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5 tips to improve your English skills in a short time


If speaking English is tight, this material will come in handy. How to improve your English? Use the tips and techniques provided here.

In the scientific community, communication skill is described as a two-way process, when information or an idea expressed by one interlocutor (speaker) is well perceived by another interlocutor (listener).

The problem is that not all and not always can successfully demonstrate communication skills and generally do not know how to improve English. Why? The answer lies in two points.

First, the formation of communication skills is affected by the difference in written and spoken language.

Secondly, if this language is not our native language, it is difficult for us to speak it because of fear of personal imperfection. In fact, you are afraid to screw it up, you wind yourself up that you will speak with mistakes, so you choose the path - it’s better to shut up than to glimpse an unreasonable one.

If you’re also stuck in a similar situation and don’t know how to improve your English, then here’s a useful guide to help you deal with the problem. Here you will find tips and useful resources that you can refer to if you want to improve conversational English, as well as suggest resources on how to improve English pronunciation.

The first way to improve your English is by reading.

Reading is undoubtedly the best way to improve your vocabulary and keep in touch with your language.

Reading out loud helps improve the accent and pronunciation of words. Speaking of accent, it is important to remember to use only one accent, and not mix different ones. For example, learn either a British or an American accent and always speak it.

If you come across new words or phrases, look for their meanings and use in the sentence.

New words enrich the vocabulary, and therefore expand the boundaries of communication, because new words can be used during a conversation.

This will not only make your language richer, but also make a good impression on the interlocutors.

The second way to improve your English is by listening.

You need to listen to native speakers to improve pronunciation and accent. Yes, listen to native English speakers more often.

This is helped by films in English or songs. Repeat, mark words for yourself, try to pronounce them, imitating native speakers. Write down sentences and try to pronounce them the same way you hear them.

You can turn to YouTube video hosting and watch YouTube channels in English.

Help publishing >>> Useful YouTube channels. Top 14.

The third way to improve your English is speaking.

This is the most important method and the most useful in terms of effectiveness. It is important to find native speakers with whom you can practice / communicate in English, even if you make grammatical mistakes.

Do not be shy if a person indicates your shortcomings. You must remember that practice makes a person perfect. Talking on a daily basis will also improve your confidence.

If there is no way to train with a native speaker, you can communicate with people who want to learn English, with those who are trying to improve their communication skills.

There you will find links to three free resources. it Free app on Google Play, where you can communicate with native speakers.

Here the most important rule is to practice at least 15-30 minutes every day. So your confidence will increase, and your communication skill will improve. You need to train daily, without missing a single day.

From a scientific point of view, it is important to train in English daily. Why?

In addition to these three methods, how to improve your English, I also advise:

speak loud and clear. Slow speech and an illegible voice are the biggest obstacle to communication. But haste in communication is also useless,

monitor the intonation and pace of your speech. Try to raise or lower your voice, emphasizing certain words. It’s advisable that your speech be short and concise,

try to use different words to be in the flow of communication. But it’s perfectly normal to use simple words to convey your thoughts or ideas to the listener. You do not always need to use a rich and extensive dictionary.

Finally, another important tip -

correctly use body language and facial expressions. Using hands and nodding your head also helps in conveying a lot of information.

Studies show that in order to effectively learn languages, it is necessary to develop:

For these purposes, even developed free game simulators.
You can register and practice for free here >>>

Now you know how to improve your English.

The methods are simple, but confidence is added. Motivate yourself to learn English. I wish you success!

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Tip # 1: Set a Goal and Start Moving Toward It

Your desire to learn English is the engine of your learning. If you do not have motivation to study, then it will stretch for a long time.

Important:No teacher can force you to learn a language if you yourself do not want to do this or do not know why you need to learn it.

Therefore, the first thing to do when learning English is to set yourself a goal for which you need a language.

  • You study at a university and want to go for an exchange to study in Italy for a year. For this you need a level - Intermediate and higher.
  • You want to work in the field of tourism, go on business trips abroad and communicate with foreigners. For this you need a level - Upper-intermediate and higher.
  • You travel a lot and want to make new friends, learn more about the culture of countries. For such purposes, you need a level - Pre-intermediate and higher.

