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How to win the X Factor


Yes, it’s very simple - I was contacted by a company that once sent me to the show “Baron Munchausen 3D” and offered to go live on X-Factor, as a spectator, of course. “And when?” I asked. “And on any Saturday,” they answered me. “Oh, so I’ll be in Kiev at the conference on the 12th, why not go?” And so it happened.

It turned out that tickets for live shows are not sold anywhere. The channel distributes them among the support groups of participants, as well as its partners and sponsors. Well, the sponsors themselves decide where to put these tickets. This year, for example, tickets to the show can be won by participating in the competition.

The show itself takes place at the Aviant plant, and guests are collected for a kilometer from the plant, and they are already taken there by bus. The plant has empty workshops, in which the shooting pavilion is equipped.

All the pictures in this report were taken without a flash - in the studio it is forbidden to “glare” into cameras, all the same, live broadcast. So the quality is sometimes not very good - everything that I could pull out with a matrix, and even without a tripod.

Inside the leased workshop, like a nesting doll in a nested doll, a frame fitted with heat-insulating material is installed - white outside, black inside. Actually inside it are located the stage and the auditorium.

In the photo - sector B. Since it is located in the center and often falls into the lens, there are soft chairs. There are no chairs in the side sectors A and C (where we got) - just benches without backs. To spend time on such 5 hours of air is still a pleasure.

But this is what, the lighting technician had to sit in the cradle:

Generally economical approach to the face. Everything that gets into the frame looks delicious, everything that doesn't get into it is extremely ascetic. For nefig :)

While the final preparations are in progress, he gives out Valuable Instructions to the audience - when to get up, when to clap, where to look, with the majorda (we called him that).

After him, the presenter Oksana Marchenko comes out, and the show begins.

I would give Oksana the prize “The Most Plastic Presenter of the World”. I do not hint at silicone, God forbid. I mean that she is NO - the Barbie doll has more emotions than Oksana Marchenko. It turns out that the text says (apparently reading from the prompter) and all this is false through and through. Here you need to smile like that, here with a pen like that, he does everything according to the rules. “Standing behind the cool, I so laughed! ...” - no-no-ryu. I thought she only seemed empty on TV - no, the same thing was near.

The jury members - Kondratyuk, Yolka, Seryoga and Sosedov have no less text, but they play their roles well, easily and naturally.

Neighbors in general are the darling and the highlight of the show :) Usually gay tweaks cause people to reject, but Sergei manages to charm everyone.

In fact, Marchenko is the only drawback of this show, everything else is amazing. Starting from the light performance of the extra-class, ending with the preparation of the contestants. I didn’t even expect this show to be more lively than on TV. Even camera cranes and cameras poked everywhere do not interfere (I counted 6 pieces, but judging by the picture on the camera’s console, somewhere else there are at least two more).

What a pity that the photos have to be reduced to 800px :(

This is a speech by Viktor Romanchenko (physical education teacher). The song is very complicated. The show was made literally from nothing - correctly organizing a mask.

I listened to several videos on YouTube from this concert, all the performers have a hoarse voice, the upper frequencies are lifted up, the lower ones are not. In real life, it sounded much better.

After blah blah blah jury about the song and the announcement of the next participant, viewers show a video about how good this next participant is, how long he went to his goal, how relatives and fans of the passers-by are worried about him. But it’s on TV, and on stage at this time the high-speed way is cleaning the scenery of the previous participant and installing new ones.

Here, a group of extras sets mirrors, which Oleg Kenzov will hit in the story. His song is poppy and empty, and he himself was more successful in portraying himself as a macho man. But little girls like it, then ok.

In the process of breaking mirrors, Oleg cut his finger pretty hard. Here he stands near Oksana Marchenko and almost faints.

Judging by the amount of blood, he tore a large vessel (he was taken to the hospital after the show). So a pre-syncope condition is not a consequence of a weak nervous system - the loss of a couple of glasses of blood and a lot of stress during a performance may want to blame anyone.

And again, a beating on TV, and on the stage cleaning broken glass and changing the scenery.

In general, several hundred people who simultaneously and harmoniously make the show are impressive no less than the performances of the participants. But many of them are invisible, such as a director who commands all the operators and chooses which camera to broadcast at every moment. Or sound engineers - well, God forbid, they are mistaken somewhere in this heap of wires and buttons. However, week after week, everything works like a clock.

It is much easier to watch performers from the auditorium :)

In the last photo Arkady and Malik. They sang just awesome, conveyed the plot and emotions 100%, the audience almost cried, and the flurry of applause was such that not every pop star collects at concerts.

Link to YouTube, again in real life it was cooler.

We couldn’t wait for the performances of the Spleen group - and so we spent 4 hours. Yes, and what have I, Splenov not seen? :) I was interested to look at the X-Factor kitchen - I looked. And I recommend you - it's worth it.