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TOP 76 ideas to give Mom another 14 gifts and tips for her Birthday


They say they don’t look in the teeth of a gifted horse, but sometimes gifts are so unexpected that they cause only bewilderment — how did anyone come up with such a gift? And it seems that a commonplace frying pan would be a more suitable gift than a piggy bank in the form of a horse. The other extreme is when gifts are not given at all, under the guise of reluctance to participate in a race for a senseless waste of money (if only if you buy another dust bag five minutes before giving it!).

We collected life stories about the strangest gifts, and also asked the psychologist why some people like to give gifts, while others do not.

The cycle of useless things

What is the most unusual and strange gift you received? Our rating includes white slippers, a pack of tea bags, a voodoo doll, very small tights (hint, what should you lose weight?), A set of cosmetics from the hotel, a bin, a children's gift set (for adults), an expired box of chocolates, a cup with the inscription “ Happy New Year! ”And the Christmas tree depicted on it (and this is for the birthday) ... It’s not even a shower gel, a candle, woolen socks or a heating pad, which already seem more practical and necessary. It seems that the man did not show imagination, did not think what to give, but took the first one that came to hand. In fact, it is, our expert, psychologist Anna Reznikova is sure.

Anna Reznikova,
psychologist, children's psychotherapist

- From childhood, they inspire us that coming to visit empty-handed is wrong and bad. As a result, going to visit someone, we must bring something, not only to the owners of the house, but also to all households, as well as children. As some of my friends say, there is a cycle of useless things in nature. It also happens that it’s very difficult to figure out how to please a person, especially if this is your business partner or acquaintance who unexpectedly called for a party.

How to react to such strange gifts?

Anna Reznikova,
psychologist, children's psychotherapist

- Of course, thank you. Even if this is another, one hundred and first mascot figurine. After all, every gift deserves thanks. Make a compliment to the present, sometimes the simple “How sweet” is enough, but if you feel that a person is waiting for something else, specify where the present was bought, whether this person has such a thing and how it can be used - in general, translate the arrows from yourself to the donor, and then say “thank you” and change the subject. If this is not the first time, you can neatly but honestly tell the donor that this surprise is not quite relevant for you (does not fit the size, does not fit into the interior ...), but if the next time he buys something similar, but, for example, a different style, everything will be fine. Thus, you give the donor a clue for the future that you would like to receive.

The main thing is to show diplomacy. One of my friends Julia had such a story. Her friend, addicted to running, had a birthday. And Julia decided to give her a memorable gift - she ordered tricky running sneakers. True, the birthday girl was not at all happy with this gift, without trying on it, she said that they would definitely be small (the size was specified before and was taken with a margin), and returned it back. As a result, Julia gave her a gift from a series of those on duty, but the sediment remained, and the desire to do something pleasant died out.

And here is another story from life. Alyona gave her a fox fur coat for thirty years. The main argument - a solid adult and business girl to go in a down jacket. Only Alena for conscious consumption and against natural fur. Needless to say, she doesn’t wear a fur coat and returned it to her mother, who still cannot understand her daughter’s obstinate act.

The only way out is to make wish lists. However, as practice shows, not everyone is happy with those gifts that they once dreamed about. Masha admits that she once told her husband that she dreams about a bread machine and wants to cook bread on weekends herself. Already on the next holiday she received this miracle of technology as a gift. True, the gift seemed to her too utilitarian and not personalized, they say, there is no romance in it. But Irin, the young man decided not to take a steam bath: he found out what her favorite perfumes are and gives them for all holidays. Needless to say, for three years of relations she has already accumulated a mini-warehouse of fragrances?

Why don't they give us anything at all

After the holidays on the online forums, there is a surge in those about inattention on the part of the spouse or loved ones. For example, Christina’s story: “I sit on maternity leave, but I work from home, so there is little money for conditional pocket expenses. In December, my husband and I had a wedding anniversary, on that very day we had a romantic dinner planned. I bought a gift for my husband - a sports fitness bracelet. But he didn’t give me anything, he said that he didn’t have time for a flower on the way home ... And on New Year’s, he warned in advance that we would be without gifts - we need to pay the loan, and so we will spend on the table and entertainment. But in these two situations, the heroine wanted to receive attention and care rather than a material expression of love.

But this happens not only in family life. A crowded cafe on the eve of the holidays is an opportunity to look into the keyhole, or rather find out how others live. These are conversations, who will go where to celebrate (or go), what they will wear, what they will give and what they should give them (do you feel tonality?) - in general, this is all that is called festive turmoil. And it’s so interesting to watch the reaction of people who give gifts. Here is the story I saw. Three friends met, and one gave everyone a present, the rest didn’t, but they examined the gift with animation, looked at each other’s bags and discussed what was received. I suppose the donor was as uncomfortable as I was sitting at the next table.

