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How not to burn the Xbox 360


Published by the Chief Editor, 02/11/2015. Posted in Articles and News

Whatever console you have - Xbox, PlayStation or Wii, there is always a risk of overheating. Even newer models (Xbox One, PS 4, and Wii U) are prone to this misfortune. How to avoid overheating? And what if this all the same happened?

Design imperfections

Most often, buyers of the very first batches of consoles are faced with overheating. For example, in the first revisions of the Xbox 360, overheating problems occurred in 54.2% of consoles. That is, every second user encountered unstable operation!

This fact was so widely known that before the release of the PlayStation 3, the public was most concerned with the question - would this console not overheat as well as the Xbox 360. Independent experts who tested the PS 3 before the release even had to make an official statement on this subject (to In short, they did not find any problems with PS3 cooling).

Microsoft corrected its mistake by finalizing the cooling system. And now the “3 red lights” immediately after the purchase is a rarity.

Incorrect location of the console

In order for the console to function normally, it needs air access. Therefore, there should always be free space around the console.

Do not put the working console in closed drawers and bedside tables, also make sure that the console is not littered with other objects. Always leave free space around it.

Also install the console away from heaters (batteries and heaters).

Details on the location of the console can be found in the instructions for it. If you do everything right, you are unlikely to run into the problem of overheating.

Over time, dust accumulates in the console. Firstly, it is a good heat insulator in itself, and secondly, dust clogs the ventilation openings and the cooler, which disrupts the air circulation necessary to cool the console.

This problem is solved simply - the prefix is ​​disassembled and cleaned of dust. You can apply for a similar service in our workshop.

Consequences of overheating

As a rule, during overheating, the console turns off or gives an error message. Theoretically, you need to wait until the console cools down (from 20 minutes to 1 hour) and you can play again.

But a working console should withstand several hours of continuous operation without overheating. If your set-top box requires constant breaks in work in order to cool down, this indicates a breakdown. Contact your repair shop to resolve this problem. In the simplest case, the prefix will be cleaned of dust and thermal grease will be changed, but sometimes more serious repairs are possible. For example, replacing a fan.

If the prefix is ​​overheated and broken

It often happens that after overheating, the prefix crashes - it just does not turn on. This is due to the fact that due to the high temperature, the contacts are soldered.

If you encounter such a malfunction, contact our workshop - specialists will solder the departed contacts or make a reboot.

Also, due to overheating, one of the electronic components (for example, a processor) may fail. The burned-out element will be quickly replaced in our workshop.

Can I solve the problem of overheating on my own?

If you have a professional soldering station at home or just a good soldering iron with a thin tip and temperature control, you are unlikely to need a repair shop - you can solve all problems yourself.

You can also independently clean the prefix from dust or replace thermal grease. This is done just like on a regular computer.

On the Internet, you can find tips on self-reballing with a technical hairdryer (an ordinary one will hardly help you). If you decide to reboot yourself, then, firstly, you need to choose the right type of hairdryer. There are several varieties: industrial, construction, etc. It is clear that not every one of them is suitable for reballing.

Secondly, the effect of independent reballing lasts from 20 minutes to 2 months. After that, you still have to carry the console to the workshop. Perhaps even more serious malfunctions than before.

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The problem is this! PS4 began to work loudly and then all the bright colors disappeared on the screen, in general, the graphics became literally in three colors, tell me what it is and how to deal with it!

Where should the Xbox 360 stand

From what country you live in, what climate it is in, what time of year, what room you are in, what table the console is on - her future fate depends.

Few people think that even the state of the console may depend on such seemingly extraneous factors. We will explain now.

Xbox 360 operating temperature may vary depending on the degree of system load. In idle mode - 40-50 degrees, and when playing, it reaches 50-70 degrees. Do you think the console temperature will be different, for example, in summer or winter? Of course yes! The same goes for climate. If strong winds blow in your area, then there will be much more dust in the air than where it rains constantly.

Dust is one of the main reasons why consoles overheat.

Dust on Xbox 360 Radiator

Now let's move on to the “pedestal” on which your console stands. We strongly not recommend to put consoles in narrow, and even more so closed shelves, very close to the wall or to other electronic equipment.

