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BORED at the computer: things to do for the benefit of yourself


  • What you can do at the computer
  • How to make money with a computer
  • Why can not eat in front of a computer

Of course, in addition to playing and spending your free time on social networks or playing games, the user can learn something really new, or just take his free time with it, or even make money on it.

Learning is the light!

For example, a user of a personal computer may study Photoshop. Perhaps everyone who has the desire can learn to work with him. Today on the Internet there are a huge number of special video tutorials that will help in the study of this program. As a result, you can use it to edit photos that, for one reason or another, turned out to be unsuccessful or to create various logos, website layouts, etc. In addition, the user can take his free time studying video editing or making music. Fortunately, now finding everything you need for this is not so difficult. For example, Vegas Studio is suitable for video editing, and FL Studio for creating music. The key feature of these programs is that they have good functionality, and it will not be difficult for the user to understand them, although at first the interface can even shock with a huge number of buttons.

For people with lots of free time and a desire to learn something truly new, learning programming languages ​​is ideal. Of course, you can start with the easiest ones, such as Pascal or Delphi, and eventually move on to more complex ones, such as C ++ or Java. It is worth noting that far from always programming languages ​​are used to develop some programs, but also to optimize sites. One of these languages ​​is Ruby, which is becoming more popular, although it is the youngest.

How to "kill" free time?

If you do not want to learn something new, but just want to “kill” your free time, then on the Internet you can find a huge number of simple applications (sometimes even very much) or watch videos. On special web services, such as rutube or youtube, there are a lot of popular and interesting videos where you can watch literally anything that suits your heart. For example, on some web resources you can draw your own cartoons, pass tests, compose your own music, make cartoons, and much more. Of course, there are also flash games that will also help you in an urgent problem and drag out the user for a long time.

Start learning a foreign language

Many people think that learning a new language is something tedious and uninteresting (because you need to cram lists of new words, learn the rules, grammar, etc.). In fact, to start learning a language (and to advance to a good level), you can just have fun!

Screen from the game Civilization IV (as an example)

For this, it’s enough, for example, to install some kind of game (which you like) in English (or in German, say). The same goes for movies and TV shows. And then you will understand many words and expressions from the context, especially if you have already watched / played it in Russian (in games, for example, half of the words are used next to or opposite some subject).

I will not give any specific recommendations: here the main thing is to choose what you like. Thus, the language will be much easier to learn!

About 20 years ago, one could only dream of such a study of the language. Still, the modern Internet provides unlimited opportunities for obtaining knowledge.

Try to make money

It’s quite possible to earn money on the Internet, even if you have absolutely no experience in this matter (the main thing would be a desire). Below are some links to sites from which you can start (these are just examples of some of the most famous services, you can quite pick up something else.).

On this site (exchange), you can write various texts to order or simply for sale (moreover, the subjects of the texts are very extensive). For one of your author's text - you can get from 100 to 2000 rubles. and higher!

Also, if you know any foreign language - you can do translations. It pays even higher (important point: you must know the language, and not just use a translator from Google) .

A similar service (only more hyped). I would note that it often holds various promotions and holds contests with very good money. So if you have a desire to be a "writer" - then why not?

If you know how to draw, program something, like to write texts, create videos, know how to analyze and evaluate sites / services (and much more), then it is quite possible to provide services on the Kwork freelance exchange. An interesting rule applies to this exchange: any order costs * 500 rubles. Those. did something relatively simple - got 500 rubles.

Also a very famous freelance exchange. You can do everything the same as on Kwork (only the price is not limited in any way).

In general, there are dozens of such exchanges, so I don’t think it’s worthwhile to list all of them in a review article.

Start blogging

If you periodically have a desire to share your thoughts, write something, for example, about what is happening in life, or if you are versed in a topic, then try to create your blog (in fact, this site appeared).