There are also frequent cases when a person comes to his birthday, but he “forgot” the present. And so on and on. And periodically, he can come to a cafe without money, constantly “shoot” cigarettes. Such behavior has already managed to turn into a special philosophy (read, worldview), when they go through life easily and do not worry about anything.

Do these examples speak of people's attitudes towards us? I didn’t show any attention - that means you don’t consider it necessary, you feel bad about ... - and all in that spirit that we can only think of ourselves in this regard. We are looking for an answer from a psychologist.

TOP 76 Ideas for Mom for Birthday

  1. Multi-function multicooker,
  2. Steam cleaner
  3. Miniature decorative fountain,
  4. A ticket to a health resort
  5. Painted service or a set of cutlery with a personal engraving,
  6. Juicer or deep fryer,
  7. Small desktop fan,
  8. Vitamin Complex for Health Promotion
  9. Wireless speakers with built-in mp3 player,
  10. Jewelry: gold or silver earrings, bracelet or chain,
  11. Eau de toilette or perfume of a famous perfume company,
  12. Luxurious curtains or curtains,
  13. Annual cinema subscription,
  14. Home treadmill or other fitness equipment,
  15. VIP coffee set,
  16. Sweet fountain made of chocolate,
  17. A lush surprise party to which mom’s relatives and friends will be invited,
  18. A ticket to a sanatorium or certificate for a trip to a beauty salon,
  19. Video greeting from all relatives, recorded and edited independently,
  20. Sofa, armchair, bed or other furniture in the apartment,
  21. Gift set of natural honey cosmetics,
  22. Travel travel bag, suitcase or travel bag,
  23. Designer thermos or thermo mug,
  24. A radio, a small kitchen TV or a large TV in the room,
  25. Electronic "smart" scales with biometric analysis technology,
  26. Household appliances: microwave, electric meat grinder or washing machine,
  27. Samovar and collection tea set,
  28. Digital photo frame with family photos uploaded to it,
  29. Set for embroidery or felting from wool,
  30. Big recipe book,
  31. A rocking chair for rest after a hard working day,
  32. Courses or master class from a professional chef,
  33. Food Vacuum Sealer,
  34. Set of wine glasses with engraving,
  35. Great book for family photos or family tree album,
  36. Bedding or a set of soft registered towels,
  37. Massage in the salon from a specialist,
  38. An original cake of the original form with congratulations,
  39. Compact auto umbrella,
  40. Fresh flowers in glass (handmade),
  41. An original gift for mom: a picnic set,
  42. Designer wall clock,
  43. Shower set: shampoo, shower gel and handmade bath bombs,
  44. Aroma kit, including aroma lamp, oils, herb pouches, incense sticks, candles,
  45. Coffee machine
  46. Wall lamp, decorated in the form of a picture with interchangeable images and photographs,
  47. High-quality water filter
  48. Humidifier ionizer,
  49. Stylish suitcase or travel bag
  50. Collector's Edition of the beloved writer of the hero of the occasion,
  51. Yogurt maker
  52. Rainproof shower radio,
  53. A warm and comfortable plaid with sleeves or a bathrobe,
  54. Vacuum cleaner robot
  55. Engraved leather wallet
  56. Household appliances for hair care,
  57. EBook,
  58. Home massager in the form of a compact manual model with the function of vibration, a large massage chair or a hot tub for legs,
  59. Gifts for the summer residence: a set of garden tools, a comfortable hammock, a folding brazier, a collapsible shower, seeds of a rare plant,
  60. Trivia for sewing: a set of beads, threads, sewing tools or patterns for embroidery,
  61. Car gadgets: DVR, navigator, seat covers, car refrigerator or vacuum cleaner, certificate for car wash,
  62. Benefits for maintaining a healthy lifestyle: fitness bracelet, home exercise machine, steam boiler, gym membership,
  63. A new home plant in a “smart” pot with the function of autowatering or florarium, resembling in appearance an aquarium in which live plants grow,
  64. Theater, movie, or concert premiere tickets,
  65. Certificate of purchase in your mother’s favorite store,
  66. Wall-mounted desk calendar with photos of loved ones,
  67. Heated slippers
  68. Antique jewelry box or organizer for storing jewelry,
  69. Orthopedic mattress or pillow,
  70. Stylish accessories: belt, belt, gloves, hat, scarf, etc.,
  71. A training or seminar in remote or in-person form from an authoritative and respected author’s birthday girl or a trip to an on-site intensive training session that allows you to combine relaxation with study,
  72. The annual subscription to the important publication for the hero of the occasion,
  73. A set of things for hiking and outdoor recreation, which includes tourist equipment, dishes, a first-aid kit, and little things that can be useful in the forest,
  74. Certificate for repairs in my mother’s apartment (if a woman had long dreamed of changing the situation in her own home),
  75. The painting "Wish Tree", depicting a tree on the leaves of which guests of the evening leave fingerprints and their wishes for the birthday girl,
  76. A portrait depicting the whole loving family of a woman or solely the hero of the occasion.

