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The clothes are ready: black as a symbol of life


Goths, like many youth subcultures, came from music. The first was music, then the style and ideology. The Goths came out of the punks. Towards the end of the 1970s, the stormy and open protest of youth against the foundations of society, expressed through punk culture, weakened and gave way to pessimistic sentiments.

The Goths are no longer an open protest, but a withdrawal into oneself, into one's inner world, a withdrawal from society. And if punk was distributed among young people from the outskirts, then the middle class became Goths.

The subculture ready appears in the late 1970s in the UK. Among the Goths, such musical groups as, for example, Bauhaus, Southern Death Cult, Siouxsie and the Banshees, were popular in the 1980s.

The word Gotha was also most likely used to refer to a group of young people in terms of the characteristics of their musical preferences - the music is rude, clearly non-classical, that is, from the English gothic meaning barbaric, rude. Of course, according to tradition, the name for the new youth movement was invented by journalists.

Despite generally accepted beliefs, the Goths are by no means Satanists or a generally destructive youth subculture. As long-term practice has shown, after all, the Goth subculture, which originated in the late 1970s, exists to this day; designers, programmers and journalists are ready to grow from young people in the future. Such young people are actively interested in literature and art, among them there are a lot of humanitarians. The Goths are characterized by an interest in occultism, there is also a vampire theme in Gothic, but the majority are either agnostics or atheists, among them there are adherents of Christianity.

Today, there are many varieties of the Goth subculture - antique, renaissance, Victorian, cyber-goths, corporate goths, vampires. You can find among adherents of the Gothic subculture today and not only young people - on average, the age is ready from 14 to 45 years.

Gothic style clothing and accessories

Initially, the Goths had much in common in their clothes and hairstyles with the punks who spawned them. So, they, like punks, used English pins, and Goths borrowed piercings from punks. In the 1980s, the main hairstyles were ready Iroquois or hairstyles in the form of high "spikes".

Today the clothes are ready - this, of course, is black clothes using materials such as leather, lace, silk, velvet, brocade.

Goth girls can wear leather pants, mini or maxi skirts, black dresses, an important element is a corset, the gautessa's outerwear is long leather or textile raincoats. In general, the image of the “femme fatale” that originated in the Victorian era and later became popular thanks to films in the noir genre greatly influenced the formation of the female style in the subculture.

The male version of the Gothic wardrobe is black shirts and hoodies, leather pants, long raincoats.

Shoes are ready - heavy high boots like “grinders”, shoes on a high platform, girls can wear high-heeled shoes and boots.

The classic hairstyle is ready - long, perfectly smooth and straight hair of black color, loose on the shoulders, without jewelry and accessories, for both girls and boys. In general, as far as the image of a young man in a subculture is ready, he should be quite feminine.

A large role in the costume is ready to play makeup and accessories.

The make-up is ready - it is a black eyeliner, dark shadows, dark shades of a necessarily matte lipstick, the whiteness of the face with powder is emphasized, nails are covered with black varnish. Makeup is required for both girls and boys.

As for accessories, it is most often jewelry made of silver - the metal of the moon; white gold and platinum can also be used. In general, accessories should be white, which looks good on a black background ready-made clothes. Of the stones, the Goths prefer semiprecious stones - black opal, agate and jade, cold topaz, rock crystal. They can wear pearls.

Jewelery ready must have its own specific symbolism. They can wear ankh (the ancient Egyptian symbol of immortality), various crosses, for example, Celtic, jewelry with images of bats, symbols of death, figures of dragons and cats. Also, as ornaments, the Goths often wear leather bracelets and collars with metal spikes.

The Gothic style of clothing itself actually has nothing to do with a medieval Gothic costume. In the Middle Ages, townspeople and aristocrats dressed in Gothic style wore costumes of bright colors and bizarre shapes - shoes with long noses, long caps in the shape of pyramids, bells could be sewn on clothes as decoration.

Therefore, if the Goths borrowed something from the Middle Ages, then this is just a symbolism of Gothic architecture. The costume of the modern Goths itself is much more connected with the costume of Victorian England of the XIX century and, of course, with the literature of this period. In addition to punk, the formation of a subculture is ready to be greatly influenced by English literature of the 19th century, and vampire themes, also from the 19th century.

