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Tibetan medicine, an ancient science of healing, had the concept of the most formidable human diseases, including diabetes as early as sixteen centuries ago. In the canonical medical treatise “Chzhud-shi” (VIII century) about the signs of this formidable disease, in particular, it says: “The urine becomes cloudy, and the bees flock to the place where the patient urinated”.

The medical science of Tibet successfully treats all types and forms of diabetes. For this, it is necessary, first of all, to correct the nature of nutrition and lifestyle in accordance with the individual constitution and to identify in which scenario - “cold” or “heat” the disease develops. Since Tibetan medicine, like many other medical traditions, uses the regenerative abilities of the human body as the main therapeutic factor, its advantage over others can be manifested both in the intricacies of diagnosis and in a balanced effect on processes that require adjustment in the treatment of this serious disease.

Tibetan medicine considers a person as an integral system in which three human regulatory systems harmoniously exist: “wind” (nervous system), “bile” (digestive system ”) and“ mucus ”(hormonal and lymphatic systems). Imbalance of the three regulatory systems of the body (dosha) that control the processes in our body leads to diseases. Diabetes mellitus is a "strong" disease, and such diseases should be treated with four methods of Tibetan medicine:

1. Lifestyle Correction
2. Power Correction
3. Internal methods - the use of herbal remedies
4. External procedures.

“Weak diseases” can be cured with the help of the first two methods and any person can heal himself in the early stages. Such exposure methods as the use of herbal remedies and external procedures require a careful and thoughtful approach and planning for patient management. Phytotherapy should correspond not only to the symptomatology of the disease, but also to etiopathogenesis. Without knowing the causes of the disease, it is impossible to prescribe the treatment correctly. “A doctor who does not know the methods of treatment is like a person shooting in the dark,” the Zhud-shek medical treatise says. Neither the prescribed drug, nor external procedures will hit the target if their use is incorrect, and in some cases can cause harm to the person.

In diseases of "heat" (both inflammatory, infectious, and autoimmune conditions - disturbances of "bile", diabetes mellitus in the "hot" type), Tibetan medicine uses medicinal plants with cool properties, antipyretic compounds. Herbs with such properties include: spleen, sage red-rhizome, thermopsis, sverthia, saussure, gentian large-leaved. According to the terminology of Tibetan doctors, the conductor or “horse” delivering the medicine to the destination is snow (melt) water. In the absence of such, warm boiled water, chilled boiling water, just cold water, boiling water from which steam stopped flowing are used.
Against the “cold” diseases, in Tibetan medicine, rhododendron, clematis, sea buckthorn, long pepper, onion, garlic, soaking, burdock, bought, yarut, snakehead, asparagus, processed calcite are used. The conductor for them is hot water (boiling water). The Buddha of healing said that "hot water" is the first cure for indigestion and the diseases of the "cold."

Features of taking Tibetan medicines

During the day, phytopreparations should be taken as prescribed by the doctor, but the doctor focuses not only on the time of activity of a particular meridian (i.e., organ), but also on the activity of the constitution during the day (normally, an average person has “mucus in the morning ”,“ Bile ”in the afternoon, and“ wind ”in the evening). However, the doctor should focus on prescribing herbal preparations for the degree of fullness of the stomach: on an empty stomach, before eating, during eating, after eating, eating food, urgently, in between meals, mixing with food, at night, parts before meals and after eating. If you take the medicine during a period of quiet digestion of food, that is, 1-2 hours after eating, the medicine will not hit the target. The medicine should get a “stone in the face" of the disease.

Signs of exposure to herbal crops

Under the influence of herbal remedies, not immediately, but gradually, at the end of the dose, the excretion of mucus and fluids from the body increases (a lot of snot, sputum, mucus from the vagina, saliva), the stool dries up, overall health improves, bodily strengths increase, sleep normalizes. There are signs of calming the disease, which means that the disease is expelled through the nearest door (natural physiological openings, of which there are seven on the human body).

In the treatment of diabetes, the cause of which is the violation of the “wind” constitution (“cold” type, type I diabetes according to the standards of Western medicine), it is necessary to prescribe drugs that regulate the nervous system, improve the conductivity of the nerve impulse, and thus contribute to trophic internal organs. These herbal remedies increase the "fire" of the stomach and, accordingly, eliminate indigestion and the consequences of improper drinking. Herbal preparations contribute to the complete ripening of food, its proper assimilation.

