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How to prepare your child and yourself for the first day of school


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The summer is over, and the time has come when you need to start thinking about your return to school. For some, this is a period of joyful excitement. However, for others, this can be very stressful. So much needs to be done to secure a great first day at school if you want to. Usually, preparation for school begins one or two weeks before the start of classes, but in order to prepare yourself for the next school year, you need to use all the summer months. Purchasing the necessary educational supplies, a good rest and a cheerful mood will ensure that the first day at school will go as smoothly as possible.

What is important for parents to know about the health of future first graders

Admission to school coincides in children with a period of rapid growth. It is very important to establish good nutrition. Include dairy products more in the diet, cereals, legumes, meat, fish, green leafy vegetables are also useful. Limit sweets, pastries. Sweet carbonated drinks with artificial sweeteners remove the calcium necessary for bone growth from the body.

In addition, during this period, changes in cartilage tissue are observed, so it is important to monitor the posture of children. The total weight of the satchel with all the books and school supplies should not exceed 10% of the student’s body weight. Compulsory breaks in classes, a set of exercises for the eyes and hands, back muscles. Working on a computer for longer than 20 minutes is not recommended for children. After school, the child needs a walk in the fresh air (30-60 minutes). Doctors recommend bedtime to first graders no later than 21.00. 10 minutes before this, you need to ventilate the room.

Not the first time, not the first grade

Preparation for September 1 for a high school student is no less important than for a first-grader. What can be done to make adaptation easy after the summer?

September 1 for a high school student is the beginning of the next school year. Eighth or tenth school year. There seems to be nothing new. Just tell your friends the impressions of the summer, look at the tanned faces of classmates and sit down again at the desk.

In fact, preparing for September 1 is no less important for a high school student than for a first grader. High school students are at the finish line. This year's teenager’s studies will directly affect the results of the future exam and exam. So do not sit out your pants, you need to live the next year fruitfully - with new knowledge and interests. Preparing for the school year will provide an incentive to work on yourself and develop.

We offer 5 steps to easily and with pleasure enter the educational process.

Step 1. Relax in the summer
Summer is a small life. "Restarting" during the summer holidays is useful for the physical and psychological health of a teenager. Any change of activity and environment will do. To go to the village, to the children's camp, to travel or to work in the summer, all will enrich the teenager with new impressions and acquaintances and switch him from school to leisure. To come on September 1 and surprise classmates with summer tales is priceless for a teenager.

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Step 2. Refresh your wardrobe and buy some nice school stuff
Of course, you will not forget to buy replaceable shoes, pens or a backpack. But let the high school student choose these school clothes, then he will be doubly pleased to use them. Sometimes parents underestimate the desire of a teenager to get well dressed, boast of a cool autumn jacket or sneakers. This is equally important for girls and boys. Favorite autumn jacket can cheer you up even in rainy weather.

Step 3. Rebuild the day mode
So that the first school days do not walk like zombies, a week before September 1, it is time to start getting up at least at 8 a.m. and go to bed at 10 p.m.

Step 4. Build a positive plan for the year
You can dream about the events of the new school year with the whole family: in which sections and circles the teenager should enroll, whether to buy a subscription to the pool, what language to start learning, what exhibitions to visit, what results will come in May. The whole family should plan the achievement of large goals and decide that (as an example) if a teenager receives a new rank in a sports school or takes part in a creative competition, he will receive material encouragement from his parents.

Step 5. Tune in to effective learning
Reaching new heights is not easy. Not every teenager has a desire to be higher, better and stronger. And if there is, then it should be supported by daily work. So that a teenager could grow up during this school year, so that his fuse will not fade during the first school days, our psychologists have developed an intensive training program.

What is Comprehensive School Preparation for High School Students

These are specially selected 4 trainings that the student takes before the new school year. The program will make studying at school easier and more enjoyable. Teenagers will learn to spend time after school wisely, so that they can do their homework and have free time. They will master various techniques of memorization, quick analysis of information and concentration of attention. They will figure out where laziness, stress and unwillingness to learn come from. And learn to overcome them.

When and how does it go
August 20-28 From 12.00 to 18.30 a high school student comes to our Center and deals with psychologists, trainers and coaches in a small group of peers. The program is divided into separate intensive trainings (you can go through the whole program in a complex or choose individual trainings):
August 20 - 21: Time management
August 22 - 24: I want to study!
August 25 - 26: Attention is power!
August 27 - 28: Stress management

    ✔ Quickly adapt to your studies. While classmates will "swing", your child will already begin to learn, get good grades and replenish the portfolio.
    ✔ Learn skills and useful techniques for successful study not only at school, but also at the institute.
    ✔ Realize that school is not a punishment, but opportunities that you need to be able to use.
A mental atmosphere reigns in preparation for school, for which experienced psychologists are responsible. To smoothly switch from long vacations to study and spend the last days of summer interestingly, we invite you to a comprehensive training program. Limited number of seats.

Author:Olga Bikkulova, Center for Humanitarian Technologies

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