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Preparing for the holiday well in advance - home-made wreaths for Halloween will come in handy


Despite the fact that this holiday is not official in Russia and the CIS countries, they still love to celebrate it, because it is not only unusual, but also quite colorful and original.

Many people have Halloween parties. They can take place both in clubs, cafes and restaurants, and at home.

To beautifully decorate the room and prepare original Halloween crafts, we provide some interesting ideas, many of which you will definitely like.

DIY Halloween: Little Ghosts

- foam balls (can be found in the stationery store)

- white cloth or gauze

1. Wrap each foam ball in a cloth and tie a thick thread at the neck to secure the fabric.

2. Insert the black pins so that they become eyes.

3. To hang a ghost, you can make a small loop of thread on the crown.

DIY Halloween crafts: spider garland

- needle and thread or scotch tape.

1. Prepare 4 brushes, collect them in a bundle and bend in half.

2. Grasp the crown at the bend of the brushes, bend it slightly and twist the brushes to form the body of a spider.

3. Start spreading the legs of the spider.

4. Using a thread and a needle or tape, attach the spider to the thread.

5. Make a few more spiders to create a large garland.

DIY do-it-yourself decor

For this project, you can turn on your imagination and use any items (things, toys) to create an original corner for Halloween.

In this case, the witch’s locker was created. To do this, a large wooden box was used, but instead you can use a cardboard box to which you can attach several shelves and decorate with paints (gouache) and / or black duct tape (or electrical tape).

As decorations, you can add:

- bats cut out of black paper

- artificial web (buy in cans or make yourself from threads)

- old books and unnecessary keys

- jars and cones painted with gouache in the right colors.

Do-it-yourself Halloween at home: bloody candles

- food parchment (baking paper)

- white thick and thin candles

- 1 red candle

- pins and nails

1. First, cover the work surface with food parchment, and remove all stickers (if any) from the candles.

2. Light a red candle and get ready to drip red paraffin onto a white thick candle. You can insert pins and nails into the white candlestick in advance. Be careful, remember - paraffin is hot.

3. The same can be done with thin candles and then insert them into the candlestick.

Shiny Skeleton Wreath

If you want to attract attention with a bright visual accent, then this idea is for you. And, unlike many other designs of wreaths, it requires very little time and effort to implement.

Just use a little sparkle, a few skulls and for a simple wreath, perhaps enough. Try to get the skull glow in the dark, it works great! (From Please Note Paper)

Crops, skull and spider in one wreath

Here is another grandiose idea that is noticeably different from others, but no less cool! Vintage labels bring the aroma of the season and the addition of skulls and spiders to it, undeniably, has a factor of some cold blow from the world of dark forces.

Made using old paper with circles, acrylic paint and a black frame, the work carries the lasting charm of the old Wild West! (From mod podge rocks blog).

Creepy Plexus of Snakes

You will find a lot of bats and spiders on the doors of the houses where Halloween is celebrated. But the use of snake images is certainly an innovation.

And, after all, if you think carefully, the plastic figures of these reptiles are ideal for wreaths. A little patience and black paint will also not hinder in the manufacture of the product. (From mcillece spot).

Horror wreath

Here is a truly creepy design created using the old vine and black paint, traditional in Halloween designs. A plastic web and moire ribbon complement this composition. (From just a girl blog).

Gorgeous wreath in gray colors.

Here is an example of pure minimalism. Simplicity and the highest aesthetics are intertwined in one product. A styrofoam ring is wrapped in gray yarn; bats are stuck to this ring. You can add orange and black stripes if you want. (From eighteen25).

Not all of us are fans of large, black birds. But on Halloween, ravens and ravens are not just birds, but symbols. A similar design with these elements bears the strongest imprint of the Gothic style. To complete the picture there is not enough smoke and dim purple light. (From katydidandkid).

Fun with a wreath of cobwebs

When creating wickerwork, many opportunities open up. For example, the photo below shows an imitation of the dexterous work of a spider weaving a wreath with surprising ease for All Saints Day. Unusual and amazing! (From kaminskis creations).

Glamorous Halloween Wreath

And what about the attempts to connect Hollywood glamor with Halloween horror? The white tone of the next sample in our selection with a slight ease solves this problem.

The combination of the illusiveness of white with a terrible blackness almost makes us feel the touch of the other world on us. There is nothing cartoony, just one heavy beautiful design! (From days of chalk and chocolate).

How to make a big ghost on Halloween do it yourself

- transparent trash bags

- transparent wide and thin adhesive tape

- mannequin or volunteer

* You can use part of the mannequin (without a head) or something that has the shape of a body, as well as a ball for the head.