In diabetes, the cause of which is a violation of the constitution “mucus” (“cold” type), medications that improve digestion, “warm” the stomach and bring the food to complete breakdown and absorption by the body are also suitable. These drugs also help to remove excess fat, mucus, liquid, water and lymph, and toxins from the body through the nearest doors. The purpose of these phyto harvests is to free pancreatic cells from fat, water, mucus, and bile. And already “free” cells in the islets of Langerhans begin to function normally and produce insulin so necessary for the body. Medicines are washed down with hot water, lamb broth, red wine - all individually. However, hot water will be the best medicine that increases the “fiery warmth” of people with diabetes according to the “cold scenario”.

In diabetes of the “hot” type - representatives of the “bile” constitution - drugs with cooling properties are prescribed. In this case, the medicine can be washed down with warm water or chilled boiled water, snow water (room temperature). Herbal remedies have the properties of purification, with a laxative effect. Such treatment helps to cleanse the blood and liver. Excess bile is expelled into the small and large intestines and excreted from the body. Tibetan phytopreparations give clarity to the sensory organs, lightness to the body, and improve performance, both physical and mental. Excess fat, bile is excreted from the internal organs, especially from the pancreas, liver, which ultimately leads to a persistent decrease in blood sugar levels, while the increase in hunger and thirst occurs according to the biorhythms of the body, feces become formed, and gases go off freely.

In addition to multicomponent herbal remedies used in the treatment of diabetes, in Tibetan medicine there are many plants that are included in these same phyto-collections as ingredients, and are useful in this disease as separate medicines. They are especially recommended for non-insulin-dependent forms of type II diabetes, as well as inflammatory types of the disease (type of “bile”), since they all have a pronounced sugar-lowering and cool effect. Many of these plants, having a warm nature, are also used for “cold” forms of diabetes (types “wind” and “mucus”).

Tibetan phyto harvests have an internal effect on the human body and are a very effective method in the complex treatment system. They are composed in such a way that they do not necessarily “work” on a direct decrease in blood sugar, they affect the metabolism indirectly, in some cases slowing down the metabolism (in bile), in others - accelerating (in wind and mucus). Herbal harvests have an effect on the whole organism as a whole, it is always a positive medical effect. As we have already noted, diabetes does not come alone, but with “friends”, in the form of hypertension, vascular and heart diseases, obesity, vascular diseases, male and female diseases, which are sometimes many, and which, from the point of view of modern medicine, you need to cope by swallowing a huge amount of pills. Tibetan herbal remedies can be combined with modern medicine. The effectiveness of Tibetan herbal remedies is that they have a positive side effect. They cleanse the body of excess cholesterol, expel excess mucus, lymph, fluids, various salts.

There are many examples from practice when the patient fully believed in Tibetan medicine and got rid of the insidious manifestations and complications of diabetes. Tibetan phytosborries as well as our food for metabolic correction, have different tastes. Harvests with a bitter, astringent and sweet taste with cleansing properties are good for smoothing out "disturbed" bile. Sharp, brackish, acidic medicinal preparations accelerate the metabolism, warm the “cooled pot” —the stomach, and therefore are recommended to representatives of the “cold” by nature constitutions of mucus and wind.

External methods of exposure

Four treatment methods in the complex treatment of the Naran Clinic are lifestyle changes (thoughts, behavior, etc.), nutrition correction, herbal medicine (internal effects on the body) and external effects on the human body through acupressure, acupuncture, warming up wormwood cigars, setting cans, hirudotherapy, etc. Massage as a treatment method is a necessity for a patient suffering from any type of diabetes, both from the point of view of modern medicine and from the perspective of Tibetan medicine s.

Acupressure massage opens the gateways for a uniform flow of energy throughout the body, eliminates energy “blocks”, improves blood microcirculation, especially in the smallest vessels, promotes normal trophic (nutrition) of organs, tissues and cells, eliminates congestion, edema, lymphostasis. Acupressure can be used both at home and consult a professional doctor. The strength of the point effect on the body depends on the age and severity of the disease. I recommend to begin with a course of treatment by a professional doctor (1-2 times a year), then you can learn how to massage yourself.


The monumental discovery of Dr. Francis Pottenger happened by chance. The doctor experimented with adrenal gland extract to save the lives of dying. Cats were used as experimental animals. Adrenal extracts were administered to cats with adrenal glands removed. In this way, the efficacy was checked and the preparation was calibrated. The inquisitive mind of Feline Aibolit has noticed that the nature of animal nutrition has been a key factor in survival. At first, animals were fed food.


HUMANITY IS AFRAID OF CHOLESTEROL, AS A DEAD OF INCENSE. And completely in vain. The human immune system depends on the high cholesterol content to protect against severe stress. High cholesterol is a factor in protecting against sepsis. In patients who died as a result of a serious injury, the cholesterol level before death decreased by 33, and for those who survived, it increased by 28. If you value your life, then you should stop treating cholesterol as a source of danger. And find out about real.


