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Appearance plays an important role in the image of a tough guy. Pay attention to your physique. Excess weight or lack of muscle mass can prevent you from achieving your goal. If you want to be beautiful, sexy, confident macho, take care of your figure. Visit the gym, monitor nutrition, fight bad habits, in general, lead a healthy lifestyle. Agree, it is difficult to imagine in the image of a tough guy a funny puffer or a slender young man.

Your style is also important. Find clothes in which you will feel at ease. This can be a classic suit, or a more informal option with jeans. The main thing is that the clothes are of high quality and fit well on you. Work out your image to the smallest detail. Shoes, watches, hair, glasses - everything is important.

Take care of yourself. A tough guy doesn't have to be unshaven, with a cigarette in his mouth. This is a cinematic image from past years. Now the macho looks well-groomed and neat. The fact that you will make a manicure and make sure that your skin is not weathered does not affect the degree of your masculinity.

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Appropriate appearance is just the right packaging. If you do not have inner strength and confidence, you will also be far from the image of a tough guy. Believe me, those around you will subconsciously feel your low self-esteem when communicating, no matter how you try to splurge. Therefore, you need to work on yourself.

You need to find a subject of pride in yourself. Think about what your main talents are, what victories were the most difficult, in which you achieved success. Those who do not notice their own achievements run the risk of belittling their significance.

Fight your complexes. Focus not on your flaws, but on your strengths. Changing the angle of view, you will feel more comfortable. Go in for sports. Conquering new heights and breaking own records is very beneficial for self-esteem. In addition, sports help develop willpower.

Try to identify the best sides of your character. Justice, nobility, a sense of humor, intelligence, kindness, patience, self-control - these are what make a tough guy out of an ordinary young man. And the point here is not in the ability to force another person to do something in your own way, but in calm confidence, adequacy and wisdom.

How to become a tough guy

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Becoming a tough guy in an instant is impossible. To do this, you need to work on yourself and make a choice every day. A single action is not enough, as is the case with dental care. So, it is important to continuously develop the mental and physical aspects of your personality. Do not become a tough guy from erroneous motives. The key to everything is your mental state, so get ready to work not only on your body, but also on your mind.

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For example, charismatic leaders find in people their best qualities. Psychologists always say that charisma is of the utmost importance for a leader or for one who seeks to become one.

It provides an advantage over competitors, because the most efficient and gifted workers are attracted to the charismatic leader and remain near him.

People want to work and be in the team of a person with charisma.

Studies show that under the leadership of such leaders, subordinates are more productive, focus on results in their activities, trust management more, and generally show themselves better than those who work under the leadership of a non-charismatic person.

But is it possible to try to become charismatic with some effort, or is it even worth trying?

It turns out that anything is possible. If you briefly describe the essence of the secret, then "pretend until it works out."

The author of the book “The Charisma Myth” and psychologist Olivia Fox Cabane (Olivia Fox Cabane) says that the attitude of others can not only be won, but also improved.

"When I started my research, I was faced with the myth that charisma is an inborn quality. Someone has it, and someone does not, and there’s nothing you can do about it."

Actually this trait is pretty erratic quality. Today it is with you, and tomorrow it is as unprecedented. Moreover, this quality can be purchased. Many people whom we know today as charismatic actually took a very long time to achieve this.

So what is being charismatic, and how can you learn to do this?

How to become cool

1) Fuss less if you want to be cool

If in a nutshell to characterize a tough person, then these words - "less fuss."

In order to be charismatic and cool, you do not need to try to get out of your skin. However, only by applying the maximum amount of effort, a person can achieve success on a personal and professional level.

So what to do?

When a person is cool, whatever he does, he seems to say: "I am so calm and calm because I don’t need to try hard to get what I want."

Olivia in her book considers the example of James Bond, who is not worried, does not show impatience and does not ask. He speaks very slowly and calmly.

"Now imagine Bond fussing. Did it happen? A bond who fumbles a button on his clothes, twitches during a conversation, turns his head, mutters something incomprehensible or mumbles, not Bond at all."

And all because Bond is peace itself, equanimity and self-discipline.

Such behavior and body language in our subconscious mind indicate a high status of a person and his absolute confidence.

The quality, known to us as "balance", is externally manifested by the minimum number of movements that a person uses.

Such people do not tug on clothes, hair, do not touch their face unnecessarily, do not pull in a conversation with the pronunciation of words, and do not nod too much head.

How to become charismatic

2) Develop self-confidence

There is a usual trick with which it is very easy to win over a person. You must imagine that you have already done this.

Each of us likes people who are confident. As a rule, the basis of what people call "steepness" consists of equanimity and confidence.

Moreover, no one will be surprised by the fact that the presence of self-esteem, according to psychological studies, is the main sign of sexuality.

As for modesty, excessive modesty in men even harms them. Modest men are less popular than modest women. And all due to the fact that such men seem to people around are overly weak and not ambitious.

How to develop charisma

3) Know the rules and know how to properly break them

People who are considered charismatic and cool often do not behave perfectly. The main trump card of these people is that they are extremely resourceful. They are well acquainted with the rules, and specifically violate them when it will only benefit.

One of the psychological experiments showed that one of the most important elements of "coolness" is rebellion. Why does it work? This is because a person who violates the rules looks strong and has power.

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4) Focus on self-awareness, and the body language will adjust itself

Am I talking too slowly? Or am I gesturing too actively? Or nod too much? Or bite my lips?

If you keep such questions in your head, you will quickly go crazy, because a person is simply not able to control absolutely every movement.

“Every minute our body emits hundreds of signals. The body language works without human control, showing people around us our feelings and thoughts on a specific issue,” says Olivia.

What can we do to look calm in the eyes of others? It is necessary to feel this composure inside, and the body language will independently transmit the necessary signals.

Just as an athlete tunes in to a wave before a competition in order to enter the necessary state, you also need to tune in to the state that your body should show. The body will immediately follow your thoughts.

5) You do not always need to be cool

Of course, to stay in this state is pleasant, but not all life situations encourage such behavior, because there is no ideal behavior that can always be adhered to.

On the one hand, maintaining distance is an intrigue, but on the other, often demonstrating an interest in another person can be a much more effective tactic.

You can become popular through audacity and uncontrollability. However, oddly enough, the same result can be achieved by showing their vulnerability and vulnerability.

You can achieve interest in your person with the help of calm and equanimity, but often quite simply a sparkle in the eyes and dedication.