What blogging will do:

  1. you will learn to express your thoughts relatively competently and consistently (so that they are understood by most people),
  2. half an hour or an hour a day for many people, blogging helps to relax and distract from everyday problems,
  3. structure your thoughts, ideas, plans,
  4. a blog teaches you order and system
  5. the opportunity to meet new and interesting people, make new friends,
  6. start learning new topics for yourself: html, php, image processing, graphics, etc. (may come in handy later in life),
  7. if your blog becomes popular, then perhaps you will earn a little money (though I would not put this at the top of the corner when creating my first blog).

Culinary Blog Example (

Services where you can start a blog:

  1. is a popular service with a lot of interesting blogs. The service is very simple, you don’t need to know any narrow technical topics to get started (just register and you can start writing.),
  2. - this service positions itself more for entertainment blogs (you can publish not only texts, but also videos, various animations, gifs, music, mp3, etc.),
  3. is a very convenient and popular blogging service. There are a lot of templates on the service, thanks to which you can give your "brainchild" a refined unique style (see screen above). By the way, the service allows you to not only create and maintain a blog, but also try to make money on it,
  4. is also a very convenient and simple service (WordPress, by the way, is a special engine for creating your own website). A distinctive feature of the service is the convenience of working with text: how you format it in the editor (and the editor is a copy of Word *) - this is what it will look like when published (such a thing is not everywhere)!

Master the blind typing method

In the modern computer world, the skill of fast typing just does not hurt. You will not only be able to quickly respond somewhere in the social. networks to your friends and acquaintances, but also to quickly prepare a document (which is very useful at work).

In general, today there are dozens of different sites and methods for teaching this skill. Many exercises are held in the form of a game where you just need to press the buttons with specific fingers (over time, you get used to it and can do it much faster).

Here are a couple of links below:

To quickly print blindly - you need to correctly position your hands above the keyboard

Logic games

In general, many people think that computer games are a waste of time, and from them one evil. But this is not entirely true, and I already mentioned this in one of my articles!

Computer games: what's the use of them? What good can the game teach, and is gaming bad? -

For example, there is a whole section of logic games: chess, checkers, etc. By the way, various tournaments are held in the same chess, and (theoretically) you can even become a champion. By the way, many scientists note that people, having started playing chess, coolly “pump over” their mental abilities, which positively affects other areas of life.

Even many of the colorful and fun games, by the way, not only help pass the time, but also develop mindfulness, reaction speed, visual memory (especially useful for children). You can even combine: establish a logical game in a foreign language - thus learn a language, increase attention and reaction at the same time!

So, such toys can be considered as "trainer programs" (if you do not abuse them).

To study work in any program

Since the XXI century is the century of the Internet, computers and IT technologies, the study of this area is very, very useful. And the ability to work in modern programs is no exception!

Probably, many who were looking for work know that experience in some programs, say, Excel, Photoshop, etc., is often required. Why not start learning them on the sly? In addition, it may be interesting if you like, for example, drawing and working with graphics (if we are talking about Photoshop).

Adobe Photoshop Main Window

A good knowledge of Excel, for example, will help not only in work, but also in life: you can always quickly figure out and calculate "compound interest" (for loans, deposits, etc.), you can filter and search for information / patterns in large tables.

In general, there are hundreds of programs now, and here you should choose those that will be useful specifically in your industry.

Meet and make new friends

Many are skeptical of online dating. But this is not the truth in the first instance: often many find friends online (and even more, create families!). If you meet a person on the same site dedicated to a certain topic at the same time, then you have common themes, some overlapping views, etc. (There is nothing accidental in the world.).

By the way, on my blog, I already have an article on how and where you can meet on the Internet. I give the link below.

Tell me a good dating site? Which of the free sites is the best -

If you suddenly read my article from a smartphone, then I’ll provide a link to another article.

However, I can not help but warn! On such sites a lot of different "dealers", eager for easy money. Therefore, until you know the person well, do not send him your private photos, money, scans of documents, etc. Unfortunately, many are too gullible, and believe everything that is written in a personal message.

Invest somewhere

This is not a call to action, not advertising, and not a recommendation in the first instance!

It may not be completely correct to mention this (within the framework of this article), but I assure you that if you invest your funds somewhere (even very small ones), for example, in the same cryptocurrencies, stocks, ETFs, etc., you will become much more interesting follow their course, read news and get acquainted with new technologies. Bored for the PC will not be!

