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How to drive a woman crazy


Mutual understanding, respect and passion are the main components of a happy relationship.

To maintain passion between partners, and sometimes renew dying feelings, you need a spark.

It can be ignited by a simple, but unexpected, amazing and completely spontaneous action.

There are some ordinary things and tricks that can drive any woman crazy.

So, what are these exciting tricks on the part of a man who will make a partner lose her head?

How to drive a woman crazy

1. It imperceptibly approaches from behind the moment you do makeup, wash your hands, wash, collect socks, and suddenly suddenly hugs your waist and kisses your neck.

Such spontaneity is exciting. Even if there is nothing supernatural in this trick, believe me, it will give your woman a lot of joy.

2. When your cat sits on his lap, and he strokes her, and she purrs with pleasure. Despite the fact that he claims to hate your cat (and generally all cats in principle), it is obvious that he adores your pet.

3. When you are tired, come home with the only thought that you just want to die (and even cleaning and washing are planned for the evening), and suddenly you see the dream home.

The apartment has been cleaned to a shine by your man, the laundry has been hung up and it is dry dried, and dinner is cooked and is waiting for you on the table ...

Thus, you can safely die in a clean apartment, but, perhaps, only from the happiness and pride of your man.

4. When he pleases you, whether it is unexpected caresses, gifts or a huge bouquet of flowers, not expecting reciprocal activity from you. In general, ideally, if he just goes to the kitchen and cooks you a favorite snack.

Drive your lover crazy

5. When you wake up, and the man has already prepared aromatic coffee. And if he also brought him to bed, this is simply the highest degree of pleasure and bliss.

Such a simple action can, if not fall in love with a woman, then at least lead her into ecstasy.

6. When you watch TV, and he suddenly pulls your legs to his knees and begins to stroke them. You can relax and enjoy such activities.

Such an impromptu will allow a woman to relax and get a discharge, and the expectation will cease to be too long and tedious. Shoulder massage is almost always a win-win option to give her pleasure.

How to drive a girl crazy

8. When exactly does he decide what your plans for the next hour / evening / vacation / will be.

All you have to do is listen to what your man says, put on the clothes that he called and follow him.

Letting a man make spontaneous decisions is always cool. A male leader is exciting even if it is a simple decision on where and how to spend tonight.

9. When he brags about you to his friends and colleagues or enthusiastically describes you to his family.

Believe me, every woman will like it. Such an advertisement for her person will not leave any girl indifferent. After all, this means that he is proud and appreciates her.

10. When, barely opening his eyes in the morning, the first thing he does is pull you to his half of the bed.

He had not really managed to wake up yet, but he already wanted to feel his beloved near him. This cannot but please.

This male reflex drives many women crazy.

11. When he suddenly touches your knee under the table with a hand at a boring event. Or if he does the same with his foot.

Such a spontaneous act will kindle a spark of passion, and staying at a boring reception will not seem so scary.

Kisses are crazy

12. When he suddenly kisses you in the most unexpected places. Or, if he kisses on the lips, but insolently, sharply and a little harshly.

Any woman likes this spontaneity.

13. When he is friends with your father (brother, mom, or sister).

“I just sent your dad a fun video” or “I bought your brother that sweater” - this is without a doubt what every woman wants to hear.

Indeed, if a man is in good relations with members of her family, this is real happiness.

14. When suddenly at a party where there are countless guests, you suddenly meet your eyes.

And even if there are a lot of people around, and he plays with your eyes, you can easily lose your sense of reality.

Undoubtedly, this game will act on a woman as an aphrodisiac.

What do women like

15. When he wears a suit or tuxedo.

It's no secret that many women are excited by elegant men, and a man in a tuxedo is one of the most common female fantasies.

A partner will especially like it if a man puts it on spontaneously and unexpectedly.

16. When he silently takes and carries your and his suitcase, without asking, at the same time, no questions.

Nothing touches a woman so much as understanding that her man possesses both physical and moral strength.

And while you are next to a handbag, your partner carries heavy things without complaining or complaining about his rheumatism.

* Men note that it is EXACTLY suitcases and heavy bags! Since wearing a handbag looks very ridiculous and comical.

17. When you return from a bachelorette party pretty drunk, and your man is waiting for you at home with cooked dinner, slippers, and then carefully dresses you in your favorite pajamas.

Taking care of you in this way, the man in action shows that you are not indifferent to him, even if the next day he will chide you a little.

How to conquer a woman

To make the fair sex lose your head from you, it is necessary to do what she does not expect, but deep down she would like to see in her man. And she doesn’t expect it, not because she is disappointed in the opposite field, but simply deep down she can believe that she’s not so lucky, or, believing that men really no longer try to surprise, show concern, but more demand, sort out, believe that women are always ready to fight for them, because there are fewer of them.

