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Dancing as a sport: choosing the right direction


Dancing can be considered a universal hobby. This hobby offers several advantages. Classes improve the silhouette, provide a healing effect, give grace to movements, give a boost of energy and good mood. The popularity of this type of fitness is growing rapidly, in every city, village there are schools, studios that teach the basics of choreography. But many would like to know how to learn how to dance at home. Visiting fitness centers, schools can create certain difficulties. Some do not have time, money, others feel a sense of constraint. In any case, you need to understand that self-study at home will provide positive results if you approach it competently, responsibly.

Where to start

If you decide to start training, start by preparing a place for future classes. It will require free space on which you can move without risking injury or spoil any piece of furniture. It is better to remove carpets or carpets from the floor; in dances there are sliding elements that such coatings will interfere with.

In the dance halls, a mirror is a must. It is desirable that the room has a canvas that allows you to see yourself completely. If not, prepare a gadget that will shoot a video of classes.

Prepare your training uniform. It should not be too loose, since it will be necessary to monitor the correctness of movements. A good option would be shorts or leggings, a top, a T-shirt. These products do not constrain movements, exclude overheating during active training. Still need comfortable low-heeled shoes. Get a yoga mat, it will come in handy in a warm-up.

An important point is the allocation of time for classes. Achievement is possible only on condition of regular training. Willpower, self-discipline will be required. Find the most convenient watch in your schedule to eliminate unnecessary problems. It is recommended to start classes 1-1.5 hours after eating. If one of the conditions is losing weight, after training for an hour, you should not eat.

How to choose a dance style for yourself

There are a lot of dance styles in choreography. There are ballroom, folk, Latin American dances, modern ballet, etc. But if you decide to learn how to dance at home, pairing options are not suitable, you will have to choose a style in which a partner is not required. Take into account your preferences, degree of physical fitness, goals that you want to achieve.

Here are some options for those who want to learn how to dance at home:

  • Eastern dance eliminate extra pounds, provide the figure with harmony, positively affect the functioning of the reproductive system, give grace to movements,
  • Latin American dances ideally develop, strengthen muscles and joints, make beautiful posture, promote weight loss,
  • Jazz Modern includes elements of hip-hop, break, step, R`N`B styles, burns calories perfectly, trains all muscle groups,
  • strip of plastic combines oriental and latin american dances, ideal for people with good physical fitness.

Dance lessons for beginners in all styles can be found on the Internet, on discs.

Why dance

  • Regular dancing classes will make your body slimmer. During training, 200 to 800 kcal per hour is burned - no worse than with fitness classes.
  • You can strengthen the respiratory system and the heart, increase the stamina of the body, cleanse blood vessels of cholesterol.
  • Beautiful posture and gait are something you can be proud of after regular exercise. Dancing will help you learn to hold your back correctly.
  • You will develop excellent coordination, responsiveness and body flexibility.
  • You will become sociable and confident.
  • Learn not to be shy about your own body and move beautifully to music.
  • You will have the opportunity to express yourself. In dance, a person is completely liberated, which contributes to psycho-emotional unloading.
  • You are in a great mood. After the gym or fitness training, many people feel tired, and after dancing, on the contrary, a surge of strength and vigor.

Learn the movements step by step

Choreography is available to everyone. But no need to try to learn all its basics at once. Step-by-step dance lessons for beginners are much more effective. Each movement should be perfected before moving on. You will bring its implementation to automatism. From now on, you don’t have to think about how to move correctly, the body itself will cope with this task.

Which direction to choose

Hip-hop is a cheerful, energetic and very energy-intensive youth dance direction. You will be able to express your emotions, feelings or protest, to become free thanks to the movements that the body itself prompts. This is drive and adrenaline, a spirit of rivalry and leadership. Here, the rules and restrictions are blurred, but at the same time, a bright clear style is felt.

This direction is characterized by downward movements, relaxed half-bent knees and a low body fit body. High jumps are replaced by sliding on the floor, there is a quick unexpected transition from wave-like and slow movements to sharp and clear. The dancer should seem completely relaxed, and the dance should be cheeky.

Start with easy dances

Even if you really like complex dances, including many elements, you should not begin to master them at first. The lack of significant results in the initial period can cause a decline in enthusiasm, loss of confidence in their capabilities, and termination of classes. Learn first simple dance lessons for beginners. When you study them well, you will already have faith in your own abilities. This will help you learn to dance in any style you like without any problems.

Eliminate the risk of congestion. Physical activity should increase gradually. Otherwise, there will be overwork, which does not allow continuing effective training, and unwillingness to continue training will form. The optimal schedule is 4-5 lessons per week for 40 minutes, or 3-4 lessons lasting 60-70 minutes.

Pick inspirational music and videos

The choice of music should be given special attention. It should cause a desire to move, energize. Such accompaniment will be invaluable in learning. Mastering movements to inspiring music will be much easier. She will stimulate interest in dancing, a desire to continue classes. At first, such an incentive is necessary.

