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A letter to a friend in Spanish


The content and design of a business letter in Spanish is subject to certain rules. In business correspondence, the Spaniards try not to use colloquial words and expressions, the tone of the presentation is emphasized officially.

Components of a business letter:

1sender detailsMembrane
2place and date of senderLocalidad y fecha
3address of the recipientDestinatario
4topic of the letterReferencia
5greeting, appealSaludo
6general content of the letterCuerpo de la carta
7final courtesy formulaDespedida
8signatureAntefirma y firma
9() applicationsAnexos

The location of the components in the letter

1) Alonso y co.
Plaza Real, 5
Marbella, España

2) Marbella, 21 de noviembre de 2005

3) Sr.Rubio
Calle real, 17

4) Ref: Contrato # 234

5) Estimado Sr.Rubio:

7) Quedo a la espera de su respuesta,

8) Atentamente,
Cristobal alonso

9) () Anexo: Lista de precios

3) Destination address / Destinatario

The recipient's address is located on the left under the details, a line below the address and date in the following sequence:

Recipient surname, position
Street and house number
City name
A country

There are no periods or commas at the end of lines; each line is capitalized.

Sr. Mabell Rubia, directora de Collegio Cervantes
Collegio cervantes
Avenida de las Americas, 11

Marcaribe INC
Calle Libre, 17
23213 Marbella

4) Subject / Referencia

A line of the summary of the letter (in one word or sentence) is placed below the address. This can be a contract number, a link to a previous letter, a response to a previous letter, etc.

Ref: contrato 324/2

Ref: para la atención del Sr. Sumio
To the attention of Senor Sumio.

If the sender wants a specific employee to read the letter addressed to the company, the surname and name of that employee are indicated in the reference.

5) Greetings, salutation / Saludo

Located under the reference - the subject of the letter.

It is important to remember that a colon is always placed after the greeting.

Examples of common hits:

Estimado Señor:
Estimada Señora:

Dear Senior
Dear Senora

Destinguidos señores:
Destinguida señora:

Dear seniors
Dear senora

6) General content of the letter / Cuerpo de la carta

The general text begins with a red line under the greeting with a capital letter.

The text of the letter usually consists of an introductory part, the main content and conclusion. Try to write

  • be businesslike, concise, logical
  • avoid unnecessary details
  • concern only one issue (according to the rules of office work)

If the letter does not fit on one page, you should not continue it on the back. Continue on the next page, remembering to number it.

Universal examples of the introductory part of the letter:

Gracias por su carta del 5 de agosto.
Thank you for your letter of August 5th.

Nos satisface comunicarle.
We are glad to inform you.

En relación con nuestra conversación telefonica, le informo.
In connection with our telephone conversation, I inform you.

8) Signature / Antefirma y firma

Below the final formula of courtesy, in the right corner is written the name, sender's name, position.

Mabell rubia
(Directora del colegio Cervantes)

Mabel Rubia
(Director of the College of Servantess)

P.S. / Postscript - is an undesirable postscript and is used only in case of emergency.

After the postscript, the signature is put again.

9) Applications / Anexos

This mark is placed at the bottom left if any documents are attached to the letter:

Incl .: lista de precios
Application: price list

Anex .: invitación
Application: invitation

Adj .: catálogo
Application: catalog

Sometimes at the end of the letter there are abbreviations of the type MR / PS (dictado por Mabell Rubia y mecanografiado Pepe Segovia - dictated by Mabell Rubia and shorthand Pepe Segovia).

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2. Greetings. Appeal: can be both official and unofficial.

Appeal to a friend, family member, lover:

  • Querido pablo
  • Mam? / Pap?
  • Hola julio
  • Querido
  • Mi amor

Formal, respectful treatment:

Friendlies and friendships:

  • Besos y abrazos - Kiss and hug
  • Afectuosamente - With love
  • Besos - Kisses
  • Cari? Osos saludos - Best regards
  • Official appeals:
  • Atentamente, cordialmente, saludos (synonyms) - Regards