes of fluid retention in the body are poor metabolism and sedentary work, start moving more. Даже если у вас нет времени полноценно заниматься спортом, нестрашно: достаточно выделить на упражнения 10 минут в день.

Twisting with weight, lunges with dumbbells over your head, plie, jumping from a semi-squat and even regular morning exercises will help speed up your metabolism!

The fifth method: take a healing bath

This is another answer to the question of how to get rid of fluid in the body in a short time. Procedure:

  1. No snacks and teas at least two hours before the procedure. Even ordinary water is best to abstain completely.
  2. Pour water into the bath so that it reaches the armpits. Measure the temperature of the water - it should not exceed 38 degrees.
  3. Add about a pound of regular salt and 200 grams of baking soda to the water.
  4. Take a bath for 10 minutes. During this time, you need to drink a cup of green tea without sugar. Important: drink should be hot!
  5. Getting up from the bathroom, properly pat the body with a towel.
  6. Lie in bed, take cover with a warm blanket - you need to sweat well. Spend at least half an hour under the covers.
  7. Take a shower to wash away sweat.
  8. Take your time to the refrigerator: you need to hold out for at least another hour without food and drink.

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Sixth way: unload

Experienced fighters with edema know: to prevent stagnation, you need to spend fasting days once a week. Here are three of the most effective:

  • On milkweed. This magic drink is prepared simply: in two liters of milk, almost brought to a boil, you need to add a couple of tablespoons of quality green tea. Allow the drink to brew for half an hour and drink - as often as the body requires.
  • On kefir. Excess fluid lingers in the body - what to do? The answer is simple: buy a liter of one percent kefir and drink a little bit every couple of hours. One day of such a diet - and swelling no matter how it happened!
  • On pumpkin juice. You can use a pure product, you can mix it with other juice (for example, from carrots or apples), you can dilute it with water - there is no difference. But when mixing, the main thing is not to overdo it: there should be as much pumpkin juice as it is he who removes excess water.

Another way to deal with edema is to lean on the “porridge of beauty”.

Cook oatmeal on the water, add fruits and spices (for example, cinnamon, which also speeds up the metabolism), if desired, and go to the slim figure! Remember: salt and sugar should not be added to such porridge.

We summarize: if the liquid is poorly excreted from the body, the reasons must be sought in yourself. Pay attention to your diet, level of physical activity, amount of water consumed.

Most likely, solving the problem is easier than you think.

Water retention products

The products filled with dyes, preservatives, artificial (synthetic) additives are subject to serious restriction, or even the exception.

Unfortunately, most of the grocery store assortment falls under these requirements.

  • fast food,
  • semi-finished products
  • French fries,
  • soda
  • beer,
  • sausages,
  • sweets.

Requires strict control:

  • yeast products
  • butter,
  • fried foods
  • alcohol.

It is also worth considering that the liquid is able to linger due to sweet black tea.

What is dangerous swelling

Abnormal accumulation in the tissues of water provokes a slowdown in metabolism, including the breakdown of fat cells. So the risks of lipodystrophy (cellulitis) are growing.

The effects of swelling are noticeable to the naked eye:

  • violation of the aesthetics of the body,
  • swelling of the area of ​​localization of the edema,
  • weight is growing
  • constant fatigue.

In addition to external ones, the problem of fluid retention can bring internal troubles to the body. The risk of exacerbation of cardiovascular, nephrological disorders increases.

How to help swollen feet

With water retention in the muscles of the legs, a garlic broth, which is prepared from the head of chopped garlic, poured with water, helps well. Bringing the broth to a boil, it needs to be slightly cooled and rinsed with their feet - relief usually comes very quickly.

Very effective creams with extract of leeches, raw cabbage leaves, softened with a rolling pin. An ice foot massage is also very effective - for this procedure, brew herbs, freeze the decoction in the freezer in small ice tins, wrap it afterwards in a cloth, crush the ice with a hammer into small fragments and intensively massage the swollen places with them. It is believed that the slurry of raw potatoes also helps relieve swelling if the problem area is wrapped in cellophane film and wrapped in a warm towel.

How to remove puffiness

The etiology of water retention (the appearance of edema) must be clarified, it will be easier to figure out a solution to a similar problem with the help of a doctor. It is recommended to make an appointment, to begin with to the local therapist.

The doctor will help identify the exact cause and correctly select the appropriate therapeutic solution.

