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Ideas for comic and creative wedding gifts for newlyweds


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When the wedding bells ring, the time is approaching for the pre-wedding party. Whether these bells are ringing for you, for your girlfriend or relative, one of the fun events on the eve of the wedding is a bachelorette party. Here are some tips for having a great pre-wedding party.

Funny gifts to the bride for the wedding

For every girl, a wedding is not just a step into a new life, but the culmination of her girlish dreams.

The bride is the queen of the holiday.

That day her main dream came true. And everything speaks of happiness: a radiant look, and a beautiful outfit, and an elevated mood.

What awaits her in a new life together? Comic and funny gifts can be fun to give parting words to a newly-made wife.

A common gift is a rolling pin. Of course, guests do not give this item to a young wife to learn how to bake pies. They give symbolic meaning to common kitchen utensils. This "regulator of family relations" is also suitable as a "cure for a mistress," if you present a large rolling pin or as a "super fine". Spikes will give her a terrifying look.

A good gift would be a cookbook. Let the woman try to surprise the young husband every day with new culinary masterpieces.

A broom is also useful. They give a broom to his wife to remember about the order in the house and comfort. It is interesting to hand a broom as a warranty card for a vacuum cleaner. Such an assistant will always be at work, even when there is no electricity.

To maintain order, you can give soap, both finished and handmade.

Various certificates are fun to play with. The bride on the basis of such documents receives an unlimited right to cook and clean. Now she is allowed to kiss her husband and even watch football with him on weekends.

A saw will also come in handy - a toy, souvenir or even a real one. After all, what is family life without a saw?

From the original gifts for the bride, you can use an unusual bouquet. Everyone will give floral bouquets, and you will have an exclusive - sweet. It can be made from sweets. Original look bouquets of fruits.

Wedding gifts

A wedding is a celebration that combines the formal and the informal. And the main thing at this holiday is the unforgettable experience and emotions. Therefore, guests often try to prepare original wedding gifts for the young. But if you don’t have enough time to choose something unusual, you can also give the traditional option - a practical and at first glance banal, but beautifully beaten wedding present. Then even the simplest thing in the form of a pen or pencil, presented to the young, will be remembered by the positive notes accompanying her delivery, an explosion of emotions and impressions.

Photo of money as a wedding gift

Choosing a gift is only half the battle. It is better if these are practical and useful things in everyday life - after all, young people are just beginning to fill the family bowl of wealth and prosperity. Appliances, dishes, interior items, home textiles and a universal gift - money will come, as it’s impossible, by the way. The question is how to present seemingly mundane things in an original and unusual way, to move away from banality and be creative. Newly-made spouses, their relatives and guests will appreciate your sense of humor and unconventional thinking if you organize a cool presentation of gifts, adding notes of emancipation and enthusiasm to the general atmosphere of the holiday.

Original wedding greetings

Photo album - a gift for a wedding

A few examples and ideas on how to give cool gifts at a wedding:

  1. Beautiful and a useful gift will be a photo album in which banknotes can be inserted into money pockets.
  2. Present a large family umbrella-cane, inside which attach banknotes. With the wishes "that the house always had good weather, but if the sky frowns, shelter together from the rain," open the umbrella. An unexpected surprise will delight the young.
  3. You can give a comic gift in the form of a brick, to which tied a bag of money, accompanying the present with the words “this is the first stone in the foundation of your big happy home, and also allow me to hand over the initial capital for its construction”.
  4. A vacuum cleaner is a very useful and necessary gift. Pack it in a large transparent cellophane and decorate with a huge bow. Attach the inscription "Order with a guarantee." Pack beside a paper-wrapped broom with a wax seal and sign “Guarantee of Order”.
  5. To give original comic gifts, which may not carry material value, but will, as a talisman, be kept young - a good idea for a memorable celebration. For example, beautifully pack an ordinary light bulb and fragrant soap and sign a gift - “May your love always be bright and clean!”. Or give a big key with the caption: "The key to the door where happiness lives." A chest-box filled with coins with the signature "Congratulation from the Treasure Island."
  6. The theme of a gift of money from the “mafia” can be creatively beaten. A group of people in strict black suits and glasses enters the hall with a case on combination locks and, opening it, passes the banknotes and “drugs” - bags with flour or powdered sugar to the young people.
  7. Shovel with money. Buy a garden shovel or an ordinary scoop, put banknotes inside, you can from different countries, pack it in a transparent wrapper and sign: "We wish you rowing money with a shovel."
  8. A pot of honey from Winnie the Pooh. An ordinary clay pot with the inscription “honey” can be decorated with balloons and put money inside.
  9. Bank of pickles. In a large three-liter jar, put decorative cucumbers and tomatoesmixed with banknotes, roll up with a metal cover and hand with the inscription: "Stocks for the winter."
  10. Boxes with surprises may be an interesting beaten topic. For example, a guest comes up with a huge bouquet of flowers and a box in her hands, unexpectedly opens it, releasing a whole flock of beautiful butterflies with the wishes of summer warmth and bright colors that accompany the love of young people for many years.