The emergence of subculture in the twentieth century

The surge of interest in the Gothic style in the last century fell on the end of the 70s. At this time, the punk's wild popularity is coming to naught - both style in music and style in clothes. As you know, punk is a symbol of anarchy, the revolutionary mood that reigned among the youth of that time. But the revolution failed: changing the world order is not so simple, and living on the principle of “live fast, die young” is suitable only for those who really have nothing to lose. So the failed revolution led to a sharp change of mood from rebellious to decadent. Uncompromising anarchy was replaced by detached decadence.

At first, the new Goths were not much different from punks. All the same strange hairstyles, an abundance of accessories, black color and strange clothes. However, new musical groups made the wall separating one subculture from another more and more solid. The main idol of the first "Neo-Gothic" was the legendary team of "Joy Division".

Gradually, the appearance of the subculture began to crystallize quite clearly. The appearance of the Goths very faithfully reflected their worldview essence. The black color was a kind of mourning: mourning for this life, full of pain and suffering. In addition, the Goths felt a craving for everything beyond: the afterlife, with its mythical secrets, irresistibly attracted young sad romantics. So they began to choose cemeteries as places for regular walks.

Victorian England was by no means the only aspect that influenced the fashion of this culture. Sadomasochism brought a lot to the style, and more precisely - its attributes: leather, spikes, collars, etc. BDSM was considered the norm for the Gothic subculture, as was a bodily expression of suffering

Goths are divided into many subtypes: antique, renaissance, victorian, cyber-goths, glittergotes, corporate goths, vampires and many others. All they are united by the emphasized aristocracy of style, a craving for art and general depressive moods.

Features clothing ready

The traditional gothic outfit is pretty extravagant black clothes. Leather, lace, silk, velvet - all of these materials are preferred. In addition, lurex, taffeta, organza, brocade, and vinyl may be present in clothing.

Goth girls traditionally wear corsets that give the silhouette a slim and seductive shape. Corsets are worn over clothes: shirts, dresses. Leather pants, midi or maxi skirts are quite appropriate for this style. However, miniskirts are also not forbidden. As outerwear, girls choose long leather or cloth raincoats.

Goth men are distinguished by a pronounced femininity, so their clothes can quite accurately repeat women's outfits. Of course, dresses and corsets still remain the prerogative of the exceptionally fair sex, but the wearing of skirts by men in the Gothic subculture is quite acceptable. The rest is the same leather pants, black shirts and hoodies, long raincoats.

Shoes ready

Both girls and boys of the Gothic subculture prefer to wear heavy high boots like “grinders”. Shoes on a high platform are welcome, and both boys and girls can wear it. The fair floor can complement the outfit with shoes, boots and high boots with heels. The color of the shoes, of course, is black.

Gothic style symbols

Characteristic gothic style feature is the use of accessories only in silver, in extreme cases - white gold. Sometimes the Goths even use inexpensive alloys of non-precious metals. Traditionally, the white color in accessories symbolizes the cold, dying light of the moon. He perfectly emphasizes the mourning of Gothic attire and pallor of the face.

Gemstones in accessories are almost never used. Perhaps this is due to the fact that in jewelry, a combination of yellow gold with precious stones is much more common, and it, as already mentioned, is unacceptable for the ready. However, the gemstones themselves are of little color scheme to the Gothic attire. The only exceptions may be sapphire and diamond.

But semiprecious stones are found in accessories of the Gothic style quite often. Cold topaz, black opal, agate and jade, rock crystal - in a word, all stones that are black, white, or at least cold in color. No less popular as gothic accessories are pearl, natural (sea and river) or artificial.

Pendants, earrings, pendants and rings usually have a certain symbolism. So, the Egyptian symbol ankh (ankh), also called the “Egyptian cross” is very popular in Gothic culture. Interpretations of its meanings are very numerous. In addition, among the Gothic accessories you can find crucifixes, Celtic crosses and ornaments, figures of cats, dragons.

Some of the paraphernalia “left” from the punks: leather bracelets and collars decorated with metal spikes.

Goth girls love to use elegant hats with a black veil for their outfits, as well as lace lace gloves.