When you show yourself on the side that she wants to see in a man, she will be intrigued. Behave like a real gentleman, although a person should be brought up in any case, if he wants to be in a relationship with him and respect others, and not try to disappear, only he will appear. But sometimes a lot of time passes until a person realizes this, believing that it is ridiculous.

In order to make a pleasant impression on any person, especially a woman, it is important to show sincere attention, try to behave in such a way as not to hurt, not offend, do not speak arrogantly or overly self-confidently, as if they had the great honor of talking to you. Sincere interest in the interlocutor, careful attention to what a person says is the key to successful communication in the future. And without it, it’s unlikely to drive a woman crazy.

Moreover, it will help you to understand who is in front of you: a woman with a romantic temperament or a tough pragmatist who does not trust anyone. After all, it depends on how she will perceive your subsequent actions. If for one representative of the fair sex a romantic dinner on the roof of the house turns your head, and her imagination quickly completes what you started, then another may perceive this as youthful behavior, and she wants to see a serious man next to her, who, if she wants to arrange such a dinner, he will find out how she relates to this or explain why he wants to dine in the wind, where it can rain or a bird flying in will ruin his clothes.

Therefore, you need to start your path to conquering it with intelligence, in order to know for sure that every step you take and your goal will hit the mark and make her heart beat faster, but first you need to understand that you should pay attention and take a closer look.

Of course, do not forget about your appearance, despite the fact that it is believed that only women attract men with their appearance, but the fair sex loves with ears, it is important to become one for whom she will not mind spending time and getting to know him closer. Women, just like men, look at how a man is dressed. This helps to understand what he is about. And it is much easier to make an impression when the representative of the stronger sex feels at his best, and this is clearly facilitated by clothing that emphasizes his good figure, gives him a manly look. Of course, we have become more civilized, but still guided by instincts, so the fair sex always immediately notices those men who look beautiful, courageous, they don’t have a stomach, like pregnant women, because they are not too lazy to take care of themselves and their health, a beautiful fifth point, he himself does not walk like a bag of potatoes, but in every step he feels confidence and strength. Exercising can improve the figure, even the slender guy, as well as give him sometimes lacking self-confidence.

However, it is not easy even for those who have a good figure to charm a woman, because she also pays attention to intellectual development so that there is something to talk about. It is important for them to understand that with a man, they look at the world the same way. But the appearance and athletic body without excess fat helps to simplify this task, because women at the sight of such men themselves seek to interest him and make him understand that they do not mind getting to know him. So this is the first key to success, and then the ability to listen.

Women express their emotions through words, unlike men who think more. So the one who will also listen carefully to her, even if after 5 minutes ceases to perceive her words, will be able to win her heart for sure.

But it is still desirable to overcome the difficulties associated with the assimilation of such a flow of information in order to try to understand what she likes, what she is, to look at her while she speaks and determine for herself what can interest and surprise her. If you have known each other for a long time and communicate at work, remember what you usually talk about with her, think about what questions she should ask to find out more.

How to drive a woman crazy

  • Communicate with her friends, only without excessive flirting and, especially, any courtship. It is much easier for you to prove yourself with them from the best side, because you do not feel any feelings towards them that make you embarrassed in the presence of the one you like. And they will try to describe you in the brightest colors. It is rare that a woman does not heed the opinion of her friends and does not begin to look more closely at such a cool guy. And to be honest, when you show interest in her, highlighting from everyone, she will certainly be flattered.
  • Behave confidently, calmly, do not shy away, even if you are scared at heart. Confident men who know exactly what they want are able to interest anyone. After all, they want to be close to those who are able to take responsibility, support and protect.

  • You know that she does charity work, loves animals, helps children, ask her how you can help. Believe me, a good man will never go unnoticed by a good woman.
  • Do not push on her, disappear for a while, give her the opportunity to think about you, dream and very soon she will realize how wonderful you are.
  • Meet, do not forget that both should enjoy the pair. Therefore, think about her pleasure. Representatives of the stronger sex, who think about the pleasure of a loved one, are attentive and gentle, will easily drive a woman crazy.
  • Treat her with respect, respect as a person, take an interest in her affairs and plans. Women love with their ears, and they are always pleased when they are treated not as a convenient application that makes life easier for a man, but as an equal person with their interests and desires. You can make decisions, but be sure to ask her opinions or consult before making a decision when it comes to both of you, and not just you personally. A woman is always pleased when a man trusts her and appreciates her opinion.
  • Do not let yourself stoop to insults, even if she has offended or upset you.