Butterflies from a surprise box

As you can see, the original ideas are a dime a dozen. What matters is not so much the value of the gift itself as the sincerity of wishes and sincere warmth at its presentation.

When give gifts to the newlyweds at the wedding?

In the process of the wedding ceremony, young people are usually congratulated flowers and handing gifts. But there are rules when they are limited to wishes and presenting flowers, and at what point they give gifts at a wedding. Directly solemn painting and wedding are accompanied by floral congratulations. A certain time is allotted for the presentation of gifts - usually this is the beginning of a banquet.

Photo of a bouquet as a gift for a wedding

In the old days, when weddings were celebrated for several days in a row and walked at them from morning to evening, it was traditional to present a gift from each guest who proclaimed a congratulatory speech and not always short. Now the wedding schedule does not allow you to stretch this event for several hours, because more and more simple and less tiring european scheme.

At the entrance to the banquet hall, a table is set where guests put their presents. If there is a desire to personally present gifts at the wedding in the form of rings, chains, earrings, having prepared a surprise, the guest can directly hand them in the bride and groom. This approach significantly liberates the general atmosphere, eliminating the need for guests to be in suspense, waiting for their turn to deliver a speech.

Gold necklace, SL (price by reference)

Another practical scheme is a gift from groups of people. Companies of several people, united by family or friendly ties, approach the young with a general congratulation and present their gifts.

How interesting is it to organize a collection of gifts at a wedding?

In order to develop an interesting scenario for giving gifts, one should show imagination and creativity or turn to professionals who, according to the theme of the wedding and its scale, will come up with the best option. For magnificent celebrations with a large number of guests can be put several large chests, in which guests, having united in groups, put together gifts, and then solemnly, leaving in groups, present chests to the young under musical accompaniment with glasses of champagne and wishes.

Watches, SL (price by reference)

You can collect gifts according to the old tradition, at a time when guests are already at the table, after about the third toast. If it's any accessories or money, which are presented in envelopes, which is now practiced quite often, you can choose the appropriate theme for the character, dressing him in a costume, for example, a pirate or a beautiful fairy, who go around the hall with a chest or chest, collecting gifts from all guests, and then, after sealing it, pass on to the young.

This option will amuse the guests and create a more comfortable atmosphere, not letting you get bored as with the traditional collection of gifts by witnesses

You can conduct a gift giving ceremony in stages, diluting with a feast and competitions. This scheme will allow you not to bore the young with endless listening to wishes, while balancing the fun and congratulations of the guests, giving you the opportunity to prepare surprises or play entire scenes.

Comic and funny gifts for the wedding day for the groom

For a young man, a wedding is an equally important moment in life. His status has changed. And now he is no longer that joker and merry fellow, and his husband is a support for a young family. It is he who plays the role of rock in family life, which is obliged to protect against all kinds of troubles.

Therefore, gifts for the groom, albeit comic, should have a special meaning. Present an original certificate, according to which a young husband receives the right to give his wife flowers, and if desired, every day. And also be sure to kiss and bring coffee to bed in the morning. A separate document legitimizes the right to clean and take out garbage. The comic presentation of such gifts at the wedding can be beaten with beautiful stories.

For a family getter, wedding gifts are cool with items.

Present a bow and arrow as a present with a hint. Let the young man learn to bring home rich loot.

A home guard will come in handy with a shield with a sword, as well as a heroic helmet. After all, he now must be able to withstand any attacks from the outside.