Hairstyles ready

Of course, the Gothic style suggests black hair color. However, if a boy or girl naturally has light hair, he does not have to repaint at all: a blond is also permissible, but it is better for him not to be golden, but ashen. Both sexes are encouraged to have long hair.

As a rule, a gothic hairstyle is perfectly smooth and straight hair, loose on the shoulders, without any jewelry and accessories.

Makeup ready

Makeup is a pretty important part of the gothic look. The most important thing is to emphasize the whiteness of the skin. Most often, the Goths do this with ordinary powder.

Like the whole image in general, the Gothic make-up is pretty monochrome: the eyes are drawn in black pencil, less often - made up with dark shadows. It is acceptable to use dark shades of lipstick, necessarily matte. Nails are traditionally painted with dark varnish, mostly black.

In the Gothic subculture, makeup is considered the norm for both girls and boys.

How to create an image in the Gothic style

Dressing up in the Gothic style is pretty easy, whether it's a casual look or a Halloween party costume. However, looking like a goth and being a goth are completely different things, because this subculture presumes a whole lifestyle that its representatives follow. So, create the right one. gothic costume The following recommendations will help you:

  • Try to wear only black clothes. If the black color is not very to your taste, then dark crimson will be a good alternative. Add lace, ruffles and leather to the look. Black leather trousers, a lace top, and a battered black shirt will look great together. Add to them black boots without a heel and the gothic look is ready! A perfect option for women will be black and red corsets in combination with ripped jeans, skirts and black mesh tights. You can also add black gloves that will add a touch of color to your look.
  • Goth men typically wear black ripped t-shirts, shirts, and long sleeve t-shirts, combining them with black trousers.
  • High black army boots, which are good for both men and women, are suitable as shoes.
  • Accessories for the Gothic look: all kinds of crosses, pendants with spiders, skulls and dragons, silver chains and massive rings. Decorate your neck with a spiked collar. A piercing of the face will also be appropriate: pierce the nose, lip, eyebrow, make many punctures in the ears. You can also use jewelry, but it is better to abandon jewelry with rhinestones and other elements of a glamorous style.
  • Both male and female Goths choose large black backpacks adorned with spikes or stripes. They may be made of leather or fabric, stained with paint, or slightly torn.
  • Goth makeup always includes a rich eye liner with a black liner or the use of black eyeshadows. Black lipstick or lip gloss is appropriate in both female and male images. Stop using blush and try not to sunbathe so that your skin tone is as pale as possible.
  • An image of a goth is unthinkable without black nail polish. It can be applied in several layers, carelessness is welcome. If over time the manicure partially falls off, then your image will be even more colorful. And you can make an exclusive manicure.
  • Take care of your hair. Paint them black or dark red, and better use paint of several dark colors at once. Hair should be a little dirty.

The history of the appearance and features of the Gothic style

The gloomy, strict, majestic beauty of the Gothic style originates in a rather difficult period of history, which was called the dark Middle Ages. But Gothic got its name already in the Renaissance: for thinkers of that time, all objects, designed in the Gothic style, looked wrong, non-classical, disproportionate. And so they got a barbaric name from the Goths, with whom they associated their inherent signs.

It is worth saying that the place of origin of Gothic is France, it is there that the style originates. In particular, on the Ile de France. After it has already spread to the rest of old Europe, especially Italy and England. The Victorian era, for example, was distinguished by its inherent eclecticism in everything, from the interior to the clothes, and fashionistas of that time often used elements of the Gothic style both in the arrangement of room interiors and in the elements of clothing.

Very often, Gothic elements were used in interiors in a Victorian style, which was characterized by luxury and wealth. Gothic vaulted arches on the windows and elongated, pointed turrets, which decorated not only the facades, but also the interior of the rooms, helped to achieve the effect. Elements of the Gothic style were often used in the construction of churches, educational institutions, banking institutions and other large structures that should even dominate everyone in order to feel the power and influence of those sitting in them.

Gothic style clothing of the Middle Ages

If you look at Notre Dame Cathedral, the main signs of the Gothic style become clear:

  • lancet arches
  • stained glass
  • severity and gloom,
  • pointed, elongated shapes,
  • mythical monsters frightening passers-by.