INCREASED CHOLESTEROL IS NOT THE CAUSE OF ISCHEMIC HEART DISEASE (IHD. And hasty prescribing of statins actually does double harm. Firstly, there is a danger of side effects of statins. Secondly, the search for the real cause of cholesterol increase is ignored. REASONS FOR CHOLESTERIN INCREASE (DECREASES FOUND) HYPOTHYROIDISIS The great surgeon Theodor Billroth knew that hypothyroidism rises cholesterol and the thyroid gland performs many functions in the body, including regulation.

Turn the disease back STATIN: BENEFIT OR HARM

In northern China, a small plant called red yeast rice grows (RED. A plain plant has many enemies who like its taste. However, a brave plant has a remedy called lovostatin. Using lovostatin, CRD kills enemies who dare to feast on it Researchers at the US military are interested in the poisonous potential of the plant, and it turned out that the MDC is able to block the reaction of cholesterol production in the liver (HMG enzyme.


Around the numbers of cholesterol piled up a lot of myths and legends. Unfortunately, practitioners do not have access to a modern understanding of cholesterol numbers. Today I will clarify the interpretation of the standard cholesterol-lipid panel. The standard cholesterol-lipid panel includes: high-density lipoproteins (HDL, HDL-cholesterol, low-density lipoproteins (LDL, LDL-cholesterol, triglycerides (triglycerides, total cholesterol (total cholesterol. TOTAL CHOLESTEROL IS.


What should a mere mortal do if modern medicine cannot save even celebrities from premature death? Meanwhile, an ordinary citizen will have the opportunity to extend his life if he gets access to information that has been known for a long time. Just pharmaceutical-minded medicine is not profitable to pay attention to this information. What unites the premature death of Julia Nachalova and Sergey Dorenko? Hidden diabetes. From press reports it is known that Julia Nachalova suffered from gout. BUT .

Turn back the disease, ANYTHING GUILT ANTIBIOTICS?

In the mid-19th century, the French microbiologist and chemist Louis Pasteur, known for the pasteurization process he invented, discovered bacteria or microorganisms that lead to infectious diseases. Seventy years later, Scottish biologist Alexander Fleming began using antibiotics to treat infectious diseases. THE BEGINNING OF THE APPLICATION OF ANTIBIOTICS FOR THE TREATMENT OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES DRAMATICALLY CHANGED THE FURTHER MEDICINE DEVELOPMENT VECTOR I am not afraid to state that the introduction of antibiotics into practice.


I live in no vacuum. And I pay attention that what products people with metabolic syndrome buy (the appearance of pseudo-pregnancy is easy to see even for lay people, I hear from patients what recommendations doctors give to patients with high cholesterol. In addition, letters from readers tell me how worrying they are the fact of high cholesterol, as well as concerns about the high fat content in food. Five years have passed since I wrote the article 2019-05-04 19:07:33 + Comment

Turn the disease back, TREATING OSTEOPOROSIS

TREATING OSTEOPOROSIS, IT IS NECESSARY TO SOLVE TWO TASKS: REMOVE WHAT IS HINDERING (for example, absorption or metabolism of nutrients, and ADD WHAT DOES NOT BE ENOUGH. Keeping these two tasks in mind, today we will create a complete picture of the treatment of osteoporosis. focus on the quality of digestion and increase the nutritional density of the diet.The process of digestion and assimilation of food requires more energy than other daily types of human activity.

Turn the disease back, OSTEOPOROSIS and SUCTION OF CALCIUM

Senseless and senseless prescribing of calcium preparations for the treatment of osteoporosis will bring harm rather than benefit. Eating calcium supplements will have the same effect on bone density as eating large amounts of beef will give muscles outlines similar to those of Schwarzenegger. Everything is much more complicated. Today you will learn about the watched link of calcium metabolism in the body. ONE OF THE CRITICAL, BUT USUALLY REMAINED FROM THE VIEW, HEALTH FACTORS IS THE ABILITY OF THE ORGANISM FULLY SUCKING.

Ornish diet: slim longevity and a healthy heart

Diet Ornish promotes longevity, since it significantly increases telomerase. Telomerase is an enzyme responsible for maintaining the length of telomeres. Telomeres are located on the ends of chromosomes that control aging. The more telomerases, the longer we live.

Finally, the Ornis diet helps to lose weight without harm to health, although its founder did not set such goals.

Among the top 25 diets (US rating), the Ornish diet is recognized as the best heart diet for coronary heart disease.

