Useful Tips

What good can you give people?



Now you need to be completely honest. Do you prefer to be around a person who is constantly sad and too serious, or is it more interesting to hang out with someone who is always smiling and joking? Of course, a friendly smile can always brighten someone's day. Be in a good mood. Then you will feel more comfortable, and people will be drawn to you!

2. Offer your help.

Do you have friends or brothers / sisters who need help? Why not help them? Help parents clean up their homes or help a classmate with a project. Remember that all good things will come back to you sooner or later.

3. Speak positive words to people.

Praise them if they are doing something that you admire, encourage the person if he is in an unpleasant situation. When you are sad, when you think that no one can help you, will not someone's kind words encourage you? If you belong to such people who are always ready to help others, you will always be loved and you will feel great.

4. Do not criticize.

On the contrary, praise! People need someone who will tell them something good and kind, and not someone who will criticize their every move. Of course, you have the right to express your opinion, but you should not do it in a rude manner.

5. Be receptive and try to understand people.

No matter how they are dressed or from other external factors, each of them deserves a chance. Why not go up to someone, smile and offer your help ?.

6. Think Before You Do Something.

Before making a decision, carefully analyze the situation. Sometimes I really want to say everything directly, without thinking about what consequences this could lead to, and who could suffer because of this. Always do what you think is right. Remember that you need to do what is fair to all. Also, do not be rude to the people you meet. If someone needs something, try to help him. After all, maybe someday you will need help.

A rolling stone gathers no moss

As for skills, you can share anything. If you have knowledge of some subject, then you can teach this to another, and he will be grateful. If you know how to do massage, it will also be useful to many. Know how to shoot clips - on this you can build a good friendship, for example, shoot video blogs.

Special skills are now very much appreciated, and it is on the basis of a common cause that friendship and relationships are built. The more extensive range of skills you have, the more people will want to chat with you. Moreover, not loafers will want to communicate, but rather enterprising people with whom you will be quite interested.

What to do if you don’t have it?

The answer is obvious - to develop skills and your interesting lifestyle. If you work, and your work does not develop you, then you should spend all your free time studying or how to make your life more interesting.

Here are some ideas:

  • Sign up for a new sports section.
  • Go to the library and take books on topics of interest to you.
  • Learn something new (skiing, typing blindly, writing articles, etc.).
  • Go to another city and find out how people live there.
  • Go to a place where you have never been before and become your own there.

You can invent such tasks for yourself almost every day! The main thing in all this is that you become the person who can give something to others, whatever it is: mood, motivation, knowledge, skills - share!

In society, there are so many people who want everything for themselves, but black hole people are absolutely empty, boring because they do not produce anything new or interesting. They live on a rolled kalei of a boring monotonous life, and do not want to become the Cause of change and the Man of Inspiration!

Try to give to other people and then other people will love you and help you!

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The main mistakes of single people

Tired of being alone, many seek by all means to get the attention of others. They become obsessive, and even direct hints that the conversation is tired and it is time to end it, they are not sobering. Such people behave no better with relatives: they accuse everyone of selfishness, and that everyone needs only material values. This is how older people behave.

Youth, on the contrary, rebels, trying to hide their experiences, demonstrates their independence and wealth. Behind external rudeness, a suffering person is trying to hide his vulnerability, vulnerability. It is very difficult to help such people understand themselves, but it is possible.

In both the first and second cases, the root of the problem is the same: a person is focused on outside help, secretly hopes that someone will come to the rescue, love, warm, relieve complexes. But the whole truth is that you need to start with yourself.

To become needed by others, learn to be needed by yourself

  • A person who is able to give joy to himself, appreciate, love, respect himself, radiates joy. This kind energy becomes an aura around him. He gives a smile, a good mood, it is pleasant to be with him. Learn to be such a sun, and people themselves will begin to seek communication with you.
  • Stop complaining about the world, talk about your troubles, sores, failures, troubles. Keep in mind only the good and bright, joyful, cheerful. Give good, be disinterested, everything will come back a hundredfold.
  • Do not be intrusive. Human beings are free, not loving pressure. If at any moment you are ready to let go even a dear person, be sure: he will definitely return, and not out of a sense of duty, but at the call of his heart.
  • If you want to be needed by others, ask yourself: what are you ready to give them? In communication, the most important sincerity, selflessness, interest in the interlocutor. If others feel that their well-being is important to you, it will attract them to you.

There is still much that can be said on this subject, but I will highlight the most important point: to be needed by others, you must learn to be a self-sufficient, sincere, sincere person. Get rid of suspicion, jealousy, envy, feelings of doom and own worthlessness. Spread your wings, love yourself and others. It is the love that you feel for yourself, your loved ones, just people near you, that makes any person happy and necessary for other people.