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DIY crown - an overview of simple and beautiful ideas from improvised materials


To make a crown of felt, you must print its layout. You can take the crown pattern for the princess from this article. Or find on the Internet. Cut the finished layout and transfer it with a simple pencil to the fabric. Then begin to sew sequins on the entire surface of the pattern.

How to make a DIY crown for a princess from lace?

The big plus of lace is that it can be of any size: small and full head, wide and narrow, white and color. You just need to choose the right piece of lace. All you need is a lace ribbon, glue, hardener, paint and sparkles. Soak the lace in the hardener (by the way, PVA glue can also be used as its hardener). Carefully inspect the fabric, if necessary, remove the hardener with a needle from the holes. Put the lace to dry.

Next, paint the lace with acrylic paint that matches the color of your little princess. Now again glue the accessory with glue and sprinkle with small sparkles, dry. Glue the tips. That's it, work is done!

Plain paper cup crown

Sometimes an intricate headdress for a girl can be made from improvised junk materials. How to make a crown with your own hands from an ordinary paper cup? Cut the tops of the same size on it. Make a hole in the bottom and thread a simple hoop into it. It remains to decorate the finished product. A great solution would be decorating with pompons. Make them out of cotton and glue to the paper with a glue gun.

You can make a funky crown for a princess from a paper roll (from toilet paper, parchment for baking, foil for baking).
Just as in the first embodiment, we cut out the teeth, pierce two holes for the gum and thread it through. Color the item and decorate with rhinestones.

Cardboard decoration made of cardboard triangles

This jewelry has two undeniable advantages - high strength and the absence of the need for painting (if you get gold cardboard). To make a crown for a princess from cardboard, take cardboard, glue and scissors, a ruler, a wand. Cut a lot of triangles with a diameter of 7 cm. It will take about 15 pieces (depending on the diameter of the child’s head). Bend each triangle diagonally and iron it carefully. Then glue each piece with accuracy. It is best to use PVA glue. Do not apply it too much, otherwise it will leak onto the front side and ruin the appearance of the product.

If you see ugly gaps, seal them with open triangles. When you have reached the required length of the tape, glue its ends. This crown for the princess is done quickly and easily with her own hands, and at the same time looks spectacular.

Making a crown made of plastic

No less spectacular tiaras can be created from the most ordinary plastic bottle. Take a five-liter bottle of water and apply a crown template for the princess. Do not forget to measure the size of the baby’s head first.

Then carefully cut the tiara, stepping back a couple of centimeters from the edge of the line drawn by the marker. Running the edges of the plastic flame of a lighter, you will make them not so sharp. From the wrong side, paste over the crown with shiny paper of any color. This can be done using conventional or double-sided tape, glue gun or glue-moment. Then we glue the sequins on the front side, moving from bottom to top. Now stretch the tinsel along the bottom of the jewelry and strengthen it with a stapler. By the way, depending on the chosen tone of sequins and tinsel, you can create a dress not only for the princess, but also for the Snow Queen, the mermaid, and so on.

From a plastic bottle, you can create a crown of another plan. Cut a toothed classic crown from it and paint it with gold varnish. Decorate the product with stones and rhinestones. Just give preference to stones with a flat wrong side. Choose the pattern you like and glue the decorations with glue gun.

Christmas decoration made of tinsel

At the New Year's party, all the girls want to shine in every sense of the word. To help them in this can ordinary tinsel. She can not only be sewn to the dress, but also decorate her headpiece. How to make a crown with your own hands from tinsel?

To start with a dense wire, you need to create a headdress frame. Be very careful to check for scratching branches. This is very dangerous, not only for your child, but also for the surrounding children. If you see sharp ends, drip hot glue on them or just dip them into PVA glue.

Wrap tinsel tightly on the finished wire frame, securing it with glue or double-sided tape. You can add a brilliant rain to the tinsel, and glue large beautiful beads on the peaks of the crown.

If you purchase tinsel with a steel core, then greatly accelerate the process of creating the product.

Master class: crown made of wire and beads

With the help of wire, you can create more elegant jewelry, if you use beads. To create a crown, a frame is also needed, but they are not braided with tinsel, but with a thin wire on which beads are strung. This is a laborious task, but the resulting outfit for the princess is worth the effort. Do not forget to bend the end of the wire so that the beads do not come off it. You can weave a bead crown without using wire, but a frameless piece of clothing will be fragile.

