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How to refuse an interview?


Following the rules of business etiquette simplifies many life situations. The ability to correctly refuse is one of the important components of interpersonal communication, a person’s internal culture. How to refuse an interview by e-mail or by phone, how to write a letter? Let's find out.

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Business diplomacy

The rules of the game in the modern labor market they demand to inform the failed employer of your unwillingness to continue to do business with him at the moment. Thus, you will protect yourself from the possibility of getting into an awkward situation in the future, because it is likely that you still have to face when looking for work with employees of this particular organization. It is unlikely that they will be grateful to you for the empty chores.

Do not refer to the fact that in most cases human resources specialists do not bother to report the refusal and its reasons, making the applicants nervous, worried, and wasting time waiting. No need to be like them.

You should not feel awkward, tormented by remorse. Refusal to interview ordinary, ordinary working hours for HR managers and your immutable right.

Interview Request Denial Rules

You must report your refusal to interview in advance enabling recruiter to adjust his work schedule.

The refusal must be tactful in form, clearly formulated, and quite categorical: “I can’t accept the offer”, “I don’t have the opportunity at the moment to come for an interview.”

It is desirable to show participation, understanding. For this, the use of label formulas is provided for: “I understand that I am creating inconvenience, but ...”, “I am sorry, but ...”, “Unfortunately, I can’t accept your proposal and ...." “I'm afraid that I have to ...”, “Probably in the future, but ...”

The justification of the refusal is not necessary, but possible. Often HR they are not interested in the specific reasons for the refusal, but some organizations keep statistics that allow them to analyze the situation in the job market. If you were invited to an interview "on acquaintance", then your unwillingness to cooperate must be justified.

Scrupulous adherence to etiquette business standards prescribes the personal presence of a candidate for a vacancy upon refusal. Ideally, an oral refusal or letter is transmitted in person.

Most often, simplified methods are used - an e-mail or a phone call directly to the employer, HR manager or employee of a recruitment agency who sent an invitation to an interview. Refusal by letter or phone call saves time and avoids excessive emotional costs.

How to refuse an interview in a letter

How to refuse an invitation to an interview? Regardless of the species compiled in accordance with the grammar and etiquette standards of business correspondence.

The letter should contain gratitude for the attention shown: “Thank you for the invitation to an interview ...”.

It is advisable to personalize the appeal: “Dear Maria Vasilievna!”.

It is worth mentioning that you carefully examined the proposal, examined the information provided: "I carefully considered the proposal on the possibility of cooperation ...".

“Sweeten the pill” positive assessment of the organization from the offer which you refuse: "The positive reputation and successes of your company are known, but ...", "It was extremely flattering to get your offer, but ...".

Leave the way for further cooperation: “I hope that under other circumstances I will still have the opportunity for mutually beneficial communication with your company ...”

State the refusal in a clear, correct form.

The letter in the envelope follows bring to the organization personally.

The electronic version of the letter is sent to the official email address of the personnel department, agency or manager.

Answer by phone

How to refuse a telephone interview? Such an action should also comply with the general rules.

Greetings, presentations, designations of the appointed time, date of the interview and the proposed vacancy: “Good afternoon, you are worried about the name of the interview for the vacancy ...”.

Specification of the name and patronymic of the interlocutorand his position, in order to be sure that this is exactly the person you need and the opportunity to talk at this time: “How can I contact you, is it convenient for you to talk now or should I call you back?”.

Refusal formulas with a brief justification of the reason.

Concise answers to possible questions of the interlocutor.

Thanks for the time spent on you, attention: “Thank you for the invitation to the interview and attention to my candidacy ...”.

Use the reward formula to consolidate the positive image of a responsible partner: “I hope (sure) that you will find a worthy candidate for the vacancy (name) ...”

Farewell: “Goodbye!”, “Have a nice day!”, “Good luck in your work!”.

Explanation of the reasons

You not required to state the reasons for the refusal, and especially to make excuses. However, politely substantiating your decision is still worth it.

Do not give far-fetched reasons for the refusal and even more so do not speak about the organization, team, leader impartially, Do not refer to rumors, talk about poor working conditions, squabble boss, deceit of employees.

The most traditional reasons for HR managers to understand:

  • getting too far and too long to get to the place of work, high transportation costs,
  • unacceptable work schedule
  • inappropriate salary
  • lack of social benefits and guarantees,
  • personal, family circumstances
  • more advantageous offer (only if it’s true, suddenly not finding a better place you will be forced to return to this organization)
  • worsened health
  • changed circumstances.

Correct refusal of an interview, in compliance with all diplomatic subtleties, creates a positive opinion of you as a good job seeker with whom you can continue to work in the future. It strengthens the reputation of a decent, responsive person, which is especially important for a narrow segment of the labor market for your specialty, qualification, or in a small village.

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Ways to cancel an interview with an employer

The correctness shown at the right time creates the opinion of the employer about the candidate as a responsible, business specialist. Particularly compelling should be the reason for refusing an interview when it comes to a highly paid leadership position. A warning call to cancel a personal meeting gives the recruiter time to select another candidate.