For air to circulate as expected, the console must stand on an open surface. If you put it on a shelf, which is also closed, for example, with glass doors, the prefix will make a lot of noise and heat up, which can lead to the appearance of "death lights".

"Three red lights" - a color signal that appears around the power button of the console. Most often, the indicator lights up due to a malfunction of the power supply or processor due to overheating.

How the Xbox 360 Cooling System Works

The first models - the Xbox 360 Fat - had big problems with cooling, which forced engineers to spend a lot of effort on solving this issue. After some time, the problem was partially solved.

Next came the Xbox 360 Slim, which is equipped with a modern cooling system to prevent overheating. As soon as one of the parts reached a critical temperature, the console was automatically turned off. You could not turn it on until all the elements have cooled.

The more often the console is turned off, the more likely it is that soon it will break.

The cooling system includes 3 points:

Radiators provide passive coolingwhile coolers installed on them, blow iron with air.

Thermal Grease for Xbox 360 consists of many components that together provide high thermal conductivity. It is applied to the processor crystals so that the heat generated by them is better transferred to the radiator.

How to detect and fix a problem

If Freeboot is installed on the Xbox 360, in the Freestyle Dashboard main menu you can see CPU and GPU temperature indicators. Compare the indicators on the screen with those we wrote about above. If the difference is 5 degrees, there is nothing to fear, but if 20, it’s worth considering.

You do not need to have a doctorate to understand that the Xbox 360 is overheating. there is some basic signs:

  • Making a noise
  • The body is overheating
  • Hangs
  • Reboots
  • Long loads locations, textures, etc.

The first thing you should do dust the console. If you do not know how to disassemble the console or you do not have suitable tools, contact the workshop. On average, the procedure takes no more than 20-30 minutes. So you save not only time, but also money.

Dust and other “garbage” is collected on coolers and boards, which is very interferes with normal air circulation. Accordingly, the “iron” heats up and fails.

Next, you need to remember when you last changed the thermal grease. This is very important, since if the thermal grease has dried, it can negatively affect the processor.

To avoid overheating of the Xbox 360, you need to clean the console from dust at least once every 3-4 months. You need to change the thermal paste approximately once every six months or a year.

Xbox 360 Cooling Enhancement not always a good idea. For example, another hole in the case will only aggravate the situation. In addition, additional, more powerful coolers that will be powered by the Xbox 360 power supply can break the console.

Many experts are sure that a standard cooling system perfectly copes with its taskif you keep it in proper condition, that is, periodically disassemble and clean the Xbox 360 and change the thermal grease.

How to understand that the Xbox 360 is overheating

To understand that the console began to overheat, you do not need to be a professional.

Listen to the coolers. If you notice that during operation the console emits strange, unusual sounds, it works very loudly, it heats up noticeably - maybe there are problems with the cooling system.

Xbox 360 Operating Temperature:

  • 40-50 degrees in idle mode
  • 50-70 degrees with active use.

On Xbox 360 with Freeboot there is a special temperature indicator processor and video chip. You can customize the operation of coolers. You can flash the console in our workshop.

The prefix began to hang very much, it starts for a long time, reboots or shuts down - all these are signals that it is time to take some measures.

Xbox 360 Cooling System

You may already know that the Xbox 360 Fat has serious problems with overheating. In later revisions, these issues were resolved, but the likelihood of breakage still remained.

Microsoft engineers took the situation seriously. With the release of the Xbox 360 Slim, a new system has been introduced that provides safety in critical situations. At the moment when one of the components reaches a peak temperature, the console turns off. It cannot be turned on until everything has cooled.

For the cooling of the Xbox 360 Slim (and other versions) are responsible coolers and radiators. Radiators provide passive cooling, and coolers blow iron.

To prevent the processor from overheating, a special multicomponent product is used - thermal grease. It has high thermal conductivity, and takes part of the generated heat to itself.

Without Freeboot, you are unlikely to know the exact temperature of the processor. But if the prefix began to "slow down", it is almost guaranteed need thermal paste replacement for Xbox 360.

Avoiding Overheating of the Xbox 360

If you find problems with overheating, remember when was the last time cleaning the console.