How is a wire frame created? Measure the required length of the wire with a ruler (measure the diameter of the child’s head first). For greater strength, roll the wire twice. Mentally divide the base into 8 equal parts and attach the battlements to it.

You can create a wonderful hat for your daughter from your old diadem. It must be decorated with a snowflake. Cut a piece of tulle, make a thick assembly and iron this part. Extra volume is not needed here. Stitch on a white detail a blue tulle, with a third layer - again white.

What is necessary

Paper, cardboard is the most popular thing to make a crown, but the basis for a royal dress can be any dense and colored materials: plastic jars, a gift wrapper, magazine pages, and decorative fabrics, shiny textiles, buttons, beads, rhinestones are suitable for decoration. , old decorations, ribbons, bows and even kitchen foil.

Tools will help to collect all the elements together:

  • Scissors or stationery knife,
  • Tweezers,
  • PVA glue.

Below are some simple options with photos on how to make a crown for a little prince or princess without spending extra money, time and effort.

Option 1 - Crown by pattern

The easiest and most inexpensive way is to find a ready-made template on the Internet and give it a royal look with the help of imagination, jewelry and decor.

A similar method is ideal for joint work with a child, and a detailed description of the master class on how to make a crown with your own hands will look like this:

  • Find a suitable diadem pattern on the Internet.
  • Print it and cut it out.
  • Prepare thick cardboard.
  • Attach a stencil, circle and cut the workpiece.
  • If necessary, cut out the second.
  • Prepare a base from colored paper (it is better to take mother-of-pearl, wrapping, shiny or foil).
  • Stick the base on both sides of the workpiece, carefully trim all protruding parts.

Proceed with decorating: stick lace or satin ribbon on the bottom, sprinkle glitter over the entire surface, fix rhinestones, beads, and beads.

The advantage of this method is its versatility, since the abundance of various blanks allows you to experiment freely with the height and width of the teeth, the shape of the dress and decor.

Option 2 - Miniature for Princesses

The second original crown idea for little princesses will appeal to many mothers, because it is done as quickly as possible, and the basis is an ordinary toilet paper sleeve or thick paper glued into a cylinder.

The instruction is as follows:

  • Find a sleeve or glue cardboard into the cylinder, thus varying the required diameter.
  • Cut sharp teeth of arbitrary length and width, while you can alternate them or make several different in size on the front side.
  • Coat the product with suitable spray paint.
  • If desired, decorate with decorative elements.

This option belongs to the whip up series and does not take much time. You can even add a twist, for example, use a transparent bottle or a colored tube of shampoo or shower gel as the basis.

You can fix the miniature crown on the child’s head with invisible hairpins, using a rope, elastic or fixing it on the rim. In the case of a rope in the product, it is necessary to pierce two holes and stretch the mount.

Option 3 - Origami Crown

Simple crown options for beginners include the origami technique, however, this method will require a lot of time and patience.

But the result will be an ideal royal attribute, if you follow the above scheme:

  • Cut squares of 2 cm by 2 cm from cardboard (the amount is calculated by multiplying the circumference of the child’s head by two).
  • Bend every detail in half and get triangles.
  • Lubricate the edge of the triangle with glue, put another into it and glue it.
  • Repeat the action as many times as necessary until a suitable product is obtained.
  • Close the chain by inserting a triangle with two smeared edges between the two ends.

Following the step-by-step instructions for making the crown with your own hands, you fill your child’s life with a fairy tale without any worries, making them real kings and queens of any festive event.

Choose any option, take out all the available jewelry and add a little royal chic to your life.

Crown Cutting Patterns

If you display the image on a sufficiently dense and, if desired, color sheet, it can be used as a blank - cutting it along the contour, gluing or attaching an elastic band, you will get the finished product. But more often prints are used as templates (stencils).

Crown Cutting Pattern 1

Crown Cutting Pattern 2

Crown cutting patterns

Crown Cutting Pattern 3

Crown Cutting Pattern 4

Crown Cutting Pattern 5

Crown Cutting Pattern 6

Crown Cutting Pattern 7

Crown Cutting Pattern 8

Crown Cutting Pattern 9

Crown Cutting Pattern 10

Paper crown with payetka

A crown made of paper with sequins looks very interesting. In order to make a crown we will need: scissors, yellow or golden paper, glue and bright large sequins.