You can drive any woman crazy if you love her, take care of her, understand, take into account her interests, and think not only about her pleasure in bed. When a man appreciates and respects the representative of the fair sex, he tries to keep relations with him filled with joy, it will not be difficult for him to make her feel like a real queen next to his king.

1. Call her by name

- Ira, 28 years old: “When a man calls me by name during sex, it is very exciting. I feel that at this moment it is not the abstract female body that excites him, but I, that he thinks about ME, that he wants ME. Any alienation and stiffness from this immediately disappear. ”

What do you usually say in bed? “Yes ... like that ... well ... wow!” Just complicate this five-word combination a bit by stuffing her name in there. "Yes ... Masha ... like that ... Masha ... well ... Masha ... uh ... Masha!" And let's hope that her name is actually Masha.

2. Play with her hair

- Marina, 23 years old: “When my boyfriend picks my hair and kisses it, my whole body is covered with goosebumps and I immediately want to get into bed with him”

The whole body of a woman is densely covered with hair. No really. If you don’t believe it, bring a magnifying glass to your bedroom and take a look. (The bruise under the eye will pass quickly, and the acquired knowledge will remain for life.) Each microscopic hair is a kind of antenna that transmits excitation signals to nearby nerve endings. When you touch only the hairs - without touching the skin, so as not to "drown out" the signal - a woman is excited more than from a direct touch. But to do this is not so easy - the hairs are too short (or even completely removed under the root of the depilator). Fortunately, a woman has longer antennas on her body, which can be easily ironed, sorted and ruffled, avoiding direct contact with the skin. For example, on her head. Well, where else will you find.

3. Kiss her

- Vika, 29 years old: “The main thing in sex is a kiss on the lips. This is the most intimate, the most tender, the most exciting and the best of all that a man is capable of ”

About the “best that I can” - here, of course, one can argue - just remember, for example, the landing on the moon or the corner, taken by Akinfeev a minute before the final ... Nevertheless: women love to be kissed. Although they have a lot to kiss, they hold a kiss on the lips for a wholly hit the top ten. Here is how the same young lady describes a “literate kiss”:

- Vika: “It starts with a light touch of the lips to the lips, then his tongue begins to slide easily around his mouth, makes his way to my tongue, moves rhythmically, but not too fast. From such an imperious and gentle kiss, my head immediately begins to feel dizzy! "

4. Caress her face

- Lisa, 32 years old: “I love it when my husband runs a finger along my cheekbones, kisses my chin, touches my eyebrows and eyelids. I see that he admires me, and at that moment I feel like the most beautiful woman on the planet. ”

We pay attention to the female face only after a visual inspection of the lower floors. Women are different. They will never whistle after a guy with a good figure, unless they are convinced with their own eyes that he has a complete set of eyebrows, a nose and a chin on his head - the female gender generally appreciates details more than the general plan. For a woman, the face is the basis of the foundations, the mirror of the soul - that is why she is able to spend millions of money and man-hours to paint, massage, grind and operate it.

5. Prepare the territory

- Agnia, 19 years old: “It seems to me that it is very important that the man to whom you came home have order everywhere. I'm not talking about books standing flat and free of dust - this is nonsense. But the fresh linen, the order in the bathroom, the clean shirt that I could put on - all this would testify to his attention to me. And if he makes sure that there are water, fruits, sweets and burning candles next to the bed, then I will decide that this is the best and caring lover! "

And don't forget to lock Lord Marlborough in the back room. Women love dogs, but it is difficult for them to experience an orgasm when bulldogs, sniffling, lick their heels.

6. Do not let her go

- Lena, 25 years old: “Most of all I love when a man continues to caress me with his hands during sex. Not just clinging to a knee or elbow, but leading palms across my hips, stomach, back and chest. It’s probably very difficult - because few people do it ”

Naive Lena! Of course, this is not difficult for us - just somehow all hands do not reach. Хо­тя ра­ци­о­наль­ное зер­но в этом есть — по­ка муж­чи­на от­вле­ка­ет­ся на ла­с­ки и сти­му­ля­цию, он за­мед­ля­ет на­сту­п­ле­ние сво­его орга­зма и ус­ко­ря­ет на­сту­п­ле­ние жен­ско­го.