In a good way, the prefix needs to be cleaned at least once every 2-3 months, especially when it comes to the Fat version. During this time, dust collects on all elements of the housing, both inside and outside.

In our workshops produced repair Xbox 360 . You can safely trust the many years of experience of our experts. Call and sign up!

All "garbage" accumulating on the cooler, motherboard and other components, negatively affects the system and can cause serious damage.

In rare cases, dust causes a short circuit. When the prefix is ​​turned on, various fibers accumulate static electricitythat may “splash out”.

A dense layer of dust interferes with cooling, retaining heat in itself. Iron heats up stronger and can't cool normally.

Briefly about disassembly

Experienced users can disassemble and clean the Xbox 360 at home. This will require special tools. If you use improvised means: knives, large screwdrivers and other things, you can damage not only the case, but also important detailsaffecting the operation of the console.

Detailed instructions for disassembling different versions of the Xbox 360 can be found on our website.

The first thing to do is prepare a workplace. Remove all unnecessary, leave only what is useful in work.

Prepare containers (cups, boxes) for bolts. So you do not have to look at the floor for a long time in the hope of finding a small bolt.

Remember all your actionsso as not to mess up during assembly.

Follow all steps strictly according to instructions. Extra improvisation will not lead to anything good.

We advise you to contact the workshop if you doubt your abilities - this is normal. Wizards have extensive experience with electronic equipment. The work will be done quickly, efficiently and reliably. Besides, all customers receive a guarantee.

How to clean your Xbox 360

In order to clean the prefix from dust, it is desirable to have:

  • A small brush with soft bristles
  • Vacuum cleaner with purge function and small diameter nozzle,
  • Cotton buds and cotton pads,
  • Alcohol.

We strongly do not recommend wiping the console parts with alcohol-containing liquids (strong alcohol, household cleaning products, etc.). Use only it dries quickly and leaves no residue. It can be bought at the nearest pharmacy.

Gently brush away the dust with a brush and blow it with a vacuum cleaner.

If you decide to use a conventional vacuum cleaner, watch the distance between the tube and the parts. If you bring the tube too close, the airflow pull her tight to the details. So they can be damaged.

Wipe off any remaining dirt with a damp (not wet) cotton pad. Plain cotton can peel off, clinging to elements of the motherboard and leaving even more junk.

For hard-to-reach areas, use cotton swabs.

After full cleaning, wait 10-15 minutes and proceed with assembly. Do not turn on the console for approximately 20-30 minutes.

Replace Thermal Paste on the Xbox 360

Thermal grease is directly on processor. To change it, you need to have a certain skill in disassembling and assembling equipment.

To open access to the processor, you need to remove the cooler and heatsink by spinning the crosses on the motherboard.

Carefully remove the residual thermal paste (if replacement is required). Avoid using sharp metal objects, especially technical or household knives. Best suited plastic knife, like those sold in a set with plasticine.

Apply a small layer of paste, evenly distributing it over the entire surface of the processor. Then install the radiator back and reassemble the console.

Replacing thermal paste requires approximately every 5-6 months.

Again, if there is any doubt that you can do something wrong, contact the workshop for help.

If you have firmly decided that you can do this procedure at home, watch a few video tutorials on disassembling the console and replacing thermal paste. They are easy to find on the Internet.

Xbox 360 Cooling Enhancement

In various online stores you can find improved cooling systems for consoles. It can be coolers of greater power, advanced radiators, etc. It is also possible to install water cooling.

Some users believe that it is not advisable to spend money on customization of cooling, as standard components perfectly cope with the task.

"Craftsmen", which can be found on the forums, are prompted to make additional holes in the console body. we not recommend listen to such tips, since such modifications can adversely affect the operation of the system. In fact, you break the "microclimate" inside the console and create additional source of dust.

If these holes were needed, engineers surely foresee them during assembly.

Additional cooling can be obtained by placing the console on a special stand with fans. Such platforms are used for laptops. If you have a laptop that also needs additional cooling, it may make sense to buy such a stand and sometimes put a prefix on it.

In our workshops produced repair Xbox 360 . You can safely trust the many years of experience of our experts. Call and sign up!