And as a guide for a still inexperienced owner, a book on home repair is suitable. Let the man learn his duties well.

So that the husband does not get angry at his beloved, especially when he finds buttons that are not sewn on his shirt, he is presented with a set of pins. They will be useful in family life.

Give the man the right, but unusual, and opening a new category on the right to drive strollers.

To keep the family budget, give the guy a cool wallet. But even more interesting is the various miniature safes and piggy banks. Especially double piggy banks, where there are two compartments: for the wife and for the husband. However, all the savings must end up in the wife’s department.

And so that he does not forget that he is now a married man, present him with a T-shirt with the inscription: "busy." And there are special items for her so that she won’t go left.

Funny wedding gift ideas for newlyweds

It is not necessary to give individual gifts. There are many ideas on how to beat cool presents for a couple.

Just before choosing a gift, check out the rating of anti-gifts, which you can’t give in any case.

And the reason for this can be both bad omens and wedding etiquette.

A common gift is money. How to give money for the wedding in an original way, there are many ways.

But it will be even more interesting when a cool gift for a wedding made of money will be presented with comic poems.

There are many ready-made cool poems for various wedding jokes, but they have all been around for a long time. Therefore, if you are looking for how to beat funny gifts for the newlyweds, it is better to compose such mini-poems yourself. They are useful for presenting traditional gifts.

As a cool presentation for two, you can give two pairs of multi-colored boxing gloves. Than not a way to sort things out.

And so that the quarrels do not end in heavy losses, give the couple a set of disposable plates. Do not forget to sign it original.

The newlyweds will come in handy and hammers. It is with such an instrument that they must forge their happiness together.

Present at the wedding and huge plates. Such dishes indicate that now the bride and groom are one, and they should share everything in two, even meals.

And so that common utensils do not become a reason for new contention, figure out how to make the border. Attach a barrier to the plate or draw border guards on the dish.

Useful at the wedding and salt. It must be placed in a bag on which to make the inscription: "Pud of salt."

Just remember that a pood is 16 kg, and pour just such an amount of salt into the bag.

Of course, you get a weighty gift, but young people will have to start a joint “salt diet” to get to know each other better.

Gifts in the form of paintings or cartoons look original. Such a present is best ordered from a professional artist.

The couple in an unusual way, depicted on canvas, will surely appeal to both guests and the newlyweds themselves.

This may be the image of an oligarch and a model, Bonnie and Clyde, ancient hunters, fairy-tale characters.

If the couple really has a sense of humor, you can safely give gifts-hints or predecessors.

Present the wheel as the first part of a brand new car. Or a brick to start building a house.

Shoulders are also suitable, on which it will be possible to hang a brand new fur coat or number for a future apartment.

Hand the young life jackets. They will come in handy for the future pretty yacht. Or a mini antenna for a portable TV. He, too, when he appears in the family.

Presenting gifts at a wedding: fun impressions

Cool gifts for a young wedding do not have to be material.

You can surprise the newlyweds with impressions. And in this area, the choice depends on your imagination and material capabilities.

What could be more beautiful than a honeymoon. And if you give a couple a ticket to warm places, to exotic islands, surprise will be genuine. Of course, such a present will have to be coordinated with someone from the family of youth. Suddenly, the couple had already planned a trip for the coming days.

If you are looking for a cool wedding present, you can pay for a deluxe hotel room. Now there are special offers for the newlyweds. Such a present will leave an unforgettable experience.

The main night for young people will be held in a romantic and chic setting.

Such a present is especially relevant when the newlyweds do not yet have their own housing and are forced to live with their parents in a cramped apartment.

Impressions for two can be presented in the form of various entertaining events. It can be a horse ride, and flying on a plane, a balloon, swimming with dolphins. Entertainment organizations have a lot of offers.

The main thing is to choose entertainment that will appeal to both spouses. And it is not necessary that such an event take place on the day of the wedding.

Extend the holiday for young people - present a certificate with a date a day or two after the ceremony or with an open date.

You can surprise not only the newlyweds at the wedding, but also all the guests. Pay the performance at the wedding of your favorite couple artist, gypsy ensemble or clown couple.

Only such a deviation from the script should be negotiated with the host. And, of course, stick to the theme of the wedding.