- fishing line (to hang).

1.1. Slip a large, transparent bag over the mannequin. If you have a volunteer as a dummy, then make holes in the bag for the head and hands and then put it on it.

1.2. Start wrapping a bag of thick tape. Pay special attention to the most complex parts of the body. Wrap around the waist, neck and shoulders. Add a little scotch tape to connect all the already wound parts - a couple of pieces from the neck to the shoulders and a couple from the waist to the neck.

* For more difficult places you can use thin tape.

In the picture you can see the strips of blue tape - this is so that you better understand what to do next.

1.3. Continue reeling up the tape, ranging from horizontal to vertical stripes. The main thing is that the whole body is covered.

1.4. To make the form stronger, add another layer of adhesive tape. If you wish, you can make a couple more layers, but the more adhesive tape, the less transparent the ghost will be.

1.5. Using scissors (preferably with rounded ends), cut the shape from the back from the neck to the waist in a straight line. The dark tape in the picture shows where exactly this needs to be done.

1.6. Carefully remove the mold from the mannequin and set it aside.

If you don’t have a head layout, you can use a regular ball of the appropriate size.

* Never use a real person for this.

7.1. Put a transparent bag on the mold.

7.2. Tape the neck with thin tape to secure the bag from the bottom. And to fix the package on top, wrap tape around it in the forehead. If you use balls, then just glue the adhesive tape from below and then start wrapping them around the entire ball.

You can make several layers to secure the structure of tape.

7.3. Carefully cut the tape and remove it.

Place parts on top of each other and fasten them with tape. You can first pin a small amount of tape to determine the shape you like best. After that, simply wrap the shape in 2 layers.

9. To make ghosts torn clothes should take a few transparent bags and cut off the bottom. Next, make a fringe out of the bag. Fasten the received part with tape.

* You can wear a ghost shawl or gauze.

Overhanging Web Wreath

The next project was done using a pair of women's tights. This homemade wreath is easy to make. Material - expanded polystyrene. A giant spider, suspended in the center and looking very dangerous, was bought in a store. You can add orange and black ribbons to make the design more attractive (From lizziejanebaby).

Felt flowers

Halloween is strongly associated with orange. But neither we nor you can supply all the wreaths with an abundance of pumpkins. But we have such wonderful material as felt!

Warm and slightly vague, it fills any space and perfectly complements the black color and looks just fabulous. And with colors you can experiment endlessly. (From livinglocurto).

Scary night in a wreath of yarn

Having made a simple wreath, wrapped a foam ring in yarn, you can easily turn it into a horror story by adding a special background. The embroidery seems complicated, but it looks great and adds texture. However, you can make a leather applique, it can give a 3D effect. (From Etsy)

Wreath in the form of a ceiling outlet

A pair of small orange wreaths with a painted black rosette, and you will be stunned by the magnitude of the results achieved. Very simple and stylish solution! The circles are fastened together, spray painted, wrapped with tape and suspended from the ceiling (From Madigan Made).

Lace wreath

The old lace of the jacket, and satin ribbon with foam wrap are the basis of the design of this sample. (From craftily-ever-after).

Colorful composition

At the heart of this composition is a thin foam wreath wrapped in bright, delightful flower petals. Petals, of course, are made of fabric of orange, yellow and white tones.

Fixing elements on the basis will take several hours, but do it with love and enthusiasm, and the result will not deceive your expectations. (From the house of smiths).

Black licorice wreath

How about scaring your guests right now with licorice? Given that a nervous tick or funk is an integral part of Halloween night, such a wreath is actually not a bad idea.

The big orange flower is colored a la chips, but you can experiment with other colors. (From saved by love creations)

New from old

If you are planning to throw an old dull wreath from the branches, disappearing in the basement from the last holiday, then perhaps the next plot of our story will stop you.

Take paints: white, yellow, orange. The simplest idea in such cases is changing and updating makeup. The result is a wonderful transformation of the old wreath into a new decoration for the upcoming Halloween with Scandinavian design. (Idea from in between laundry).

Wreath of "Happy Halloween!"

Time to turn from the more scary and terrible side of Halloween to a more fun and festive mood. This bright and sparkling wreath from the next photo easily solves this problem with the help of numerous ribbons!

This definitely sets him apart in a series of gloomy designs. And a large number of ’31 ‘is a reminder of the celebrated date. (From tatertots and jello)

Paper Plates and Home Buns

It's hard to imagine a Halloween wreath made from paper plates and icing buns, but when done, it really looks exquisite. Starting work on this chic project, prepare 50 white paper plates, a wreath of vines and a few rolls, glue. (From blue sky confections).