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How to make a cover yourself


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The paper cover protects the book's native binding from wear and tear. If you don’t like plastic or fabric covers, the paper cover will be a great and environmentally friendly alternative. Using brown wrapping paper to make the cover also allows you to decorate it with your own patterns and decorative elements. With only scissors, scotch tape and paper on hand, with just a few folds you can make a cover for any book.

How to make a cover yourself. Cover for notebooks from the road map.

- 2 road maps or atlas (you can choose maps on which there are a lot of parts painted in different colors)

* Select 1 map for horizontal stripes and 1 map for vertical. You need to cut it so that after wrapping the book, you can read the names without turning the cover over.

1. Prepare each card, flip it on the back side and mark with a marker or pencil the places where you will cut into strips.

* In this example, the width of each strip is 1.5 cm.

* The length of each strip should be such that you can wrap the notebook from top to bottom (vertical stripes) or from the front to the back (horizontal stripes), taking into account a margin of about 2.5-3 cm on the sides of the notebook.

2. After that, so you cut the vertical strips, they need to be laid flat on the table and pressed with something heavy so that they do not move.

3. Start weaving horizontal and vertical stripes.

4. When you have woven enough to wrap a notebook, stick tape to the bottom of the workpiece so that you can bend it in the opposite direction.

Repeat with the top side of the workpiece.

5. It's time to cover the notebook. To begin, glue the notebook with double tape.

6. Carefully place the notebook on the cover and wrap it. Hold well.

7. Trim the edges. You can glue strips in some places (if necessary).

DIY cover. Instagram Notebook.

- photos from Instagram

- glue (preferably special glue for decoupage)

- notebook or notepad

1. Print small photos.

2. Cut out the photos.

3. Lay them out on notebooks as you like more.

4. Lubricate each photo with glue on the back side and glue it to a notebook or notebook.

5. If you used glue for decoupage, you can anoint them with glued photos so that they become a little shiny. Better to apply it in only one direction.

6. Leave the glue for the decoupage to dry, after which you can glue the ribbon and write something on it - for example, your name.

DIY passport cover

- scrapbooking paper or cardboard (14.8 cm x 12.7 cm)

- scrapbooking paper or cardboard (6 cm x 16.7 cm)

- white paper A4

- openwork hole punch for the edge

* It is worth noting that you need to choose not too thick paper for scrapbooking.

* If there is no such paper, then you can use plain cardboard.

1. First you need to cut a rectangle out of cardboard. The size should be slightly larger than the size of the passport.

2. Next, you need to make a creasing, while from each edge you need to step back 3 cm. Fold the paper.

3. Prepare a second rectangle from cardboard and cut it in half - you should have 2 equal strips.

4. Prepare A4 white paper and make openwork edges with a hole punch.

5. Bend the edges of the rectangular strips by 2 cm.

6. Glue openwork edges to the middle of each strip.

7. Prepare a large rectangular sheet of cardboard and stick strips on it.

8. Insert your passport in the cover.

9. Now you can decorate the cover. It is advisable to use flat jewelry that will not cling to anything and thereby will not come off.

10. In this example, a hole flower was used, but you can make a beautiful flower yourself.

There are several ways: you can simply cut out of paper, make a flower using the quilling technique, an origami flower or a flower from corrugated paper. To find out how, check out one of our articles:

Add half the pearl, as well as a satin ribbon that can be tied to a bow.

How to make a cover for a book or notebook

Notepad can also be decorated with such a colorful, exclusive cover.

1. Cut two parts from a white cloth for a cover of a notebook.

2. Cut a large piece and 2 small rectangles of bright fabric - the latter will act as pockets.

* It is worth noting that all patterns must be done with a margin.

* Patterns will need to be ironed.

3. Sew a pocket to each piece of white fabric.

4. Sidewalls now need to grind with the main part face to face.

5. Turn to the front side and iron with an iron.

Steps for creating a cover

First, a suitable paper bag is selected, from which you will later make a cover. The width of the paper bag should allow them to wrap both the front and back of the book. In other words, the paper should be no less than the double width of the book itself. As for the height of the package, it should be 8 centimeters more than the height of the book. Then the cover will sit on it accordingly. The package must be cut along its glued seam. Moreover, this manipulation is performed with one seam located on the side of the package, but not at the bottom of it. Care should be taken not to accidentally cut both sides of the packet at once, because only one is needed. If the bag has handles, remove them.

Steps for creating a cover

Cut the packet bottom upside down. It is not necessary to cut more than 2.5-5 centimeters of paper, since it will be necessary to get a fairly large sheet of paper. Position the book in the very center of the resulting sheet and make sure that it is large enough to wrap the entire book. It is also important to check if there is enough paper to wrap its front and back crusts.


After that, the bottom edge of the paper is folded along the bottom edge of the book. The fold must be bent along the entire bottom of the book cover. If desired, it is possible to use double-sided tape to fix it. It is this fold that will help, subsequently, fix the cover on the book. Place the book on top of the paper, aligning the bottom edge with the fold. Then the paper should be folded along the top edge of the book. The fold is pressed along the top edge of the paper. And again, you can, if desired, fix it with tape. Then you need to remove the book from paper, and then measure the value of paper turns. They should be at least 4 centimeters wide.


If the lower edges are bent up, then the upper edges of the cover will need to be bent down. Now you get a strip of paper with a height high enough to cover the height of the entire book. We must try to make sure that the folds of the paper cover do not coincide with those that are already on the paper bag, otherwise the cover will wear out too quickly or tear, so that it will not be able to fully protect the book. Next, the book must again be put in the center of the paper and wrap the paper around it in front and behind, aligning its ends. The excess paper will need to be tucked along the front edge so that it is under the front crust of the book. This fold also needs to be washed out and then the front crust of the book inserted into the gap of the turn, which formed the upper and lower folds on the cover. Then you need to advance the cover inside the gateway to the fold.

Cover art

Excess paper

The excess paper is folded back so that it is under the back of the book. Then you need to insert the back of the book cover into the gap of the turn, which is formed by the upper and lower folds of its cover. Slide the cover in the doorway to the fold. If it turns out to be very dense, then your main work is already finished.

Remove excess

Creating a cover for a book is a simple and not a long process. But such an attribute will help not only to decorate the book, but also to keep it in good condition for as long as possible. Schoolchildren make covers for textbooks, and those who often take books in the library thus extend the time they are used.

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