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FreeBoot instruction with a detailed description from kim095


Nuance No. 2:

As you know, there are no unsolvable issues, so 2 ways were found for the possibility of creating backup copies of your licensed disks.

The first method is the most complicated and consists in burning the discs “the old fashioned way”, but with the help of certain models of PC drives flashed with the modified iXtreme Burner Max firmware. The disadvantage of this method is the rather narrow list of PC drives supporting iXtreme Burner Max, especially since the firmware PC drives are no longer sold in any distribution network, the only option is to look for stale goods somewhere.

Using Burnermax Payload Tools :

1. Run the program.

2. Insert a blank disc into the drive.

3. Launch BurnerMAX Payload:

3.1 Choosing a Drive in BurnerMAX Payload

3.2 Click "BurnerMAX"

If an error occurs - your drive is not based on the MTK chipset - and does not fit. This operation must be done before each recording. A sample list of supported and unsupported drives by the Burnermax Payload Tools utility:

Detailed instructions freeBoot

This freeBoot instruction will help you understand all the nuances of using this type of firmware.

Warning: freeBoot only supports the FAT32 file system!

To format drives larger than 34GB into the FAT32 file system, use the program Guiformat.

Install and configure FreeStyle Dash (FSD)

To start automatically FSD must be installed Dash launch. It, in most cases, is installed immediately with freeBoot, if it was done by a normal wizard.

Download and open in notepad launch.ini. AT Default, at the beginning of the path, write hdd - for autorun FSD from the root of the XBOX 360 internal hard drive or usb - for autorun FSD from the root of an external USB drive. Save your changes.

Put the folder with FSD and edited launch.ini to the root of the XBOX 360 internal hard drive (using XeXMenu) or to the root of an external USB drive (via My computer) After restarting the prefix, copied FSD will start automatically.

Change basic settings:

Settings -> NadjustmentsContent -> Content Paths -> press the button Y -> Choose a way -> go to the medium you want to add, then to the folder Content 0000000000000000 and press the button Y . Set the scanning depth to 2 and press the button X . The same thing needs to be done for the folder Games(not a game.) .
Thus, you need to add all the connected media, which contains games, programs, etc.

Customize game cover downloads:

Sign up to using a password of at least 8 characters. Then go to Settings ->Main Settings -> -> enter your login details with
Next comethose in Settings -> Nadjustmentscontent -> Download covers -> put a daw on Enable cover download.

Where to download games

1. In the pack Gameswhich may be on the inside Hddd1 console or external Usb drive.
In this folder, you can drop the unpacked ISO images and games in the format God.

2. To folder HDD1: Content 0000000000000000 where you can drop games only in format God.

Games in format God have the following form: a folder with the name of the game ID (alphanumeric name of 8 characters), which is unique to each game, and in it a folder 00007000 or 00004000(where is the game itself) (for arcades - 000D0000) and possibly a folder 00000002(where installation content and DLC).

Multi-disc games are downloaded like this: installation discs are copied to HDD1: Content 0000000000000000, but game disk to folder Games

After downloading games, in FSD go to Settings -> Content Settings -> Scan -> and press the button Scan. By default, auto-scanning of content occurs after each launch of the XBOX 360 (FSD).
After that, the downloaded games will be displayed in Library -> XBOX 360 Games.

How to install Title Update (TU)

1. Through FSD (if you have configured Internet on the XBOX 360).

Stop by Library -> XBOX 360 Games, highlight the desired game, press Y then select TU Managerthen press again Y and wait while FSD downloads everything, after that click A in order to make it active.

2. Manual, downloading the desired TU from

You can find out the Title ID and Media ID of the game by pressing the central XBOX button on the gamepad in the launched game, where you will see the necessary information in the lower right corner

Download TU only the latest, since it already contains all the previous versions!

TU There are two types: TU_ (at the very beginning two large letters and a lower space) and tu (at the very beginning two small letters without any spaces).

tu copy to Hdd1: Content 0000000000000000 Game_ID_ID 000B0000

TU_ copy to Hdd1: Cache

How to upload games via FTP

When launched FSD or Xm360, the console works as an FTP server, which allows you to connect to it through almost any FTP client, for example Filezilla, to upload, download and delete games and other content.

Windows Vista / 7

Computer settings. Connection through a router.

Click Start -> Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center -> Change adapter settings, then double-click the left mouse to open LAN connection, then click Intelligence. Remember the third section (sections are separated by dots) of the IPv4 address (it can be 1 or 0).