However, simply imagining your goal is not enough. You need to start acting in order to achieve it in a short time.

This requires motivation. Present in detail all the benefits of learning English.

How would your life have changed if you could speak English right now? Where would you be Who did you communicate with? What did you read? Where would you go?

Start learning English right now, do not delay on Monday, next month or year.

After all, I’m sure that if you had gathered last year and started to study, now you would easily speak English.

Tip # 2: Learn English Every Day

Your progress depends on the regularity of your classes.

For example, if you practice twice a week, then because of the large intervals between classes, you will forget the material you have learned. Therefore, you will have to spend a lot of time repeating the material.

If you want to shorten the time for learning English, you need to study every day. At the same time, to immerse yourself in the language environment - do at least 2 hours a day.

You can alternate classes as follows.

1. On Monday you pass:

  • New word list
  • Parse a few grammar rules

All this you work out verbally, making sentences and pronouncing them.

2. The next day, you work out all the material you have learned in writing, writing suggestions and writing them down.

Thus, you train a written skill and consolidate the material you have learned.

This is exactly what our students do, verbally practicing all the material in the class and fixing it with written homework.

Tip # 3: Talk most of the time

Learning any language consists of 2 parts:

  • Theoretical (learning words and rules)
  • Practical (using learned words and rules in your speech)

If you study only theory, you will not be able to use your knowledge in life. That is, you cannot speak freely.

This is the same as learning how to drive a car by reading books and instructions. You will know in theory how to drive a car, but in practice you can hardly drive.

Without practical training, the rules that you study are confused in your head and forgotten. And we very quickly forget what we don’t use.

How much time should be devoted to “speaking”?

We always recommend 80% of class time devoted to speaking practice.

For this, everyone piece of theory you need to practice in speaking.

If you are studying Present Simple time, then you should verbally write sentences at this time and pronounce them.

Speak each sentence, working with him on 4 steps:

1. Grammatical correctness

2. Proper pronunciation

Only when you speak the sentences correctly, beautifully and quickly, move on to the next workout.

Details about how to properly train spoken English, I told you here.

What if I do it on my own?

In this case, you need to do speaking exercises, but with yourself. You have to pronounce sentences as if you are communicating with someone.

Of course, in this case there will be a big minus: you will not listen to the foreign speech of another person. That is, listening (listening comprehension) you will not develop.

Tip # 4: Expand Your Vocabulary

Everyone who teaches foreign languages ​​has a problem: forgetting words. Many cram 100 words a day, but there’s no sense in it.

To remember a word, you must use it and make sentences with it. How to do it right, I told in this article.

To make it easier for you to learn words, combine them into small lists of words. To do this, combine the necessary words by topic.

For example, take 20 words related to family.

Do not learn everything!

To save time, only learn word lists that you will actually use. For example, if you are not related to business, you do not need to learn business vocabulary.

Better take topics that you really need: daily responsibilities, a restaurant, a shop, etc.

Fix the learned words with short stories. For example, to repeat the list of words “family”, tell about your family members.

You can combine themes. For example, combining the lists of words “appearance and character” and “family”, you will receive a detailed story about your family members.

So you will gradually "build up" your vocabulary.

Tip # 5: Use your knowledge in life

You should not wait when you learn English perfectly. Start using English in your life right now.

Replace the actions that you did in Russian, English. So you can simultaneously use your English and improve it.

Think about where you can use English right now and start doing it.

Here are some tips:

  • Write to-do lists in English
  • Start reading foreign blogs in English
  • Search for information in a search engine in English
  • Listen to podcasts in English.

Tip: Download itunes to your computer. In it you will find a huge number of subcasts on various topics: business, family, goals, development, etc.

How long does it take to improve my level of English?

To improve your level of English, you need:

1. Set a goal and move towards it

2. Do English every day, at least 2 hours

3. 80% of the lessons given to practice

4. Learn only the right word lists to expand your vocabulary

5. Use your English in life

Based on the experience of our students, doing so, you can increase your English level in 1.5 - 3 months.