Sometimes it’s enough to adjust the diet and everyday lifestyle.

Limit fried, sweet, salty and the situation gradually normalizes.

Plus, do not forget about movement, moderate walking in the fresh air, at least a quarter of an hour daily, helps to minimize edematous manifestations.

Lifestyle and diet to remove fluid from the body

First of all, give up salt, hot spices, sauces, smoked meats, sweets and fast food, drink more water and change your diet. Include in the diet products that remove fluid from the body - this is green tea, compote from dried apples, cucumbers, bell peppers, tomatoes, celery, pumpkin, watermelon, blackcurrant, strawberries and buckwheat. Sometimes the causes of increased puffiness become a lack of potassium in the body, in this case you need to eat potatoes, seaweed, beans, lentils, dried fruits and nuts, especially hazelnuts and almonds. The radish juice with honey, which is usually prescribed for coughing, gives an excellent result, as it turned out, it also helps with edema.

In addition, you will have to change your lifestyle so that the lymphatic system works without interruptions, and the kidneys and liver do not require a weekend or vacation. Sleep for at least 7-8 hours and move more, because movement improves metabolism, due to which excess fluid is actively removed from the body. You probably noticed that after sports training the scales show minus 1 kg or more, this is the result of the outflow of fluid accumulated in the tissues and muscles. In other words, if you want to remove fluid from the body for weight loss, give up bad habits, eat right and connect the sport. Checked - excess weight will begin to go away more actively!

Liquid Discharge Products

To eliminate edema caused by pathological disorders, it is first required to treat the underlying disease with medication. Additional help will be provided by natural remedies. The safest non-pharmacological solution to the issue of removing excess water are cleaning products.

These include fruits, vegetables, cereals.

Cereal with diuretic effect:

  • oatmeal - provides “energy”, benefits the musculoskeletal system,
  • buckwheat - indicated for constipation, prevention of atherosclerosis,
  • rice - pronounced cleansing qualities (a lot of potassium, and a little sodium), stimulation of metabolism, strengthening of muscle tissue,
  • wheat - promotes “self-cleaning” of the liver, normalization of the nervous system.

To “expel” excess fluid (eliminate edema), however paradoxical it may sound, you need to reasonably drink purified water. Plus it’s acceptable to connect some drinks:

Next, we’ll tell you more about products that help fight puffiness.

Natural substitutes for diuretic tablets

Fruits and berries more successfully, comparing with vegetables, cope with stagnant liquid, remove from tissues.

Natural nephrologist (doctor for kidneys), normalizes the functional of this organ, removes salts, stabilizes hemoglobin level. However, watermelon cleansing is contraindicated in case of salt calculi in the kidneys or other nephrological problems.

Berry with pronounced diuretic quality, a high concentration of potassium.

Vitamins are represented by group B (1,2,5,6), PP, K1 and are especially rich in vitamin C, not inferior to lemon.

In addition to the listed substances, the composition contains:

The work of cranberries and cranberry juice is comparable to the action of a strong antibiotic and antiviral. The bladder cleansing procedure is carefully carried out, harmful bacteria are excreted.

In this article, we will not dwell in detail on the useful qualities of cranberries, we only list briefly. In addition to the pronounced diuretic effect, the berry helps:

  • calm the nerves
  • treat a cold
  • deal with depression
  • thrombosis prevention
  • lower cholesterol (bad)
  • elimination of radionuclides,
  • strengthening attention and memory,
  • overweight
  • slows down the aging process,
  • prevention of oncological disorders,
  • interferes with the “work” of pathogenic bacteria,
  • contributes to the speedy healing of burns.

A natural diuretic, with a pronounced diuretic property, takes excess fluid from the depths of the tissues. It is famous for its high concentration of vitamin C, it naturally cleanses blood vessels and prevents the appearance of helminths.

Pronounced diuretic quality, additional assistance with cardiovascular disorders. Normalizes the performance of the liver and intestines. Keep in mind that it is recommended to eat melon in a separate dish, not combining with other products.

The diuretic effect is determined by the content of an extensive set of useful organic compounds:

For green tea, the ratio of sodium and potassium is significantly inclined towards potassium. Sodium, which holds and holds water in a small amount, is an extremely positive factor in the fight against edema.

After a cup of green tea, the vessels relax, which facilitates the removal of fluids, edematous manifestations of cardiac and renal etiology are minimized.