There are several ways to cancel an interview:

  • phone call,
  • email,
  • rejection letter
  • personal visit to the personnel department or recruiting agency.

Ideally, when it is possible to personally visit the human resources department or agency and cancel the interview. Using an email or phone call is also possible. This saves a lot of time.

Some general rules should be used when canceling an interview:

  • Notify the employer or recruiter in advance, leaving the opportunity to make changes to their plans.
  • The refusal should sound categorically, but tactfully: "At present, I am forced to refuse your offer ...".
  • To express regret about the impossibility of accepting the invitation (for this there are standard etiquette formulations, for example, "I'm sorry, but ...", "I have to ...").
  • Explain the reasons for the refusal is optional.

Face-to-face meeting cancellation

If the interview took place in several stages, good contacts were established with the recruiter, then the best way would be to pay a visit and personally refuse the vacancy. During the conversation, it is necessary to show courtesy and thank for the attention given, explain the decision made, express regret about the inability to take the proposed position, wish good luck in the selection of candidates.

It is necessary to be polite, try to leave a good impression, due to the fact that there is always the possibility of repeated treatment. In addition, in a personal meeting, you can resolve some issues that caused a possible misunderstanding about the vacancy, for example, discuss some items of official duties that do not suit the candidate.

An employer can always change or exclude some points as far as possible if he is extremely interested in a specialist. There is a chance that the recruiter will be able to convince the applicant of the prospects of cooperation.

How to opt out of an email interview?

Regardless of whether a candidate will use a simple letter or electronic to refuse an interview, it is necessary to strictly follow the rules of business correspondence and grammar. The letter should be clearly worded and correct in content.

  • Appeal (preferably personal) - “Dear Ivan Ivanovich ..”
  • Thanks for attention to the candidacy and invitation to the conversation - “I am grateful to you for the attention shown to my candidacy ...”
  • Information that the proposal for cooperation has been considered
  • Positive assessment of the organization “Your proposal for cooperation is extremely flattering for me ...” (if the proposal came from a direct employer)
  • It would be correct to express my regret about the inability to take a position, for example: “Unfortunately, at present I am forced to refuse your offer ...”

It is not necessary to explain the reason for the refusal, but it would be polite to clarify why such a decision was made. It should be good enough. As an occasion, one can traditionally refer to the remoteness of the place of work, an uncomfortable schedule, and the absence of social guarantees. All these facts cause understanding on the part of the employer, and leave the opportunity, when circumstances change, to consider the company again as an employer.

At the end, a date, a signature and a transcript to it are necessarily put. The letter in the envelope is delivered personally to the organization, the electronic version is sent to the official electronic address of the company or recruitment agency.

How to refuse a telephone interview?

Refusal from an appointment in a telephone conversation should also comply with generally accepted standards. Before dialing a number, you need to say everything to yourself, for insurance you can record a speech on paper (sometimes people get lost at the last moment and cannot explain the purpose of their call).

  • Greeting, presentation, determination of the time and date of the interview, vacant position - "Hello, I ... last name, first name, middle name on the question of an interview for a vacant position ...".
  • Refinement of the data of the interlocutor to be completely sure that the information has got to the destination.
  • Failure and a brief explanation of the reasons for the failure.
  • Thanks for the attention “Let me thank you for your attention to my candidacy”.
  • Farewell to “All the best ...”

The tone should be smooth, calm. The pace of speech is not fast. There should be a pause between the phrases so that the interlocutor can express his opinion and ask clarifying questions. An explanation of the reasons for the refusal (not necessary, but will politely explain the motives).

Features of denial of employment

In a completely different way, one will have to refuse the offered vacancy if the candidate did not independently select a job, but turned to the Employment Center. When applying to this organization, a person is assigned the status of unemployed, and appropriate payments are assigned. Now the main task of the applicant is to consider the proposed vacancies. This is a basic requirement. It’s not so easy to refuse here. Finding a job is not easy. Often the options do not suit.

However, a waiver may result in sanctions in the form of reduced payments. What to do in this case? Refusal to interview is not provided in principle. Visit a potential employer will still have to. Ideally, if the applicant is not suitable for the company, and the employer will refuse. The candidate himself can refuse offers no more than 2 times, moreover, the refusal must be motivated.

The reasons may be the following:

  • Long distance to the place of work:
  • Low salary,
  • Non-compliance of the proposed vacancy with the qualifications of the candidate,
  • Occupational safety and harmful production are not observed.

The decision to refuse is made within 3 days after visiting the employer. The refusal is accepted only in writing, regulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation (Federal Law "On Employment" of 19. 04. 1991. No. 1032-1.). It is filled out by the candidate with his own hand in the presence of the employer, and must be fixed by signature and seal.

It is important to remember that changing the decision is not embarrassing, embarrassing to accept a position and not cope with the assigned responsibilities or be disappointed in your work. And to observe the rules of business etiquette is not so difficult.