A rock band at a romantic wedding or a gypsy at a knightly holiday will not look very original.

No less interesting is the soap bubble show. This is not just a lot of familiar bubbles. This is a real show conducted by professionals.

Original stories, cool tricks and many, many romantic balls that burst to beautiful music.

From this category there will be butterflies. Now it’s fashionable to order beautiful butterflies for the wedding. And let the vision of such a miracle be short-lived, it will give unforgettable impressions.

Sand animations also look original. Sand paintings will “tell” the story of the young. And so that this impression is preserved not only in the memories, remove his camera.

Choosing original, impressive gifts is not so difficult. And here the main thing is not even the idea of ​​how to give a wedding gift, but material support. Therefore, often for giving such a cool wedding gift, friends come together and give one, but really impressive gift

Оригинальная идея шуточного подарка молодоженам в видео:

Почему на свадьбу удобно дарить деньгами?

  • не нужно «заморачиваться» с подарком, особенно если не хочется повторения. Зачем молодым два чайных сервиза или десятое одеяло? Коллекционировать? А деньги всегда пригодятся.
  • деньги всегда нужны и полезны. Perhaps the new family is saving up for an apartment or a car, they plan to leave somewhere or cover part of the cost of the wedding - celebrations are now very expensive. Or maybe by morning the newly-made spouses will fly away for their honeymoon! There a gift will be spent quickly ...

In any case, money is the most welcome gift! It remains only to provide him with memorable words.

Present with money

Short wedding greetings

Sometimes you don’t need a lot of words! Let's find out what congratulations on the wedding (funny), with the delivery of money, short and beautiful, the newlyweds will definitely like?

Do not sigh the groom, with an unhappy look!
And the bride, do not stand a pillar:
Yesterday you were two -
And today we have become a family!
What is there? Late to get borjomi?
Or do you not drink right now?
Well then your house
Happiness and love live!

To deserve happiness in life
Need not to give up
Yesterday, Today, and Always
Enjoy life!

Do not lose heart and do not be sad,
Sharing worries
You try and add
Storks work!

Now you have become one family. All together are now responsible. Well, peace and love. Wise advice. Do not lose heart and always lean on each other. Remember: together you are stronger! Call to yourself more often, be hospitable, and so that you always have the same rich table as now.

We’ll pick up beer with cancer, and vodka with pickles. We will celebrate wholeheartedly, and the groom - well done! The main thing is that the wedding does not become a “marriage”, but in life everything worked out, it came out from the heart! Young direct roads, parents - grandchildren, daughter-in-law - good mother in law! Live in peace, rarely rattle in pans, love tightly!

Gift money

Get a wad of money
And a happy person!
Can be hidden as a nest egg
And with life to live forever!
You can immediately give them a deal.
Or spend it wisely!
In short - act boldly
Not sparing after anything!
Give envelope we are here happiness
And for us there is no doubt:
Our small part
Save you budget!

We suggest about congratulations on the wedding (funny) with the delivery of money, on the video, see where different competitions and games for guests are also held. Honestly, sometimes the strangest and most shocking. Of course, just giving a cash gift for young people is not too fun, and it will not be remembered. The wedding should walk and sing until the morning, this is the main point!

Together we divined and divined
What are the newlyweds to give.
Then the ideas became
Many presents to give immediately.

First, the Kamasutra.
That's the start for a wise book
The philosophy of joy in love.
This is so that the husband does not look for an affair
Wifey, look every day.

Then - a rolling pin.
Oh, what a little thing needed in the household
Be sure to come in handy at least once.
You can roll the dough with pies
Or an important thrashing.

Third, the naked doll.
As a hint that we look forward to
For a family of young replenishment.
Let this doll be ordinary
Will be your future greetings.

The fourth present is a bottle of cognac.
Soon after all, guests will dance
Then they will go home,
Have a sip of fun together
Yes, spend your night blissfully!

The fifth prize is a piggy piggy bank.
For a dream, a family is beautiful to live,
You need to carefully save some money.
Take the pig in a present
And do not forget to feed coins.

The sixth gift is a deck of cards (prepared by ourselves, with photos of the bride and groom)
Quiet evenings how to while away?
Yes, we can play cards.
Can throw a strip party -
So you decided to stick the cards.