7. Прикасайся нежно

— Наташа, 27 лет: « Мно­гие муж­чи­ны первым делом хватаются за соски, но лишь еди­ни­цы умеют правильно с ними обращаться. The fact is that female nipples are very sensitive, and a rough touch not only does not excite, but, on the contrary, causes discomfort. I like it much more when a man caresses the area next to him than directly presses on this button. When this is done delicately, gently, I’m really looking for something. ”

Women and I have a different understanding of the phrase "process gently." The female imagination draws cotton balls and feathers, but rather we imagine a skin-nulevka. Therefore, use the proven method - before reaching for any interesting objects - lick your fingers. Moisture will protect the sensitive area even from very energetic tenderness.

8. Give her risky compliments

- Irina, 23 years old: “I used to be rather shy and even shy to undress, but my last boyfriend turned me into a completely different woman. He constantly told me that I was the most beautiful, the sexiest, that from my chest he was losing his mind, and all the other women next to me were perfect nothing. I’m so used to hearing that I’m irresistible, that I myself believed in it and didn’t feel shy anymore. ”

Compliments about the eyes and hair won't hurt either. Nevertheless, she already knows that she looks great today. She was informed about this by her hairdresser and those one hundred and eighty colleagues who have nothing more to do at work than to hang around from office to office and scatter compliments. But from you, and only from you, she can find out that she has a priest - just go crazy, and in bed she moves like a pornstar. (Unless your best friend Dimon informed about this. From your words, of course.)

9. Move in a circle

- Natasha, 35 years old: “A good lover differs from a bad lover in that he does everything naturally. When he caresses a woman, he does not invent anything, but simply follows how nature created the female body. After all, we all consist of continuous circles - breasts, buttocks, lips, cheeks, knees ... And the man’s hands, gently repeating these circles, awaken the voice of nature in a woman, turn her into a female, into an animal - waiting and passionate ”

So move in a circle. (Although it would be nice to find out what kind of female this Natasha is going to turn into - there are those who, at the climax, prefer to have a bite with their marriage partners.)

10. Finish on time

- Anya, 26 years old: “I can’t always achieve an orgasm - and not because a man does something wrong, it’s just that sometimes it works for me, and sometimes it doesn’t. And it’s very good when the partner understands this and does not turn sex into an endless, exhausting race for the blue bird. After which I will also feel guilty for the fact that he tried so hard, but I could not. Let him just warn me that he is ready to finish, and if I feel that I myself could still reach a climax, I will tell him: “Just a little more, dear!”. And if I say: “Yes, I'm waiting for you!” - then let him finish ”

All sexologists and all women assert in unison: a woman is able to get full satisfaction from sex without even experiencing an orgasm. You and I do not understand this - but we will take their word for it.

11. Change the script

- Tamara, 31: “For me, the most important thing in sex is the moment of surprise. When the whole program is known in advance, it’s hard to get really excited, and when it repeats day after day ... Here women start to cheat on their men ”

Even if your girlfriend has never made a complaint about the routine in sex, this does not mean that he completely suits her. You, too, are not making scandals because you have been fed “dumplings heroic” for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for six months now. However, some variety in the diet would not frighten you, right? Here it is, too. Moreover, to make this “variety” there is absolutely no need to enlarge your penis surgically and go to bed in leather shorts and handcuffs. It will be enough to only slightly modify the usual procedure. Have you always kissed her first on the lips, then on the chest, and then on the navel, after which you went into a missionary position and ended in a doggy style? Start today with your belly button and doggy style, ending with passionate kisses, and leave the missionary altogether alone. A week of such exercises, and it is possible that one day the girl will also expand the boundaries of her consciousness and order pizza.

12. Undress

- Katya, 18 years old: “I love when a man is completely naked. I like to feel the body hair on his chest, his muscles, the warmth of his skin. Having sex in clothes is like standing up: only if it’s very impatient ”

However, if she herself is at this moment dressed in pajamas or a mink coat, you do not have to completely strip out.

13. Do something special

- Sveta, 23 years old: “I had a man who loved, caressing me“ there, ”while putting my index finger in his mouth and sucking it. It was wonderful. Nobody else does that, but it's a pity! "

And you can affectionately bite her on the top of her head, tickle her heels, poke her head in her crotch ... It’s not even what you do, it’s only you who do it. And the girl will think a hundred times before breaking up with you. Yes, in her absence you made a bachelor party at home with venal women and unhygienic animals, you cheated on her mother, you broke her favorite cup ... but who else but you will play so nicely on her back on rails, sleepers - sleepers "?

14. Give her a drink

- Sonya, 27: “It's terrible, but when I'm drunk, I like everything my husband does. Usually I'm pretty calm. But as soon as I drink one or two glasses of champagne, I turn into a sex bomb and get up to the point that the next day I’m ashamed to remember this. "

And not with one Sonya such incidents happen. According to statistical surveys, 80% of women admit that alcohol increases their sensuality and increases their ability to orgasm.