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Flowers for wedding tables: which ones are better to choose, living or artificial?


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The presence of natural or indoor flowers in the house is a positive sign. They delight the eye and at times increase mood. Gloomy weather or loss of strength is not so terrible if something in the room is blooming and smelling.

In addition to the usual options, there are plenty of ways to make an original floral arrangement and place it in the house. Having tried on the role of a florist, you can catch inspiration and fantasize.

Bright Side Gathered the brightest options and recommends today to buy flowers home.

Decor made of shells and sea pebbles

Glass jars and containers for storing sugar and cereals are an unusual and affordable alternative to a familiar vase. And if you put seashells, pebbles or decorations for aquariums inside, you get a whole work of art.

Arrangements of flowers on the table of the newlyweds

The most popular way to decorate a honeymoon table with a floral arrangement is to use large bouquets of gerberas or chrysanthemums. To create a decoration with fresh flowers of a wedding table, you will need to invite experienced florist, as it is painstaking work requiring special knowledge and imagination.

Photo of a flower arrangement on the table of the newlyweds

The honeymoon table is usually decorated with a composition from fresh flowers, which is located in the center, and on the sides and around the perimeter it is decorated with other flowers. Thus, it seems that all the flowers are one.

There should not be too many flowers, so that they do not interfere with the young couple and do not close them from the guests. Better opt for a flat composition

If the wedding takes place in hot weather, then flowers are needed from time to time irrigate with waterso that they do not lose their fresh look. And so that the composition retains its shape throughout the holiday, flowers are recommended fasten to the frame made of wire and foam.

Also popular decoration on the table of the bride and groom are small bouquets in vases different heights. Ball-shaped flowers fit into low vases - you get a nice and delicate composition. Bouquets of roses, lilies and other tall flowers are placed in large vases.

Flowers on a newlywed table in a vase

For some reason, fresh flowers are sometimes unavailable for decoration. In this case, you can pay attention to artificial flower arrangements. They also look good, which at times cannot be distinguished from real ones.

The main plus is that artificial flowers do not require any care, since they do not need moisture. A composition of artificial flowers on the table of the young can be done independently, armed with scissors and polystyrene.

Photo of wedding table decoration with flowers

Florist Tips for Decorating Wedding Tables with Flowers

Flowers are appropriate for any holiday, but in order not to spoil the whole impression, you need to adhere to some rules in the design

Highlights of decorating with flowers:

  • the color and style of the compositions must match the colors from the bride’s bouquet,
  • flowers with a sharp aroma cannot be used, they can cause allergies or headaches in guests,
  • Floral arrangements should ideally fit the overall style of the wedding.

Also important when making out take into account the shape of the tables. For narrow and long, floral arrangements in a higher bowl are suitable. For round tables, it is worth giving preference to low but voluminous bouquets.

Flowers in a transparent round vase for round tables of guests

For a general wide table, it is best to make a decoration in the form of small compositions located along the entire length. If nevertheless large enough compositions are chosen, then there should be few of them so as not to clutter up the table.

Unbanal vase from rubber boots

A rainy day can be made a little brighter by decorating the entrance hall with sunny tulips. Perfect for the role of a vase, waterproof rubber boots. And in well-worn, but cute sneakers, you can plant indoor plants.

Floral arrangements on guest tables

Decorating tables with flowers for a wedding is a great idea. To create compositions, gerberas, which are considered to be “wedding” flowers, and roses: white, pink, tea - depending on the overall design of the room, are most often used.

Vases for fresh flowers should not be too high so as not to obstruct the view of the guests. And if you still choose high, then in this case it is advisable to choose narrow transparent options with a height of more than 30 cm. It is recommended to arrange them among themselves after 1-1.5 meters from each other.

Recent Fashion Trend - this is the naturalness and simplicity of decorations, therefore, for the design of weddings, grass, leaves, moss, lilacs are often used, which are placed in small vases and give the atmosphere more freshness of nature itself.

Photo of a composition of fresh flowers on a wedding table

Guest tables can also be decorated with potted flowers. They are placed not only at the entrance and the territory of the celebration, but also on tables for guests. This option will be especially relevant for those who decide to arrange a wedding in eco style. Flowers in beautiful pots look very attractive and aesthetically pleasing.

In flower pots, you can insert tablets with the table number or a list of guests sitting at it. And the pot itself should be supplemented with a colored ribbon, twine or other suitable decor

Very often, guest tables are decorated with small bouquets of peonies or hydrangeas. If you choose delicate white or pink colors, then a sweet and charming wedding atmosphere will be provided.

Photo of flowers on tables of guests at a wedding

Original look at holiday tables bulbous flowersfor example, tulips, hyacinths or daffodils. Moreover, they do not have to be cut off - flowers in pots, which show a bulb from under the ground, look spectacular and spring-like.

Sometimes florists place bulbous flowers in transparent pots so that others can see not only the upper shoots, but also the root system. Also, the flowers may not bloom, because the green young shoots will perfectly complement the wedding interior and remain fresh throughout the banquet.

To decorate wedding tables are actively used. succulent plants. These include aloe or echeveria, in small pots they look harmoniously on the festive table. If there is a desire to add flowers for tables in a creative way, then this option is the ideal solution.

Arrangement of succulent flowers on the guests festive table

How to decorate a wedding table with your own hands?

Floristry is the most interesting field of activity for decorating tables for a wedding.

If you have a sense of taste, composition and the ability to choose a color palette, then you can do table design yourself without inviting a professional florist

As a stand and flower stand, you can use a plastic tray, a deep oblong-shaped cup. A great option would be to use floral foam bricks - it is saturated with moisture, so the flowers retain their fresh appearance for a long time.

To independently arrange flowers for tables for guests, you can do it very simply. Buy white flowers for table decoration and small vases made of transparent glass. Cut the stalks of flowers so that only buds are visible from the vase. This approach will especially appeal to those. Who respects minimalism in everything.

Do-it-yourself white flowers for guests table in a vase

If there are shades of red in the design of the wedding, then it will be logical to make the design in red of the table of the newlyweds. For this, classic roses are used - flowers that are suitable for any occasion.

So, what will be needed to create a gentle floral decoration for the table of the bride and groom:

  • 25 white roses (height 40 cm) with small flowers,
  • 10 pcs of red rose bush,
  • 10 branches of eustoma or gerbera,
  • a bunch of ruskus
  • secateurs
  • knife,
  • oblong dish
  • floristic foam (sponge).

  1. Cut the foam into bricks and soak in water for a couple of minutes. Then place them in a dish, completely filling its bottom.
  2. Green Ruscus branches insert on the sides of the floral sponge. Cover the bottom of the foam by cutting branches of different lengths.
  3. Cut the stem of a white rose diagonally and insert it into the very center of the future composition. This flower will set the required height of the entire decoration.
  4. The remaining white roses should be placed throughout the sponge, placing them at the same distance from each other.
  5. Spray rose fill the remaining space.
  6. Complete the composition with eustoma.

It is important that the composition does not have too abrupt changes in the direction of colors, then the decoration will be proportional and even.

Composition on the table of the newlyweds of roses

Also used for decoration is not only flowers, but simply petals. To do this, fill low vases with a wide neck with water, put round candles on it and decorate the surface of the water with petals - it turns out a very nice and delicate decoration. And most importantly, it not take much time and effort.

No matter how beautifully the hall for the wedding is decorated, it is the decoration of the tables that the main attention of the guests will be directed to. After all, they will be spent most of the holiday. Therefore, the decoration of tables is approached with awe and care. Flowers are the best option, especially for a wedding.