For the seventh gift - an umbrella
After all, more importantly there is no weather in the house
And all the past is just vanity.
Now everything is there for you except
Such a large and beautiful umbrella.
Well, perhaps, everything, we presented presents
Now back to the table, because there is delicious!

Money in the bank for a wedding with wishes

Congratulations to the wedding (funny) with handing money in the bank - a great idea, an original way. Many give in ordinary envelopes and it has become commonplace. People see a beautiful or simple oblong envelope, just one thought: “They gave money. I wonder how much is there? ”, And they are trying to determine the amount or light by weight.

How to make a gift with a jar? Very simple: take an ordinary, you can biggest, three-liter jar, and fill it with different denominations of notes. You can fold them to look prettier on the outside. Cover the top with sealing wax and stick on top a funny inscription: “Newlyweds, happy life!” The first contribution to the new car ... ". It will turn out original, and it’s impossible to determine the exact amount by eye. You can also fill the jar with banknotes from different countries so that the jar is not only multi-colored, but also “differently national”.

Example of congratulations for a gift with banknotes in a bank:

Dear newlyweds! Solemnly handing you two gifts with a ticket to life! Pay attention, the most useful capacity in everyday life, worth 3 liters. You can store jam or salads in it, pamper yourself with goodies in winter. Now the bank fulfills its intended purpose - it stores a thing that is useful to you - the second gift. Best wishes! Let there be many such cans and never they will be empty!

In the form of a cake

Congratulations on the wedding (cool) with the presentation of money in the form of a cake - an amazing new idea! The unusual appearance of the presentation will definitely not make you bored at the wedding! And it will be completely unimportant how much money you decide to present - an idea costs a million!

So where does it all start?

You don’t need to bake a cake, you can make a fake of multi-colored cardboard or glue several boxes. Pick oval or square different sizes. The main condition is the presence of a hollow space inside and a difference in size: large - small.

Money is attached to the sides. No need to glue, because young people should be left with the opportunity to use a gift. Enough paper clips, adhesive tape can also damage bills. Each tier is tied with a ribbon. Not necessarily several tiers, one is enough, only a big one. From above, put up the figures of the newlyweds and the rings, as expected!

Gift Greetings Example

Dear newlyweds, it's time for a wedding cake. No matter what you have, here's another one from us. We hope that you will like it, we tried very hard! We wish you such a gift in the future! And each with a meaning. And now, groom, I ask a knife, will you cut a cake?

Dear, here is a present from us. We wish you the same tasty and unusual life as a cake! Use it to the last bite!

Umbrella? Are you joking?

You will be amazed by a cool wedding greetings with handing money and ... an umbrella!

As the song sings, the main thing for the family is the weather maintained in the house. This is cosiness, relations between spouses, especially if they just got married. Until recently, they were just in a relationship, but each went to his house and lived his own mind. Now they are family and everything needs to be divided equally. Guests can help young people protect themselves from inclement weather by handing a special umbrella.

For a wonderful gift you will need:

  • beautiful, new umbrella, preferably monophonic,
  • banknotes of various denominations,
  • paper clips, threads.

You can choose an umbrella with an interesting pattern, not lurid: a couple in love, heart, rings or pigeons. It will look beautiful big, with a long handle. Choosing what you like, it remains to decorate with money. Threads with attached bills must be tied to knitting needles in an open umbrella. Do not be greedy, hang thicker so that the umbrella is “thick”. Then close back and pack.

Presentation Congratulation Example

Dear newlyweds! Here is the best gift for you - a beautiful umbrella. May he become your talisman and protection against any adversity and, of course, save you from the rain! Take care of yourself and do not lose your umbrella!

Our dear newlyweds. Without hesitating for a long time, we decided to give you the best way to escape from any weather - this wonderful umbrella has the properties of protection from rain, snow, frost and any shocks. Use it!

Money framed

Finally, another cool congratulation on the wedding with the presentation of money in prose:

They wanted to make the best present
But for a long time they did not know what to decide
After disputes, it suddenly lit up
After all, you can give money to you.
Let the plain-looking envelope become a secret
Keeper of our presentation,
So that such wedding bills,
Then you had enough for the estate!