All these features are reflected in clothing. It is worth noting that, whether in the dark Middle Ages or during the reign of Queen Victoria, the difference between the estates was strong. And this was expressed not only in the way of life and its level, but, of course, in dresses. So, girls of the lower classes were forbidden to wear clothes made of expensive fabrics such as silk or velvet, as well as trains - a sign of a lady's nobility: the longer it is, the higher her rank. The photo shows just medieval Gothic outfits:

Shoes with grotesquely long noses, which sometimes reached half a meter: fashion is merciless, especially if you blindly follow it. All this is the influence of Gothic. The style was developed in clothes, and subsequently brought to absurdity, in France, which is why it is often called Romanesque.

The essential attributes of men's gothic outfits of the time:

  • velvet,
  • pointy tall men's hats,
  • pointed elongated shoes,
  • stand collar,
  • sharp cuffs
  • magnificent sleeves at frock-coats and caftans.

By the way, black began to prevail much later, and then the clothes were bright, rich colors: burgundy, blue, lilac, green and floral ornaments. Gothic style men's and women's clothing is available today at many online stores.

Modern gothic

It's no secret that fashion is a cyclical thing. Because often in it appear elements or whole parts of a long-forgotten, old style. Конечно, одежду целиком в готической стилистике сейчас носят только на реконструкциях или костюмированных вечеринках, но все же в коллекциях современных дизайнеров ее отголоски слышны до сих пор.

На подиуме все началось с Александра МакКуина в далеких уже девяностых, уже прошлого века. Именно его коллекции показали, что готике место на подиумах. А вот современный готический стиль на улицах, развиваясь постепенно, явно проявился в восьмидесятых годах, когда народ устал от панков, но настроения уныния и декаданса витали в воздухе. It was here that the black color became popular, which only enhanced the effect of gloom and oppressive solemnity of the Gothic style.

Clothing Features

In modern fashion, there are several orientations of the Gothic style, but nevertheless, each of them has such features as an abundance of black and silver jewelry. The materials that are most often used to create clothes are leather, mesh, velvet, silk and even vinyl. Color combinations are, by and large, depressing: for example, black with red or white. To further emphasize gloom and severity, but at the same time make the image more catchy. In these photos you can see just bright male gothic images:

The most striking wardrobe items of this style can be seen at the Goths: a subculture that has continued to exist for many years. By the way, they respect the style in everything: not only in clothes, but also in hairstyles, makeup, musical preferences, books. The Goth subculture arose in the seventies of the last century. But is there so much in common of modern Gothic with that of classical, medieval? It is rather difficult to give a definite answer.

A bright representative of the subculture is ready - this is Marilyn Manson, the vocalist of the American rock band Marilyn Manson & the Spooky Kids.

Goths: A Modern Perception of the Gothic Style

Since no matter how cyclical the fashion may be, the fact that it comes back from the depths of not even decades, but centuries, undergoes changes, because of which only the initial idea of ​​style is noticeable. It is not in vain that when mentioning Gothic, more often than not the garments of that era as Gothic structures pop up in the head. After all, it is with them that the clothes of modern people are ready the most in common: gloom, solemnity, layering, tragic grandeur, but in a place with that and causing a catch.

Moreover, the male Gothic style of clothing is very similar to the female sad looks. Therefore, a strong male half, having chosen a gothic orientation for themselves, also uses makeup and intensively brings black eyes.

At the same time, stylized clothes can be ready for medieval outfits with gloves, tailcoats, men's pointed hats, top hats, lace cuffs and other elements of romanticism that were inherent in neo-Gothic. Here again we need to thank Queen Victoria, with whose light hand appeared such luxury in clothes. Sometimes the Victorian style in clothes with a bias in the Gothic style has brutal attributes, such as chains, necklaces and other collars. The basis of the Gothic men's wardrobe are:

  • black shirts
  • leather pants,
  • white, reminiscent of women's blouses with a frill collar, inherent in romanticism and neo-Gothic,
  • frock coats and raincoats
  • hats
  • Gloomy make-up: pale face and dark hair.

In general, the image should be mysterious and mystical. Add a little metal and, of course, a maximum of black - here you have the gothic look ready.