The Ornish diet is full in composition, safe and beneficial in its effect on the cardiovascular system. Ornish's recipes are more than enough. Недостаток системы в том, что она слишком строгая, и придерживаться рациона, в котором так ограничены жиры, непросто.

Как работает диета Орниша?

Диета названа по имени своего основателя Дина Орниша — профессора Калифорнийского университета, основателя профилактической медицины, кардиолога и личного диетолога Билла Клинтона. In 2007, he published the Spectrum book, the result of 35 years of research and practice, which outlines the basics of his nutrition system, exercise, stress management, and emotional support (and self-support).

Selecting specific products

Ornish divided all food into five categories, or groups, from the most beneficial to health (group 1) to the most harmful (group 5). For 1 group of the spectrum belongs, for example, whole grain bread, to 5 - creamy cookies. Thus, filling our basket in the supermarket, we can choose consciously, with understanding of the matter.

Physical exercise

They are necessary no less than the "right" food. You can choose aerobics, or weight training, or stretching for flexibility. In the end, walking 30 minutes daily at a brisk pace is more useful than immobility. Ornish himself, being a fan of yoga, prefers solid static exercises.

Reverse heart disease?

The Ornish diet has many advantages. But she became famous thanks to the fact that she proved phenomenal benefits for the heart.

Given how complex and nontrivial the goal is, in choosing food you can only be at the very end of the healthy spectrum. If you really want to reverse heart disease, you have no product maneuver. Be prepared for a full post, for a long time, and possibly forever.

In practice, this means that you can afford only 10% of fats from a daily portion of calories (and this is only 15-25 g of fat). Nuts, seeds, avocados, olives and olives, vegetable oils are not recommended, since all of these products contain fats. Most cholesterol products, refined carbohydrates, caffeine, and almost all animal products, except for egg white and one cup of skim milk or yogurt several times a week, are prohibited. Sharp seasonings are also not recommended.

The main goal is the reversal of coronary heart disease, and you decide whether it is worth the food restrictions.

The fact that reversion is possible only by a change in lifestyle and nutrition, was proved precisely by Dr. Ornish. Several randomized trials were conducted, according to the results of which a group of people practicing the Ornish diet not only stopped the progression of atherosclerosis, but also actually regressed stenosis of the coronary arteries.

The results of non-surgical and drug-free (without statins) treatment of atherosclerosis are impressive and encouraging. Within a year, angina attacks stop almost completely, after 5 years this result is retained, and the arteries look like after a stenting operation.

Some facts. In a 1990 study lasting a year, 28 patients practiced the Ornish diet, and 20 patients followed the usual treatment diet for heart diseases (limiting fats to 30% of calories and cholesterol to 200-300 mg per day). After a year, patients in the Ornish group were identified significant general regression of coronary artery atherosclerosis (according to quantitative coronary arteriography), while atherosclerosis progressed in the control group. Patients in the Ornish group achieved almost complete or complete relief from angina (chest pain), probably due to an increase in blood flow to the heart. Studies conducted in 1992 and 1995 used other diagnostic procedures to measure the progress and regression of atherosclerosis, and they also showed the effectiveness of the Ornish program. It is interesting to note that in each of the studies, the degree of regression of atherosclerosis was directly related to the degree of change in lifestyle. Small changes in lifestyle slowed the development of coronary heart disease, but a complete change in lifestyle reversed the disease or, at least, stopped the pathological process.

Nutrition Rules Dr. Ornish

Dr. Ornish’s diet is a low-fat and high-carb diet. The ratio of fats, proteins and carbohydrates looks, from the point of view of the usual recommendations, quite controversial:

  • Fat - 10% Calories
  • Proteins - 15-20% of calories
  • Carbohydrates (mostly good) - 70-75% of calories

Fats - no more than 10% of total calories. (The generally accepted dietary recommendation is 20-25, while in the USA and Russia they consume 45% of fats daily). This is achieved due to the natural fat content in cereals, vegetables, fruits, beans and soy products. We can say that the Ornis diet is extremely low-fat.

Learn the labels! 1 serving should contain no more than 3 g of fat, so look at "Total Fat" and divide by the number of servings.

Cholesterol - no more than 5 milligrams of cholesterol per day. This is up to about 2 servings of low-fat dairy products per day, and then not everyone. Instead of dairy, soy products can be used because they do not contain cholesterol.

Animal products: meat, poultry, fish, and any products made from these products are limited or almost completely excluded. The Ornish diet is a vegetarian type diet.

