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How to convict a husband of treason?


From this useful publication, I will tell you about tricky tricks that make it possible to convict a husband of deceit.

All that you learn on this page is not the revelation of the traitor, but the life experience that shares the merciless time.

Man's fidelity is a myth that women prefer to keep silent about.
Most likely, they are convinced that their spouse will certainly be caught already at the first betrayal.
As practice shows, wives rely on innate intuition, which, they say, will not let them down.

Intuition is a thing, but only without “material evidence”.
Quite often, one has to face female groundless jealousy, who loudly accuse her husband of lying betrayal.
In fact, the peasant turns out to be so weak that he is not able to serve his “aunt” normally, not to mention the “left campaigns”.

Enough philosophical chatter!

Sharp transition to terrifying practice!

- In order to convict a husband of treason, you simply must understand that a smart man will hide it no worse than you. You will not find any clumsily forgotten heavy-duty rubber bands in his pocket. You can even search right now in his secret.

You will find in his “back pocket” the object indicated above, but only if he is a complete fool or he was deliberately framed.
The woman with whom he is cheating on you could purposefully “toss” material evidence to him in order to separate you.
Either she loves him, or avenges something else.

Maybe she just wants to get your man in this way, without waiting until he removes “a ton of noodles about a divorce” from her ears.

- The spouse who cheated on you “at some age” or for the first time is disclosed to the maximum extent for exposure. He currently has no colossal experience in this concealment. Take advantage of this by looking very closely at his return time, “grasp of grasp” and carnal desire, different from the ordinary.

- A certain alienation in the eyes, thoughtfulness, looking “to infinity”, inhibited coldness and a subtle note of unusual behavior in bed, can give you reason to think seriously.

This is not just intuition, but objective factors that are “washed away” if your man is trying to adapt. He will learn to do it so skillfully that your female intuition will look naive.

- You will never convict a husband of treason if he is incomparably able to lie. You know, there is such a type called “bugs”. Such a spouse can only be "caught red-handed," ahead of time transferring his suspicions to impenetrable surveillance.

- Your forced demonstration of deep trust is considered to be the true way of incriminating treason. In parallel, so that you are no longer convicted of suspicion, no, no, but look at his mobile phone, look for clues in a briefcase or sneak through a notebook. For many, this will seem humiliating.
I willingly believe you. But suspicions look doubly humiliating.

If you find at least some clues, do not show it.
Somehow, try to call the recorded number yourself and listen to the gentle voice of the “suspected bug”. Then try to “break through” the number using the latest databases or current directories in order to somehow establish his involvement in the betrayal and the alleged close ties.

Understand only one thing.

If your peasant is weak on a strong drink, as well as by nature a newspaper homebody with experience, then calm down your suspicions by going to the hairdresser.
Husbands walk physically strong and are not completely satisfied with you. Is your spouse in this category? Answer the question right now!

The temptation to feel the new flesh increases immensely with the progressive improvement of the spouse's financial situation.
Do you understand what this is about?

In order to reliably, and not deceptively convict a husband of treason, you must do this before he takes off his pants.
Only in this case, he will not have time to adapt to new conditions and competently hide his adventures.

And nothing to do with the delay in work, which was caused not by someone’s excitement, but by “clogging a goat” in a sickening little pub.

The material was prepared by I. Edwin Vostryakovsky.

How to convict a husband of treason

Often, the stronger sex prefers in no case to confess to treason. This tactic is supported by some well-known leading favorite TV shows for women, so as not to injure the tender soul of a deceived wife. However, the natural detector is always with you, and you can’t get anywhere from it, because it notices everything and gives signals.

A wise girl will think it over, even check or trace something, and she will certainly come to the right conclusion. A "fragile" woman will diligently suppress them, try to explain to herself the strange actions of the second half, torment herself and her entourage with dubious suspicions and think about how to convict her husband of infidelity.

Each of the women from birth has a unique device, designed to recognize the infidelity of his man - husband or loved one. This is your intuition. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to use their own natural instincts. In addition, education and study, as a rule, drown out its signals.

Nevertheless, in any case, other mechanisms dictated by the need for psychological protection begin to work. Sensing a threat, your mind helpfully tries to protect the vulnerable psyche by looking for rational explanations for the menacing nuances of how your husband behaves. And in this case, you should not ignore the situation, you need to "inform" your consciousness of the inevitable - the presence of specific signs of adultery, which is only ripening or has already happened.

You can convict a husband not by direct inquiries, but by observation

What to do to convict a husband of deceit

Deception is one of the most unpleasant human meannesses. It happens that a man lies, following the circumstances of a particular circumstance or unconsciously, but often - on purpose.
While you are talking with him, watch your spouse's gaze. If he is lying, he will begin to hide his eyes or vice versa - to look at you just point blank.

The way your husband smiles while cheating on you can also betray him headlong. After all, a false smile does not look like a sincere one. At the deceivers, one of the corners of the mouth is usually raised, and he smiles instantly - before he even has time to appear on his lips, the smile immediately disappears.

There are other methods of how to convict a husband of a lie. Often the face of a liar is blushed or its color changes, and the timbre of the deceiver's voice becomes slightly higher.