Computer settings. Connect directly via a network card.

Click Start -> Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center -> Change adapter settingsthen left click on Internet Protocol Version 4then click The properties. Set the IP address and subnet mask as in the image below.

Configure XBOX 360 network settings.

Get out FreeStyle Dash in your native dashboard. Connect the network cable to the console, select Settings -> System -> Network Settings -> Wired Network -> Configure Network, then select the part of the list where there is IP Settingsthen choose Manual and write down the IP address there. If you are connecting via a router, then the third section of the IP address should contain 1 or 0 (see setting up a connection via a router). Click Ok to save the changed parameters.

Before trying to connect via FTP, make sure that it is running FreeStyle Dash.

We recommend using a client to connect Filezilla - download

For Mac OS, Best Yummy FTP - download

Host: IP address of XBOX 360
Username and Password: xbox

How to download games from a USB drive via FSD Explorer

Insert the USB drive with the game uploaded to it into the free XBOX 360 USB port. Go to Programs -> Explorer. On the left side of the window come in to folder Games, and in the right select the folder with the game you want to download, then hold Lb on the gamepad and then without releasing Lb click A .

Wait for the copy to finish and click A to close the window.

Thus, you can copy not only unpacked images, but also games in the format Godthat are placed in the folder Content 0000000000000000

The folder is deleted in the same way: in the left part of the window the deleted object is highlighted, then it is clamped Lbthen holding Lb click B , then a warning will appear,

select cross Yes and press A, thereby confirming the deletion. The same is done for the right side of the window, only used RB.

How to copy a game disc to the HDD

Using this method, you can copy all licensed discs, and if the drive is flashed to 2.0 / 3.0, then it’s also not licensed for LT Plus 1.9, LT Plus 2.0 and LT Plus 3.0 firmware, but recorded correctly 100%.

1. Through a standard dashboard. The game will be in God format.

Insert the game disc into the DVD drive and exit FreeStyle Dash in your native dashboard. Hover over the disk image and hold X until the option overview item appears,

then select the cross Install and press A to start installing the drive on the internal HDD console.

Wait for the installation to complete for 20-40 minutes.

2. Through the DVD extractor FSD.

Insert the game disc into the DVD drive and go to Programs -> Unzip DVD. In the window that appears, specify the path to the folder Games. The name of the game folder is assigned automatically. Click Start to start the extraction.

Wait for the end of unpacking for 20-40 minutes.

Convert ISO image to GOD format

Converting to GOD format is best done by the program Iso2God.
It doesn’t matter what firmware and wave the convertible image is made for, it does not affect further work in freeBoot.

Running the program Iso2God follow the instructions below:

1. Click Add ISO

2. In Image location Select a convertible image.

3. In Output location select the folder where the game folder will be saved in the format God. The game folder itself will have a name in the form of an ID of the name of the game (alphanumeric name of 8 characters) - Title ID.

4. In Mode select Full (ISO Rebuilt).

5. Remove the daw with Save Rebuilt ISO Image.

6. In Temporary Location for Rebuilt ISO specify dad with ISO convertible image.

7. Click Add ISO To add an image to the task list.

Thus, you can add several images for conversion.

8. After adding the images to the task, click Convert to start the conversion.

Unpacking an ISO image

Since the XBOX 360 file system is similar to FAT32, it cannot contain a file larger than 4 GB, respectively, ISO images that weigh 8 GB must be unpacked for further download.

Before downloading the game to an external USB-drive or internal hard drive XBOX 360, you must extract the contents from the ISO-image. To do this, you need a program Xbox Image Browser.

Caution for Windows 7! If at startup Xbox Image Browser the error MSCOMCTL.OCX appears, then run Instal MSCOMCTL.OCX Win 7 x86 for the 32-bit operating system, Instal MSCOMCTL.OCX Win 7 x64 for the 64-bit. You can find out what type of system you have by going to Start -> Control Panel -> System.
In the upper left corner of the program, click File -> Open Image File, then through the window that appears open the ISO-image of the game.
1. In the left part of the window, right-click on the name of the ISO-image.
2. Click Extract.
3. In the window that appears, select the folder Games on your USB drive. If the game will be downloaded to the XBOX 360 internal hard drive, then you can select any place on the computer where the unpacked game can fit.
4. Click Create a folder.
5. Write the name of the folder where the image will be unpacked, only in English.
6. Click Ok. Wait.