In general, the Gothic style of clothing over the past decades has been rethought many times, adapting to the times. But he remained invariably loved by everyone: both subcultures and fashion-loving people and designers. After all, it is not necessary to completely put on a medieval costume or become a goth. It’s enough to use some bright detail in the Gothic style in the image to look bold, catchy, gothic, but relevant in 2017.

Accessories for gothic looks

Goth girls decorate their outfits with lace gloves, umbrellas, velvet handbags, hats. Hats come with wide brim or have a small elegant shape, complemented by a mesh veil.

Goths love fabrics made in the form of a fishing net or transparent lace. Of these, women's skirts, shirts, capes or hoodies are sewn. All these products, of course, are black.

Typical signs of sad images are white metal accessories. Usually it is silver or inexpensive alloys. Sometimes they use white gold jewelry. Color is a symbol of the cold moon, it well emphasizes the contrast of a pale face and dark decoration.

For adherents of any orientation, the necessary elements of style are jewelry in the form of crosses, skulls, bats. Punk Goths prefer metal chains, bracelets and spikes. Often, piercings can be seen on their faces and torsos.

Categories ready

In the subculture itself there are various subspecies and classes of the Goths, which differ markedly from each other:

  • Business. Such Goths men and women wear a classic black suit and white shirt. It is very difficult to classify such people as a subculture and only black hair and characteristic accessories can give them out.
  • Romance. In this direction, the main emphasis is on the Gothic image of the 18th century, but in modern trends.
  • Vampires They appeared recently and began to gain fans, thanks to films about vampires. Often, red is used in clothing, which characterizes blood.
  • Cyber. Classic black clothes are diluted with blotches of acid flowers. Dreadlocks can often be seen on the head.

Where to buy clothes for a gothic look

Jeans, trousers, shirts, topics and all kinds of blouses, sweaters and turtlenecks we buy in the markets, in second-hand, sometimes in company stores. If the Gothic thing completely suits us, everything remains in its original form, if not, pins, buttons, stripes are used - everything that can be found in the store with sewing accessories and in specialized “metal” stores (we have it “Frick” ", In St. Petersburg it can be" Castle Rock "or" Freak Boutique ").

Further - a little imagination, a little ability to sew - and an exclusive thing is ready for little money.

Skirts (this option applies only to girls) we sew ourselves. This is done in an elementary way. Book on sewing, a couple of patterns-basics, fantasy, sewing machine. And - voila. Most often, skirts are invested in a thousand. For comparison, similar to my skirts, I later found in online stores at prices 3 and 4 times higher than mine.

Original medieval shirts, dresses, corsets, interesting coat cuts and raincoats, which in the store you will never find, we order in the studio. It turns out sometimes expensive, but it's worth it. Our masters sew clothes in the Gothic style very well and with high quality. Plus - the thing is perfectly tailored by your standards.

Bags & Backpacks. The base is bought in a store, in the market or second-hand. Further, using a series of manipulations and a large number of materials (buttons, pins, lace, etc.) brought to mind. Usually I spend no more than an hour on making a bag. Cheap interesting models can also be found in Chinese online stores.

Exclusive custom-made bags are sewn by me manually. To do this, you need a photo of the desired thing, a suitable fabric, a sewing machine. Sometimes knitting needles or a hook (I have not yet mastered this wisdom, but it is very useful).

I can sew gloves and mitts myself. Mitts are unusually easy to manufacture. Gloves are more troublesome. Some gloves (such as leather) can be bought in the same places where non-Goths buy them.

Umbrellas for rain usually - canes without modifications. Or with ribbons sewn on them, lace and appliqués. For the sun, an umbrella frame from the rain with a lace top pulled over is suitable.

Outerwear sewn to order or bought in ordinary stores.

Self-expression options in clothes from ready

An interesting discovery for girls can be the image of the Gothic Lolita. This style is a type of Japanese street fashion. It does not contain any hints of vulgarity and vulgarity, but on the contrary looks quite elegant and relaxed. Character traits:

  • black color actively diluted with blue, blue, red details,
  • quite a lot of white - stockings, gloves, petticoats,
  • strict dresses with corsages and puffy skirts,
  • flirty-looking shirt collars and lace knickers,
  • Elegant knee length
  • Gothic prints
  • elegant hats with ribbons, umbrellas, handbags, coffins,
  • shoes with massive heels or very high (up to 20 cm) platform,
  • gloomy makeup can be replaced by makeup with an emphasis on the eyes,
  • hair - black curls or straight dark red, purple or red strands in black hair are possible.