Cryptocurrency rate change in the last 24 hours

Here the main point is not even to earn something with a small amount (although, if you are very lucky. Maybe it is), but to begin to deal with various financial instruments. And these skills and knowledge will definitely not be superfluous, more than once you will be helped out in life.

For example, many people lose almost all of their savings due to the lack of any financial literacy (and if they had “played around” in small amounts ahead of time and gained some kind of experience, they would have been able to avoid a lot of problems).

Unpredictable Transformations

A simple site created using an outdated flash player. He suggests choosing one of the two proposed items, which will randomly interact with the one located on the field.

Moreover, the result of the transformation will be not only visual, but also taking into account the physics of the virtual world. Very fun and funny, and most importantly, exciting and colorful.

Fig. 1 - What will be the reaction is unknown

What was the past like?

A multi-colored political map appears in front of the user. Each country is painted in its own color.

Above the map there is a drop-down menu where you can select any year, up to 3000 years before the start of the current year. The map shows the outlines of the then states according to the ideas of modern historians and the ways of moving great sailors and expeditions, if they were then.

The scale is changed using the wheel.

Fig. 2 - World map for the last 5 millennia

Pop the bubbles on the bags

Someone forgot how it feels to burst air-filled bubbles on packaging bags?

A virtual lesson will not fully replace the sensations that a person experiences when destroying the next bubble on a cloth bag, but when there is time and there are no bags nearby, the time has come to burst the bubbles. Plus - an endless field for action.

Fig. 3 - They Never End

Create a clip

Interacting with interactive objects, we look for all the evidence that will help the fisherman find out the reasons for what happened.

Management is carried out by means of a space and cursor keys. During the entertainment, you will witness terrible events accompanied by a pleasant melody.

Learn all the intricacies of what is happening and record your own unique clip based on what you saw. By the way, you can share them in social networks.

Fig. 4 - Everyone will have their own story

Play with water

A small transparent reservoir with a tenacious liquid and a ball floating in it that never gets wet.

It can be thrown into the water, watching the waves and the play of light, change the intensity of lighting and control gravity. Nothing remarkable, but you can relax.

Fig. 5 - play with me

A lot of interesting things

The website will show the user a lot of unusual things displayed randomly.

Once you can see the structure of the human head, having studied the brain, the location of the eyeballs and nerves, sometimes a translucent crystal drop, which you can rotate and observe the rays reflected on its surface.

Fig. 6 - The random number generator will offer to observe a unique phenomenon

One page universe

We rotate the mouse wheel and look at how many tens and even thousands of orders there are things in the universe, more than you and me.

Thus, we can approximately imagine the scale of our galaxy, compare the size of our home planet with the dimensions of other cosmic bodies.

Fig. 7 - See the scale of the universe

Become a geneticist

Another almost game, which got into the most interesting sites that should be visited if the computer became bored.

Elements can be combined not in pairs, but in dozens, achieving unthinkable effects. The hint system will notify you of an approximate effect in order to avoid trying out combinations to get the desired result.

Fig. 8 - Genetic experiments

We listen to the music of past decades

The browser window displays a world map in the style of the middle of the last century. We select a country on it and indicate the decade starting in 1900.

After that, the resource will find in the database the music that is present in it of the era that was popular in the selected state, and play one of these songs.

Fig. 9 - Music of the last hundred years

Changes on the planet

The page contains materials related to the 20-year history of our planet.

You can select a country or city and see what happened to them in recent years. Information is given in text form and photo.

Fig. 10 - History of a city or country over the past 20 years

Not sure what to listen or watch?

When bored at the computer, you can watch videos or listen to music. This content is full on the net. But what to do when all the movies, TV shows and videos from Youtube are tired?

Go to the site. Look for an interesting movie, artist or even a book, and the site, based on genre similarities, tastes of millions of users and other variables, will display content similar to the movie, artist, book.

In this case, all connections of the desired artist (film, author) with similar, recommended ones will be visualized.