However, please remember that you should never forget about the rationality of use. Yes, the diuretic qualities of green tea are quite pronounced, but drinking more than 350-400 ml per day is not recommended.

The properties of berries and drinks based on it are generally identical to cranberry.

Vegetables against edema

By changing the nature of nutrition, you will significantly increase the chances of getting rid of puffiness.

Each of these vegetables, in addition to its pronounced diuretic properties, has a wide range of individual, positive properties.

For example, potatoes help stabilize water balance, supply potassium, the main decongestant element,

Tomatoes help improve the efficiency of the heart muscle, get rid of dermatological disorders, fight tumors,

Cabbage leaf speeds up the burning of fat cells,

Beetroot - neutralizes infections, strengthens intestinal perilstatics,

Cucumber - stabilizes the general metabolism, prevention of constipation, intestinal disorders,

Eggplant - lowering “bad” cholesterol, a cleansing procedure for blood vessels, intestines, bile ducts,

Onion - kills harmful bacteria, helminths, strengthens the immune system.

Is it worth it to remove puffiness with a diet

It is strongly discouraged to choose a “rigid” diet as a way to remove puffiness.

A positive result is a big question, and strong stress is guaranteed, sometimes with a negative development scenario.

It is preferable, to solve such a problem, focus on proper nutrition, a well-chosen diet will quickly help remove unpleasant symptoms.

In addition, after agreement with the doctor, fasting days on cereals (buckwheat, oatmeal), kefir, apples are permissible.

Female edema

It is more difficult to search for the cause of such a phenomenon in the female body, since the etiology of this problem in women is much larger in comparison with men. This is a topic for a separate article, and in this article we will not discuss it in detail.

If it is hormones, then you need to understand in detail the situation that has arisen. Pass the necessary tests and, under the guidance of a doctor, normalize the general hormonal background,

If the cause is a disease, then in order to eliminate edematous manifestations, first of all, therapeutic efforts are directed at eliminating the disease. At the same time adjust the diet.

Folk remedies against puffiness

Please note that folk methods (recipes) are required to be perceived solely as an auxiliary measure of influence. Application is permissible only after agreement with the doctor.

The diuretic qualities of the listed herbs are pronounced, therefore it is required to carefully take the dose, it is strictly dosed, only after the permission of the doctor.

Since most people have no practical experience of herbal medicine, or minimal, when deciding to remove excess water with herbs, avoid shopping on the market.

In addition to a separate herb, a complex option, ready-made diuretic fees are sold in pharmacy stalls.

Noticing fluid retention in the body, try to reconsider the attitude to the consumed drinks. Refuse coffee (more harm than good), black tea, categorically remove alcohol and soda.

Every day, alternatively to tea, drink a rosehip or lingonberry decoction.

Speaking of folk remedies, we will not forget about the useful properties of the bath, in the absence of other contraindications it is recommended to visit the steam room weekly. Weight is stabilized, excess salt, water and toxins will go away.

An additional therapeutic measure against puffiness will be massage procedures.

Medications for the treatment of puffiness

Self-medication with diuretic tablets is unacceptable, since it is extremely difficult to independently identify the cause of edema. Only a doctor can correctly understand this situation, if swelling for a long time (more than three days) does not subside, seek advice.

Based on the test results, the doctor will be able to determine why fluid retention occurs, prescribe treatment.

The list of possible appointments:

The listed drugs have a pronounced diuretic property, it is allowed to use on a limited time interval.

The list of diuretic tablets is extensive, but it is strictly forbidden to experiment with the choice yourself, a dangerous undertaking that can lead to extremely negative consequences. For example, along with the removal of excess water, create a deficiency of elements such as potassium and magnesium.

Some medications (anti-inflammatory, beta-blockers, estrogen-based products) prevent the release of excess accumulated water, poorly combined with diuretics. Joint admission can lead to complications.

It is important to remember that the same drug for different people can show diametrically opposite results. Much is determined by the individual tolerance of the constituent components.

Self-medication with prolonged pronounced edema is categorically unacceptable, consultation is mandatory for successful treatment.

During frosts, you need to dress correctly, because mistakes in this matter can also cause swelling. Cold is a non-standard (stressful) situation, if you dressed easily in cold weather, the body “includes” additional protection. Starts to independently accumulate water reserves.

Another frequent cause of swelling, especially of the extremities, is air travel, car travel.

A negligent attitude to systematic and prolonged puffiness is unacceptable, it is impossible to ignore this condition.