Nervous touching of the nose, mouth and other parts of the face may also indicate a lie, including if his mouth is half closed by his hand, which means that he is more likely to lie than yawn.

A sincere conversation fills a person with emotions for the subject of conversation, and liars, as a rule, hide their hands or stand almost motionless, since the fiction cannot be conveyed by gestures or body movements.

Exposure is possible with the help of clarifying questions, since the deceiver rarely thinks through his fabrications in detail. And the truth is soon forgotten, and often after a couple of minutes, the liar already forgets about his words.

Ways to catch a husband for treason

The site will give some tips on how to identify adultery with the greatest probability:

  1. Sniff it (or the “shepherd method”)

The husband should be sniffed from head to toe, paying particular attention to the neck, chest and arms. The cheater can smell like someone else's perfume, and his shirt can be stained with the tonal means of his mistress. Even a mustache can absorb foreign smells.

  1. Search (or “police method”)

You don’t have to pointedly rummage through his pockets, this can be done under the pretext of washing. So you may be able to find suspicious gizmos: a movie ticket or a check from a women's boutique.

It lies in the fact that as closely as possible to monitor the activities of her husband regarding his cleanliness. How can a husband be convicted of treason in this way? But how - if your man very closely peers into the collar of his own shirt, this may mean that he has a romantic date in his plans.

Invite your beloved to make love, and late in the evening, after he returned allegedly from work. If you get a refusal, then perhaps your husband was caressed on the side. Well, if you agreed, watch his passion in bed.

In fact convict husband not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Many deviations from the everyday behavior of the second half, if they do not immediately find a clear and obvious explanation, mean that the husband tries to hide the real reason. And you can hide from your wife or a surprise for a certain reason, or, alas, treason.

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Why do they do it?

Each person has certain motives, guided by which, he resorts to deception. The most popular causes for men are:

1. Childish fear of being punished for some wrongdoing. He subconsciously continues to behave this way if he committed an unseemly act.

2. If a lie relates to a relationship with a woman, then the man resorts to her when he wants to give himself out as more presentable than he actually is. He simply seeks to quickly win her favor.

More often, the weaker sex prefers men who have already taken place as individuals and have grown up in careers. Few people are interested in individuals at the beginning of their career.

3. Often the cause of lies is an attempt to protect a woman from various kinds of troubles. On the one hand, the act looks noble, and on the other, everything secret will ever come out. She is unlikely to say thank you.
So, mistrust may arise. If I deceived here, then I will try in another matter.

4. Another reason - uncertainty about a planned event. He doubts that everything will end well. Who, no matter how beloved woman, always understands and supports?
If there is no moral help from the second half, and there is constant criticism, discontent, claims, then the man will inevitably become secretive.

5. The most banal motive pushing to lie is treason. It is clear that everything happens in life. Relationships are checked for longevity constantly. If one of the two stubbornly does not want to compromise in resolving the dispute, then the man finds the easiest way - he starts a romance.

Of course, it is for his retention that a woman sometimes agrees that she does not like it. Thus, he recognizes the "rightness" of his faithful.

Perhaps these are the main reasons for male fraud.

What makes one think of a lie?

There are a number of signs suggesting that a woman is being fooled:

1. A man usually in this situation does not look in the eye. He is ready to stare anywhere: at a window, at a wall or ceiling, but not at his interlocutor.

2. Women may doubt the truthfulness of what is being spoken, if a man begins to actively touch parts of the face: then the eye will rub, the nose or ear will be scratched.

3. If the conversation takes place in a crowded institution, such as a bar or restaurant, the gentleman will try to create an invisible barrier between himself and the woman. Her role can be perfectly fulfilled by a glass of wine set in front of her, a dish with food.

When a conversation occurs in an accidental meeting somewhere on the street, then most likely he will simply cross his arms over his chest.

Sometimes such a posture may indicate a reluctance to share personal space. Perhaps the interlocutor causes discomfort.

4. It often happens that a man was delayed somewhere and came home later than usual. It is possible that there is a plausible reason for this. But it’s difficult to deceive female intuition. In order to justify your suspicions, you should arrange an active questioning, finding out as many details as possible.

Of course, a man should not feel the catch. He will begin to energetically narrate, sometimes straying and hesitating, holding some object in his hands. The woman’s task is to remember as accurately as possible what the missus says.

The next day, you need to touch on this topic again, and, as if by accident, ask to be reminded of some detail. For a person who is telling the truth, there will be no difficulties with this. The deceiver is entangled in his "testimony" and betrays himself.

5. It is easy to lie to catch a man who suddenly changes his behavior. For example, when he, never delving into household matters, actively began to engage in cleaning, washing dishes, going to the grocery store.

Of course, we can assume that the man realized his wrong and decided to improve. What if some important date is planned and he wants to please his soul mate? Well, if so.

Usually, dramatic changes are very suspicious. Men are somewhat similar to children, and, like them, are trying to make amends with a good deed.

6. Another way to impersonate yourself is to make a “smart look” as if an extremely complex task is being solved. So the man avoids "interrogation with addiction."

It is easier to convict a man of deceit than a woman. But this does not mean that each action should be regarded as an occasion to doubt the sincerity of his words. It is important to maintain love, trust and respect in a relationship, to protect this wealth. Then there will be no sense in lying and dodging.