Calories - unlimited. One of the best-selling books written by Dr. Dean Ornish is called: Eat More, Eat Less. Ornish offers to eat a lot of “small dishes” - fractional nutrition, because this will allow you to feel hungry more often. More often you will feel satiety with fiber, which will allow you to eat without increasing the number of calories.

Sugar undesirable. But if it is impossible without it, let’s say no more than 2 servings / day, including non-fat sweets. A serving is equivalent to 1 tablespoon or 12 g of sugar.

Caffeine: all sources of caffeine are excluded, including coffee and tea, chocolate, cocoa, cola, except green tea. Caffeine in the Ornis diet is forbidden for the same reason that it is rejected in the diet of yogis - because its effect on the central nervous system disrupts the connection between the body and mind, and therefore interferes with meditation and relaxation.

But still green tea is allowedwhy? Recent research shows that its health benefits outweigh the risks for most people. Green tea contains many powerful antioxidants called polyphenols. In particular, it contains flavonoids, such as catechins, which can reduce the risk of developing many chronic diseases.

But reservations are also needed here. People with arrhythmias and high blood pressure should avoid any caffeinated drinks. Therefore, they need to limit themselves to 1 cup of green tea per day, or even abandon it altogether, switch to caffeine-free green tea or drinks like chicory and barley coffee and other herbal teas rich in polyphenols.

Sodium - moderate use of salt, if it is not prohibited for medical reasons. With hypertension - a mandatory limitation.

By the way, the Ornis diet has ... color. And definitely not white. Ornish claims that all the most harmful foods are white: salt, sugar, rice, premium flour, snow-white spaghetti, rolls, etc. To take the first step to a healthy diet is to change white to brown: switch to rye flour, dark pasta, brown rice, olive oil. Try it and you will already be well.

Alcohol - in small quantities, but better without it. If consumed, then one serving a day, which is equivalent to 50 g of liquor, 100 g of wine, or 350 g of beer.

Soya - one serving per day of whole soy products. When buying soy products, always pay attention to the label:

  • 1 serving of soy should contain no more than 3 grams of fat.

Dietary supplement - low doses of multivitamins and mineral supplements with B 12 (2.4 mcg / day) ironif you are in childbearing age and without iron, if not in childbearing, omega 3 (3 g in the form of fish oil or flaxseed oil is needed per day) and, possibly, on the advice of a doctor, supplements calcium. Antioxidant vitamins (C, selenium, E) and folic acid are optional.

About Omega 3. It is better to prefer ready-made supplements instead of fish, OMACOR, in particular, since the fish contains enough saturated fat and cholesterol. We must strive for a dose that includes about 1 g of combined EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) per day. This dose is usually found in 4 grams of fish oil in capsule form per day.

Important: People with unstable angina and congestive heart failure should not take omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil), as this may increase the risk of sudden cardiac death.

Skepticism and Objection

1. Too tight diet

According to skeptics (they, of course, also exist), the diet is too rigid, and not many people will be able to maintain it for a long time. People get tired of eating foods that are so low in fat.

2. Low-fat diet does not affect coronary heart disease, affects the quality of fats

This is a more serious objection. Data from numerous studies show that cardiovascular diseases are associated not with the amount of fats consumed, but with their quality. In this regard, the concept of "bad fats" and "good fats" has even appeared. Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated oils (which are found, for example, in fish and nuts) actually protect against cardiovascular incidents, while saturated fats should be limited.

To this Ornish answers that the same fish and the same nuts, in addition to unconditionally healthy fats, contain a certain amount of saturated fats. Therefore, it is better to abandon these products altogether, especially to ischemic patients, that is, people already sick.

3. Diet leads to a fall in HDL

Ornish’s high-carb diet leads to a fall in not only the “bad” cholesterol level, but also the “good” (HDL) cholesterol level, which is fraught with the risk of cardiovascular incidents. In response to this concern of his colleagues, Ornish suggests (his diet proves this to be practical) that low HDL in a person who consumes low-fat foods with low cholesterol does not pose the same risk of developing atherosclerosis as a low level of HDL in a person who consumes food high in fat.

4. A few more deficits

Among other disadvantages of the Ornis diet is a possible deficiency of proteins (with an improperly organized diet), the beneficial effects of monounsaturated acids (they are found in nuts, olives and olive oil, avocados) slowing down the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

The most common conclusion

If practice is considered to be the criterion of truth, then 35 years of practicing dietary healing of a complex disease is the best evidence of the healing power of Dean Ornish's healthy lifestyle system. Perhaps, for the first time, it has been scientifically proven that:

  • heart disease can be reversed
  • it is possible to control aging (by lengthening the heat meter at the end of chromosomes).