First, print out the template for cutting the crown:

Template for crown with sequins

Using the template, we draw the contours of the future crown on yellow paper.

Contours of the crown on yellow paper

Cut the crown along the contour.

We glue bright sequins on the teeth of the crown.

Glue parts of the crown on one side.

Glue the parts of the crown

We adjust the crown size on the head and glue the crown on the other side.

Paper crown with rhinestones

Cardboard crown with cotton rim

Real kings and queens will surely like a crown lined with “wool” furs.

To make a crown with a cotton rim we print out a template for cutting:

Pattern for cutting a crown with a cotton rim

Cut the printed pattern along the contour.

Using the template, we apply contours for cutting onto cardboard.

Contours for cutting on cardboard

We glue the cardboard parts of the crown together. Glue a strip of dense fabric (felt or burlap) on the inside. Such a crown will be better to keep on a child’s head.

Glue a strip of dense fabric

The base of the crown is ready! We decorate the crown with sequins and paper stripes. On the circumference of the crown, glue the roll of cotton, which is painted with yellow paint. Instead of cotton wool, you can use a strip of light fur.

Royal crown with jewels and a fur edge

Cardboard crown with flower

Choose a stencil of paper corona taking into account the preferences of the child and the purpose of this product.

You can cut only the front of such a crown and attach an elastic band to it - then this accessory will fit any child in size.

Draw the outline of the crown on the wrong side of the cardboard. You can use the printed template for cutting.

Glue a narrow ribbon on both sides of the crown.

For decoration, use a brilliant topping - apply it to the crown, after having previously painted a pattern on it with glue.

Just shake off the sparkles and the crown is ready.

We decorate the crown with a delicate artificial flower.

Flower for crown

A crown with a flower will easily complement the image of a magical princess or fairy of spring.

Crown for a Princess or Fairy

Frozen Elsa Crown (Frozen)

You can make a more complex product using a curly cliche, braid and pebbles made from glass beads.

The lower part of such a crown should correspond to the length of the baby’s head. The upper part is simply fixed with glue.

Glue the rim and decoration

We decorate the bottom with braid.

Glue pebbles to the top, draw patterns. It turns out an elegant, neat attribute of power.

Elsa's Crown - Ready!

DIY crown

You can use it to make such a crown of paper, a template for cutting the upper part with a more complex shape. The more complex the template, the more interesting the product looks.

How to tie a crown for a little princess?

For mother needlewomen who own a crochet, knitting a crown for a baby will not be difficult. The main thing is to choose the right thread and measure the girth of the head. Do not use threads with lurex, against their background jewelry will not be visible. To crochet the crown for the princess, you only need the scheme that you can find in this article. To shape the product, wash, starch and dry on a vessel.

If you want to decorate the crown with beads, then just put it on the loop. But if you want the beads to be on top, then knit it through a double crochet.

Do not despair if there are no threads of the right color at hand, and there is no time left to run to the store. Knit from existing threads, the finished product can then be dyed. True, in this case, do not knit the beads immediately, it is better to sew them later.

As you can see, making a crown for a princess with your own hands is not difficult at all, the main thing in this matter is fantasy and inspiration. Such a crown can be worn not only on the New Year's party, but also on a birthday, masquerade or photo shoot.

Paper plate crown

A funny crown can be made from a paper plate. To do this, cut it from the central part as in the photo. Now we color it and decorate it with rhinestones and sequins.

Cut and decorate the plate

We bend the cut sectors. The crown is ready.

Paper plate crown

Crown from a roll of toilet paper

And rolls of toilet paper and towels can easily be turned into small symbolic hats that princes and princesses often wear in fairy tales. A small crown from a toilet paper roll looks interesting and touching. To make the crown, wrap the cardboard roll with colored tape.

Wrap the roll in strips of colored tape

On one of the edges of the roll we make deep cuts.

In the lower part of the crown we thread a rubber band into the holes. So that the rubber band does not go in the inner part we bandage a small nail.

Insert a rubber band with a clove

Miniature crown - ready!

Cardboard roll crown

Look at the video - how to make a crown for a princess with your own hands:

Decorate the crown to your taste, using all the power of imagination - and any child will like the craft.