DIY gifts for mom

Often, children and adolescents, due to lack of funds and an irresistible desire by any means to please their own person, make presents themselves.

In adulthood, similar situations often occur when money for a worthwhile item is not enough, and depriving mother of attention seems like a crime. So why, instead of puzzling over what kind of gift to give mom on her birthday, do not give her a handmade gift? If you are also of the opinion that giving mom a hand-made birthday item is not at all embarrassing, then the following ideas are for you:

  • Homemade knitted socks or slippers.. Thinking what to give mom on her birthday with her own hands, you can, without a doubt, give preference to this option. With it, you can demonstrate all your love, care and desire to warm the hero of the occasion,
  • Handmade soap or candles. It is believed that it’s better to give such products to mom for her birthday, because they not only differ in beautiful and original appearance, but also suggest practical benefits.
  • Photo frame decorated with shells, stones, coffee beans, ribbons and other materials. Many people are sure that giving a present for my mother such a present is too commonplace. However, we must not forget that this is not about a simple photo frame, purchased at the nearest souvenir shop, but about an exclusive thing that will remind my mother all her life about how her child tried to please her. You can immediately complement the accessory with a beautiful joint photo,
  • Cake. There is an opinion that you can give your mother anything you like for her birthday, just not food, because after some time there will be no trace of the presentation. However, such thinking can be called quite limited, because the meaning of the gift is to demonstrate your love and efforts for the birthday person, and the cake for these purposes will be very appropriate. You can make a confectionery product using fruits and berries, symbolic inscriptions or edible photography,
  • Scrapbooking album. With the design of this book, everything is clear - a variety of materials are used: ribbons, beads, rhinestones, paper, lace and much more. As for its content, everything here also depends only on your imagination. Inside, favorite pictures, notes for the birthday girl and other memorable little things can be pasted.

And here are a couple of videos with examples of how to make a gift for mom with your own hands:

What gift to give mom a birthday for fresh emotions

The modern age is changing people's ideas about ideal presentations and dictating fashion for intangible things. What is more important is not practical gain, but lively emotions and feelings. If you are still looking for something to give your mom an unforgettable gift for her birthday, then these ideas undoubtedly deserve your attention:

  1. Diving lesson. Let the hero of the occasion relax and take care not of loved ones, but of herself. Such a rest for soul and body will allow a woman to refresh her thoughts and return to her family of renewed and full of love and gratitude,
  2. Drawing up a personal horoscope. A birthday girl who is fond of esotericism will enjoy this entertainment, and who will refuse to look into the future?

There is an interesting video showing examples of gifts for mom on her birthday:

How to choose a birthday present for mom

A gift from loving children will give mom maximum pleasure if he meets some recommendations:

  • Do not save on a present. If financial opportunities are limited, you should choose a gift from the right category, and not try to buy an expensive thing for a penny. The result of this approach will be only low quality products and the disappointment of you as the giver and the birthday girl herself,
  • Try to get the most information about the desires of a loved one. You can hear the right words during a casual conversation. You can attract other family members to this important matter, for example, dad, as well as mother’s friends,
  • Build on the nature of the hero of the occasion and her perception of the world. If a woman always appreciated the necessary things, and not beautiful trinkets, rely on practicality. In the case of refined nature, the emphasis should be shifted towards aesthetics,
  • Do not forget about the proper presentation design with wrapping paper or a beautiful package. Sloppy packaging can lubricate the impression of even the most coveted gift,
  • Complete the present with a bouquet of flowers. If mom is not a plant lover, pay attention to the composition of fruits or balloons,
  • Focus on the age of the birthday girl. Gifts that can be given to a young woman are unlikely to appeal to an aged lady. So, new-fangled gadgets most likely will not come in handy for a girl of 60, just like a tonometer - a 30-year-old girl.