Hone dance moves in front of the mirror

The mirror is the perfect helper. Mastering the basics of dancing without him is quite difficult. You cannot understand by feelings, sensations, whether you are making a movement or making mistakes. Incorrect execution will gradually fixate, it will be more difficult to relearn. An impartial witness, the mirror will show all inaccuracies, will immediately correct them. If you can’t install a large canvas, record your workouts on video. Then browse, evaluate the correctness of the movements.

Who is suitable for

Anyone who is young or feels like that is confident and bold. Hip-hop can be a useful hobby for your child. For children and adolescents, it will help strengthen the musculoskeletal system, correct a slight stoop and form a proportional figure. Moreover, this dance direction fosters strong-willed qualities and determination, helps to show individuality.


  • The main distinguishing feature: hip-hop is not dancing to the rhythm of the melody, but to the beat that needs to be recognized and clearly captured in the musical composition.
  • This is not just a dance, but a way of self-expression and lifestyle. Hip-hop lovers often wear clothing that emphasizes their freedom: wide pants, sneakers, baseball caps, hoodies.
  • Hip-hop is always open to experimentation and improvisation. An important role in this direction is played by character, namely, confidence, self-affirmation, a certain obstinacy and perseverance. This type of dance will help to become more courageous, liberated psychologically and open in communication.
  • This dance perfectly works out the muscles of the legs, arms and shoulder girdle, improves fine motor skills.

Strip of plastic

Training combines aerobic exercise with elements of a seductive dance. Each lesson includes a warm-up, including stretching, and learning to dance together. The muscles of the legs and arms, hips and buttocks, abdomen, back and chest receive an excellent load.

Beginners will have to master the basic elements: waves with the body and hands, circular movements of the hips and chest, deflections in the back, standing, sitting and lying on the floor. As you progress, more complex dance ligaments with acrobatics elements (twine, throw, stand) are included in the workout.


Hip-hop can be considered a set of anaerobic exercises, so the contraindications are standard, as for regular workouts. Special care should be taken to such activities for people who have problems with the knee joints, since they have a big load.

Strip of plastic

Training combines aerobic exercise with elements of a seductive dance. Each lesson includes a warm-up, including stretching, and learning to dance together. The muscles of the legs and arms, hips and buttocks, abdomen, back and chest receive an excellent load.

Beginners will have to master the basic elements: waves with the body and hands, circular movements of the hips and chest, deflections in the back, standing, sitting and lying on the floor. As you progress, more complex dance ligaments with acrobatics elements (twine, throw, stand) are included in the workout.

Who is suitable for

This type of dance is created for all girls and women, regardless of their physical form, external data and age. If you not only strive for a beautiful figure and graceful walk, but also want to learn how to love yourself, attract and seduce the opposite sex, then strip plastic is ideal for you.


  • Strip plastic will help to overcome complexes easier, will give an opportunity to see your body and its advantages in a new way, as well as correct or hide deficiencies. After regular classes, you will not only look better, but also feel more confident and attractive.
  • When teaching this style, much attention is paid to posture and stretching, without which high-quality performance of dance elements is impossible.
  • The program also includes defile. A few weeks will pass, and you will begin to move smoothly and relaxed, and your walk will become easy.
  • Another advantage is that many movements are made with a deflection in the lower back. Usually these muscles are poorly developed due to a sedentary lifestyle. This type of dance will be an excellent prevention of diseases such as scoliosis and osteochondrosis.
  • During such a training, reincarnation takes place, you can reveal your sensuality and tell about secret desires, try on different roles - from a modest housewife to a vamp woman. You will learn the art of attracting men and learn how to arouse interest in them.


Obstacles to exercise can be diseases of the respiratory system, heart, blood vessels and joints. With osteochondrosis, there is a limitation: you can not twist much in the spine. At the same time, strengthening the muscles of the back and abs, stretching the muscles of the hips, shoulder girdle and pelvis will help to significantly alleviate the manifestations of the disease.

Belly dance

This is one of the sexiest areas that helps to extend the woman's youth and attractiveness. Obligatory components of oriental dances are strokes (sharp movements of the hips) and vibration in combination with smooth waves, circles, eights. The coordination of movements is very important. The dance drawing should look holistic, capturing all the attention of the viewer.

Latin American dances (salsa, bachata, cha-cha-cha, mamba, rumba)

Latin American dances are known for their incendiary, impulsiveness and positive. Classes consist of three parts:

  • Warm-up - semicircular rotation of the head, hips, circular movements of the shoulders and the like.
  • The main part is the learning of movements and their repeated repetition.
  • Hitch - usually static stretching exercises and dance moves at a slow pace.

Celtic dancing

This is a rather complex set of movements, during which you need to keep the whole body in tension. Training is often exhausting, with a fairly large load. Before starting, a 15-minute warm-up is needed to warm up the main muscle groups, after which the development of the basic elements of the dance begins. For the execution of this style, not only the dancer's movements are important, but also his appearance, especially the shoes. The most famous type of Celtic dance that everyone knows about is the step.