The result is a completely charming, feminine image.

As you can see, it is not difficult to assemble a set of clothes in a modern Gothic style, suitable for any situation. But that's not all. It is important to maintain the harmony of the image as a whole, that is, to turn a goth or a gothicess from head to toe.


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No matter how Gothic evolves, two basic elements remain unchanged: the predominant black color of clothes (sometimes with elements of other colors (pink, gray, dark blue)), as well as exclusively silver jewelry - gold is not used in principle, as it is regarded as a symbol of ordinary, battered values, as well as the color of the Sun (silver is the color of the Moon).

In terms of image, the early Goths differed from punks only in the predominant black color of clothes and hair (with inserts of white, red, blue or purple) and silver jewelry. They wore torn clothes and even Iroquois, although the Ikroz was usually black in the Goths and much wider than the punks (shaved only on the sides, at the temples). Many called them Dark Punks (Dark Punks) for the external similarity and at the same time a grim difference. Also, the Goths often used a net in their clothes (as a rule, sleeves for men) and had the original make-up style: a very white face with a lot of black eyeliner (both men and women).

Initially, men had short and combed hair, but towards the end of the 80s, long black hair became more preferable, and now ready-shaved hair on the sides and sticking up is much less common than long, flowing hair. Make-up remained a part of the image, and clothes became more diverse: now some wear clothes with the influence of the 18th - early 19th centuries, while others prefer vinyl, leather and mesh. Some wear both, although rarely at the same time. Black and white remain the dominant colors, although sometimes red, blue, magenta or, occasionally, green (more often with cyber-ready) still appear. The most used materials are silk, wrinkled velvet, leather, vinyl and mesh.

Although all Gothic clothing is characterized by a predominance of gloomy colors, in its manifestations it is very diverse: from an ordinary leather skirt for a girl to a jesterly harlequin outfit for a young man. The general context brings together many styles and styles of clothing, although leather remains the most common and versatile material. The general style of clothing, as a rule, is catchy, but at the same time strict, often with a certain eroticization (elements of fetish clothes may also appear in the image ready). Often in the Gothic image these or those romantic elements of past centuries appear - such as lace, frill, velvet, corsets, etc. For example, the Gotesses (Goth girls) often wear corsets and long dresses. According to the work of the photographer Viona Yelegems, various directions in this style are clearly visible.

The hairstyle also plays a very important role in the image of the ready of both sexes. It can be just straight long hair, or they can be lifted with a gel or collected in large bundles. Iroquois are rare. Often hair is dyed black, red, purple and white, dyeing with strands of one color against the background of another is also possible (for example, red locks against a background of black hair). Makeup remains one of the main signs of belonging to a subculture: a dense layer of white powder on the face, black eyeliner and lips.

Gotesses gained widespread use of the bright and impressive “vamp” style - dense black cosmetics, eyeliners, a range of lipstick and nail colors from bright red (bloody) to black. Goths, working in an environment where one cannot afford an extreme or individual approach to image, developed the Corporate Gave style: black business clothes, discreet jewelry, restrained make-up.

We can only add that in Russia, not all Goths dress like the representatives of this subculture in Western Europe. Sometimes it is very difficult, and sometimes it is impossible to get the right clothes, often the Goths, working or studying, replace black cloaks with simple clothes. In most cases, the clothing of the “Tru Goth” is appropriate only at concerts and gatherings.

Gothic: history and features

For the first time this style originated in France, then it found its place in Italy, England and after a short time spread throughout almost all of Europe.

The most striking manifestation of Gothic architecture is considered. The main example is the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris, as well as the cathedrals in Chartres, Amiens, and Reims.

In the Middle Ages, the image of terrifying mythical characters, such as gargoyles, chimeras, was characteristic. Many cathedrals of this time are decorated with sculptures of monsters that are designed to scare away evil spirits and protect the peace of believers.