Fig. 11 - Recommendations are pretty accurate

Rain is for you

Just the sound of rain and the picturesque corner of nature untouched by a person that is pleasant to the eye will allow you to relax a bit in any weather, listening to the drops hit the ground and plants.

Fig. 12 - Rain, even if there is heat or frost outside the window

We are looking for a philosopher's stone

One of the many web resources where you can create literally everything from almost nothing.

Water flows through your fingers, you can’t take fire with your hands, you can’t hold air even in a bank, and you can only touch the ground. With these combined elements you can create almost everything.

Starting with four bricks, with due patience, thinking and dexterity, you can get 560 different objects. Попробуйте себя в качестве средневекового химика.

Fig. 13 – Вода, огонь, воздух и земля – первородные материалы

Кто сейчас в воздухе

Здесь можно посмотреть, какой из самолётов куда нынче летит и проследить его маршрут. Только увидев карту, можно диву даться: сколько железных птиц нынче бороздит воздушные просторы нашей планеты.

На карте можно выбирать любые летающие объекты и получить о них массу сведений. There is a search and selection of air carriers, as well as several filters that allow you to remove planes that are not of interest to the user from the map according to one or several parameters.

Fig. 14 - Who is in the sky now?

Entertaining portals where you can kill time and watch cool pictures and gifs, the sea. Only a small fraction of them is shown here. You can find more such sites yourself. Leave the most interesting links in the comments.

Now let's review a few general educational web resources.

Chronology of victory in World War II

We are the grandchildren of the victorious grandfathers who stopped the expansion of the Nazis and did not give the united Europe and all who stood behind it, to conquer the Slavic people. The Winners website will show the development of events on all fronts and directions from the first day of the outbreak of the war to the return of the vanquished back to their home capital before the Soviet troops.

Places where the hottest events took place are indicated by special icons and are accompanied by a brief description. Clicking on it will open more detailed information about the event, and if there are documents or videos (meetings, decrees) confirming it, they will certainly be posted on users' trial.

Fig. 15 - Visualization of events 1941-1945

Learning to type blindly

Today, thanks to social networks, few people are typing with one or two fingers, but they exist. At, you can practice typing quickly in multiple languages. Duration of classes varies from 5 to 30 minutes.

There are several types of exercises and dictionaries, and there are even dictionaries for programmers and news feed editors.

Fig. 16 - Free Speed ​​Dial Courses

Russian language rules

Dictionaries and auto-replace text little by little put an end to the education of the people. Many young people make primitive mistakes in words or doubt between two options for writing a word or punctuation.

Follow the link and repeat or re-learn the rules of spelling and punctuation.

They are arranged in categories that will help you quickly find the correct spelling of words with soft or hard characters, make sure to study the intricacies of the placement of commas or other punctuation marks.

Fig. 17 - Learning to write correctly

Terribly much entertaining factology

The site contains information about everything the first in the world, documented.

The facts are placed on thematic catalogs, and on the main page several random articles are displayed. But have you done anything that might get on the first-ever pages?

Fig. 18 - A mass of events and things that have happened or done for the first time

The name speaks for itself

If you are looking for a reason to visit someone, arrange a small banquet or go with friends to a cafe, go to kakoysegodnyaprazdnik.

Shown here are national, religious and international holidays.

Fig. 19 - Holiday for every day

Internet map

A unique map of the global network, where large resources are represented in the form of urban buildings and installations, and small ones are like houses in a small village.

Such projects no longer exist, so you can make your journey on the Internet in a completely new look here.

Fig. 20 - Each site is represented by a building

Exploring the world

The service, using maps from Google, throws to anywhere in the world, and the user needs to guess the place where he is.

You can move around the area, zoom and rotate the camera. On the global map, mark the proposed location and see how accurately the location is indicated.

Fig. 21 - Recall Geography Lessons

Things and sounds that no longer exist

Many things remain in history, and now it is almost impossible to hear how they sound during work.

The site has collected a lot of sound files relating to things such as a cash register, the sounds of the Dendy joystick, the noise of a TV receiver and Tetris.

Fig. 22 - They're gone, but you can still hear and see these things