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How to make a girl think of you constantly: 6 practical tips


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Suppose you met the girl of your dreams, but you rarely manage to spend time together. Naturally, if you start to worry that the same spark will disappear between you, because you do not have the opportunity to see each day. Do not worry! There are many ways to make a girl miss you, even when you're not together. You just need to show your concern and make sure that your girlfriend also longs for a meeting with you, and most importantly - keep a balance in this! So, in this article we will tell you how to make the girl start to miss you.

Psychology of a woman and what they need

To conquer a girl, a man does not have to be beautiful, strong, rich and promising. There are frequent cases when handsome men remain in the shadows, and seemingly unpretentious men are popular among the female half of society. The thing is that some men are not at all aware of the essence and nature of women, while others clearly understand what the girls want, giving them all this.

Female psychology names the basic needs of any girl:

  1. Love - she wants to feel herself the only and beloved for her partner, and getting warm, she will always give many times more.
  2. Care - due to her weakness, the girl needs care from a strong partner, this will help her trust him, respect the man and relax with him.
  3. Understanding - she wants to see next to her the one who understands, supports, listens and comforts. If she is heard by a man, respectively, she will always listen to him.
  4. Devotion - if a man puts her interests above his own, he will only cause her admiration.
  5. Fidelity - as mentioned earlier, a woman wants to be the only one for her partner so that he does not see other women around him.
  6. Support - in periods of sadness and spleen, she needs someone who will say that everything will be fine, that they will succeed, substituting her shoulder of support.
  7. Weasel - the woman is vulnerable and susceptible, so you need to be delicate, soft and affectionate with her, stroking the head in time.
  8. Help at home - it’s difficult for her to keep track of all household chores and affairs, while working and taking care of children, which means she needs to help in everyday life, showing that she is not a slave.
  9. Kindness - she loves with her ears, which means she needs to periodically say nice words, compliments, admire her diligence, beauty and talents.
  10. Material wealth - a man should take care of his family, so you can’t dump not the girl worrying thoughts, where to get the money and how to feed the children.

6 tips to make a girl constantly think about you

Psychologists are ready to offer several effective ways to make a girl think about you constantly. But first, a man needs to analyze his external and internal qualities, get rid of bad habits, develop positive traits in himself. After this, 6 effective tips from psychologists are considered in stages, thanks to which the girl will constantly think about the guy.

Find out what she likes and come on

As mentioned earlier, the path to the girl’s heart lies through the satisfaction of her needs. In fact, men are afraid that in order to conquer women they will have to turn mountains and earn millions. In practice, everything is different, it’s enough just to get acquainted with female psychology, in the course of communication to understand what a particular girl wants, and then give her this. By virtue of their emotionality and sensitivity, women want men to do things for them, the realization of her desires will be such an act.

Always consider her feelings

Women are inherently more sensitive and emotional than men, and their world of perception can differ significantly from the male vision of life. An intelligent and wise man will not put pressure on the girl, imposing his point of view on her, but will take into account her emotions and feelings, try to understand them, and even if he does not fully understand, he will demonstrate the girl's reciprocity.

Be her support and support

Any even the most powerful and independent girl wants to be next to her chosen one weak and defenseless. To do this, you must always listen and hear your woman, understand her position. And in any difficult situations, you need to be a shoulder for her, a vest for tears, to console and support her with encouraging words. Ideally, a man takes upon himself any problems, assuring the girl that everything will be fine and she has nothing to worry about. It is in this way that men deserve respect and admiration from the weaker sex.

Keep a pleasant intrigue at the end of the conversation

For her thoughts to be completely occupied by the man, his behavior should be somewhat intriguing and unpredictable. It is important that she does not know every step of the man, and sometimes even tormented by thoughts like him and where. Kindle emotions will help unexpected actions in her address. For example, you can tell her about feelings, and then quickly end the conversation and go out of sight for a few days. And you can not always answer her questions directly and in detail, leaving a certain understatement.

Give presents and create unpredictable situations

Due to their emotionality, all girls like to flirt and play, so a man needs to be playful with her, committing unpredictable acts. For example, you can chat with her for a while in a purely friendly format, and then compliment and kiss her. The effect of surprise will first lead her into a confused state, and then she will constantly scroll this moment in her head. Girls love romance, therefore, in addition to unexpected actions, you need to periodically indulge it with flowers, sweets or creative gifts for no reason.

Make her smile more often

Again, because of their emotionality, girls often choose for their partners those men who cause her positive emotions and impressions, which means they are associated with joy. To establish an emotional connection, you can give a girl an unforgettable date, for example:

  • horseback riding
  • Travel to a new country
  • ride in an amusement park,
  • passion for a new hobby,
  • parachute jump or balloon flight.

Or you can just give a girl a four-legged pet if she has a weakness for pets. Each time, taking care of her new friend, she will remember the man. Psychologists say that the best weapon in conquering a woman’s heart is a good sense of humor, so a man needs to amuse a girl and make her smile as often as possible.

In order for a girl to always think about a guy, he needs to do everything to establish an emotional connection with her. Thoughts about him should always be accompanied by pleasant and vivid memories, which means that he needs to show himself from the best side, and also give the girl everything that she needs - love, attention and care, support and understanding, courtship and joy.