Gothic style in medieval clothes

In medieval Europe, Gothic reigned in the atmosphere itself and, as a result, it manifested itself in clothing.

Gothic style in clothing of the Middle Ages is distinguished by pointed forms, thin, tightly laced, waist, prongs on the edges of clothes and long trains.

Modern directions of the Gothic style of clothing

Nowadays, there are several directions of the Gothic style, the main symbols of which are black color and thematic silver jewelry. The most popular materials for making clothes are leather, mesh, vinyl, silk and velvet.

Distinctive features of the style are severity, gloom and catchiness. The style is based on cold depressive color combinations: black with red, black with white, which is also observed in the contrasting combination of pale skin and total black makeup and hair.

The most traditional Gothic style in clothing is antique style. This option includes stylization for the main fashion trends of the 18-19th centuries. The main feature of the direction are lace, gloves reaching the elbows, long dresses on the floor, corsets, veils that match the style, and for men - top hats and tailcoats. This direction includes elements of romanticism and neo-Gothic.

Widely used vampire style. It is due to the imitation of popular movie "vampires", such as Lestat de Lyoncourt, Dracula. Girls in the Gothic style corresponding to this trend tend to emphasize their sexuality and give the image a fatal sound, which is achieved with bright red shades in lipstick, manicure and some details of clothing.

Gothic style often intersects with themes metal music. Leather clothes, chains, sadomasochistic paraphernalia, such as collars, latex clothing, do not contradict the aesthetics of the ready.

A special place is cyber direction. This style decision is due to the harmonious combination in the clothing of Gothic and industrial elements. Artificial fabrics are chosen for execution, bright acid colors, an extremely high platform of boots, details of a cyberpunk culture are preferred.

In Japan, a direction called lolita. Typically, girls wear dresses in the Gothic style, knee-length, with frills and crinolines. Accessories are decorative umbrellas, hats, platform shoes with rounded toes.

Representatives of the subculture working in offices and institutions with a dress code cannot afford to wear themed clothes. In this regard, there was a direction corporate goth. This style comes down to a minimal amount of makeup and accessories.

Gothic style on the catwalks

The first appearance of the Gothic style on the catwalk took place in the 1990s - 2000s. Alexander McQueen in his collections "Shine", "Hunger" and "Birds" embodied Gothic aesthetics and meaning. In 2009, Victorian and neo-romantic styles come into force. The female image acquires undeniable femininity and grandeur thanks to black ruffles and lace on blouses, and puffy skirts. Givenchy and Jean-Paul Gaultier presented to the world their reading of Gothic fashion shows. Gilles and AndrewGn endowed their models with femininity and charm with transparent blouses and fitted dresses in the Gothic style.

Gothic wedding dresses

Those who wish to challenge the traditions can easily prefer a wedding in the Gothic style, which will forever remain in the memory of both newlyweds and guests. In this version, the dazzling white circuit board is replaced with black, and it is possible to add colors such as scarlet, purple, burgundy or white. For example, it can be a black dress with stockings or a ribbon on the neck of a contrasting color.

Particular attention should be paid to fabrics for a Gothic wedding dress. They should have a shiny smooth surface: leather, silk, chiffon, satin, latex, varnished fabric.

It is very worthwhile to choose jewelry for a similar outfit. Under no circumstances should you wear gold other than a wedding ring. This is considered a sign of tastelessness and can ruin the impression of the image. Silver or any other metal will look great. Well complement the image of a collar with spikes, chains.

Основной чертой готического свадебного наряда является наличие сетки. Это может быть болеро, перчатки, чулки.

Также следует уделить внимание макияжу, который в данном образе несёт большую нагрузку. Лицо должно быть очень бледным, что подчеркнут чёрная подводка для глаз, густо накрашенные ресницы и алая или чёрная помада. Чёрный цвет предпочтителен и в причёске. Hair can be loose, but always straight, or gathered in a lush high hairstyle.

A separate version of the Gothic wedding dresses are outfits of blood red. Undoubtedly, such a model will look spectacular in a frame of black lace and in combination with long varnish gloves. It is worth noting that this image is shocking guests and eclipses brides in traditional dresses.