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10 Ways to Fold a Cloth Napkin


Paper Napkin Rose

can be done in a few minutes. When choosing material for work, you need to take into account that a finished flower from a dense and multi-layer napkin will be better to maintain its shape, however, it will be more difficult to twist such paper.

1. Spread the cloth on a flat surface.

2. On the side where the bud will be, wrap the edge of the napkin up about 4 cm (photo 2). Position the model so that the fold line is on the left.

3. Bend the top left corner to the top of the model by 1 cm. This edge of the napkin will then be in the core of the bud.

4. Clamp the upper edge of the model with the extended middle and index fingers of the left hand and wrap both fingers with a tissue several times (photo 5) so that the model takes the form of a scroll. Secure the free edge of the paper with the thumb of your left hand.

5. With the palm of your right hand tightly grab the model at the tips of the index and middle fingers of your left hand and evenly compact the paper. A rose bud has formed on the fingers of his left hand.

6. Now, with your fingers of your right hand, twist the paper several times in the same direction in which the fingers were wrapped with a tissue.

7. Remove the model from the fingers of the left hand and continue curling the paper to the middle of the stem length.

8. With your left hand, firmly fix the stem on the twisting border. With the fingers of your right hand, gently bend the outer corner of the napkin from the bottom up, give it the shape of a leaf and press the base of the sheet well against the stem.

9. Continue twisting the stem to the end of the paper roll.

10. Carefully, in the direction from the periphery to the center of the bud, turn the top edge of the petals out a few millimeters.

11. The edge of the outer lobe can be hidden under the fold of the previous coil of the spiral.

12. Carefully spread the bud from the inside with your fingers and give the flower a spiral shape.

You can decorate the festive table with ready-made roses from napkins, scattering them in a picturesque mess on a tablecloth or placing them on empty dishes and glasses.

Easter Bunny

Fold the deployed napkin twice. The resulting narrow rectangle is placed horizontally. Turn the bottom edge to an obtuse angle. Repeat the action for the second side. The corners of the resulting figure should also be bent: we turn the right and left lower corners to the middle. The result was a blank in the form of a square.

We turn the napkin over and place the corners up, after which we bend the lower corner - in the future this fold will be the head of the animal. It remains to twist the figure in half lengthwise, and fix the lower part from the dissolution using a pin or paper clip. Easter Bunny is ready. He can decorate a basket with refreshments or a served table.

The figure "Diagonal sachet" in which it is convenient to store cutlery

One of the classic ways to fold a fabric napkin for table setting.

The expanded napkin is folded in half: first vertically, then horizontally. In the resulting square, we bend the upper right corner and attach it to the lower left corner. We do the same with the second upper right corner and the third. In this case, each subsequent edge must lie under the previous wrapped layer of fabric.

The next step is to turn the resulting figure in half: first, the left side, then turn the right one. In this case, the resulting diagonal pockets should remain at the top. The napkin is ready. It remains to fill it with cutlery and put it on the table.

Napkin "Autumn carved leaf"

The expanded napkin must be folded diagonally to make a triangle. The left edge should be bent 2-3 cm. After this, the resulting root must be connected to the middle of the triangle so that folds form between them.

Moving about the right corner to the middle, continue to fold the napkin and create creases. In the end, it should turn out so that the left and right angles of the triangle converge. After that, we take the bottom edge, from which the folds diverge, fix it and fix it with a thread. Next, we straighten the napkin with our hands and give it the appearance of a sheet. It remains to put the figure on a plate.

Napkin "Butterfly"

A beautiful option to decorate the holiday table with a folded fabric napkin in the shape of a butterfly. We unfold the napkin face down. Fold the two sides to the middle, while obtaining a narrow rectangle. We divert the free upper ends diagonally, and then do the same with the ends of the lower half.

We begin to turn the upper side into the shape of an accordion to the middle - this will serve as the wings of the future butterfly. It should turn out at least 5 folds. The second side of the napkin is folded with a closed type, i.e. a tube to the middle.

Turning the workpiece over, we open both tucked sides out. So that the work does not unfold, we hold the middle, after which we fix it with a thread or wire. The butterfly is ready!

Napkin in the form of a "Rose"

To make a flower you need to use a square napkin. Connecting two edges diagonally, you need to create an even triangle. We have the other side of the figure away from us - in the end it will serve as leaves for the rose. Further we will work only with the base.

Further, observing the parallelism of the long side, we begin to twist the base of the triangle as follows: from the lower edge to the upper. This must be done until the fabric is wrapped up to 4-5 centimeters towards the end of the sharp side.

Then we begin to twist the left end of the resulting figure. At the same time, make sure that the fabric takes the form of a rose. Then bend in the opposite direction the sharp ends of the former triangle. Rose is ready! It can decorate a glass or other utensils.

You can use a simple or patterned cloth. Lay it so that the front side is down. Then fold in half to form an isosceles triangle. Fold the sharp end of the triangle about 4-5 centimeters to the middle, and the base must be wrapped until a long, rounded napkin forms.

Bend the right edge in the opposite direction to an angle of 45 °, do the same with the left side of the workpiece. In this case, the ends of the bent sides must intersect. Fold the top point of the figure with the resulting bottom angle. Then pass through the middle a ring or other round object for fixation. Pull the ends of the workpiece and the bow is ready! It remains to put it in a plate and serve.

Cloth envelopes for cutlery

The napkin of the required size is folded first vertically, then diagonally. The result is a small square. Then, diagonally, we turn off the upper layer of the corner of matter. Repeat the action for the second layer. The second angle should not be bent to the full length, but leave one centimeter between the layers. Fold lines should be well ironed. Then we turn off the third layer, leaving one centimeter in relation to the second gap.

We place the resulting figure face down so that the bent corners snugly pressed to the table surface. We add the right and left corners to the middle by about a third so that their tips touch. We smooth the corners so that the cutlery cloth envelope keeps its shape.

Glass for a flower

We unfold the napkin face down. We connect its two ends diagonally with a fold down to form a triangle. After that, we turn the main part (lower) by about a third to the middle. We create a fold by flipping the right side of the napkin to the middle of the figure, then repeat the action with the left side.

The resulting shape with a pointed tip must be opened and ironed from the inside to form a cup shape. The sharp ends are folded on the sides. We put a cup on a plate and put a flower inside.

New year cloth napkin folding

We unfold the napkin face up. We begin to add: first, vertically, then horizontally. The result was a small square. Then, in turn, we rotate the lower right ends to the upper left corner. After tucking the first layer, it is necessary to leave a centimeter of free space and turn the second one, leave the place again and so on.

We unfold the blank face down so that the bent ends are pressed against the surface of the table. Then you need to bend the right side to a third of the middle, then repeat with the left side. Turn over again, and moving from the bottom up, we push the ends under each other. The figure turned out in the form of a spruce. We give it a shape, put it on a plate and decorate the New Year's table.

Tiara and lily

Place the napkin face down. We smooth it diagonally with a fold below. Then at the base we connect two side corners with each other to make a small square. At the same time, one corner should protrude over the other by about 3 centimeters.

Bend the upper root by a third to the middle, and then make another fold covering the first layer. Bend the sides inward and insert one side into the other, creating the shape of a cylinder. Now the figure can stand on the table. Bend the two side roots so that they outline a circle and set the resulting lily on a plate. Now you can decorate the table.

It is not very difficult to fold a fabric napkin onto the table in the first place. Which way will you use to surprise your guests? Leave feedback and comments!